Evening Roundup AGAIN

Evening Roundup Time Me Hearties!
Yes Droogs n Droogettes, its time for the 2.1% Club to have it’s Nightly BadThink Numerical Roundup (plus or minus .1% variance)
February 16, 2020 @ 20:30hrs
Infected: 71306
Dead/KIA’d: 1773
And now, a nice round of Applause for Whiny Da Poo AKA Premier Xi or “Leadership Joe Chink” who, by way of his Awesomeness and Unfailable Infamosity and Unbeatable Hairstyle has Kept The World Safe (TM) Once Again…
And in other newsies…
“The Love Boat… NO!!! THE HATE TAAAAAANK!”
(Queue M.O.D. Power Punk from the Late 80’s… Method Of Destruction LINK)

The Love Boat has had ANOTHER fuckin explosion of cases AGAIN!!!.. Up to 355 now…
February 4th: 10 Infected
February 6th: 41 More Infected
February 9th: 66 More Infected
February 11th: 39 More Infected
February 14th: 44 More Infected
February 15th: 66 More Infected (30% jump overnight)

February 16th: 70 more motherfuckers hit overnight…
Total Infected: 355
According to reports:
“Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato said early Sunday that the quarantined ship floating near Tokyo has 355 confirmed cases, or about 30 percent of the 1,219 people who have been tested so far.”

So they’re up to testing 1219 out of 3700… and getting a 30% infection rate as of NOW.

-I- called it that it’d be 35% at the very leastThe reason for the seeming detonation  of numbers is its now been 11-12 days since exposure.  These folks were exposed  about 15 +/- days ago… and tomorrow:  I forecast at least another 50 -to-100 cases IF MY expectations are correct and my math was right… nevermind my WAG or Wild Assed Guessing.

Eyes Open Evvabody…

Also in tonights –entertainment roundup- is this chart, courtesy of ZeroHedge/1000 Genomes

Going offa this, seems that some of the more susceptible  Genomes are Mexicans from LA (72% higher), African Americans from the Southwest (66% higher), Africans OVERALL (62% higher) and Peurto Ricans (60% higher)…

Man.. It doesn’t list Irish or Norwegian so me n Sapper are good… In fact IF this goes full retard, it could significantly improve the crime stats in the next few years nationawide….

Jes’ sayin’.

So, yeah, the numbers again are bullshit, Joe Chink could give a fuck, and we’re headed to weirdness.

Tomorrow I have to schedule a tissue-matching thingy for my Bro… for this whole ‘cut out mah kidney’ thing… Fuck… this’s -seriously– fuck up my life on a personal level… Fuck.  Honestly I didn’t even know the guy that well in the Army… we knew each other (he was in another platoon) but we weren’t friendly…  I mean we weren’t feudin’ or nuthin’… just we served together.  He thought I was  a dope smokin’ weirdo LOL  That -was- the image I tried to project… kept the assholes offa my back and gave me a certain cachet when it came to -certain issues-  That and I got laid.  A LOT compared to my fellow grunts…

But thats good enuff.  Especially knowing he’s got a young lil girl who wants her daddy around a while longer.  Fuck it.  Its only money.  Besides… been a fuckin minute since I had a sawbonez cut on me… shit’s been boring without intrusive surgery of some form or another LOL.

So, More Tomorrow, I’ll update what I know, when I know.
Til then I’m The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. Doesn't matter if the guy is a dick or a saint, you served together. And we who served KNOW what that bond calls on you to do what you can for him.
    yeah, it'll dick up your earning potential for a while, and not sure if you wanna be a saint, but it's the right thing if you feel it.

  2. Yah… I totally dig it… its the four-year daughter old I'm all about… making sure Daddy is there. I was absent for my kids lives in many respects for all the time I was overseas… maybe guilt about that… who knows? I mean fuckitall… Gotta step up, as no one else has so far. I mean hell… it's what us grunts do amiright? Rakkasan and all that HOOAH HOOAH stuff…

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