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Evening me Droogs n Droogettes
Fun night tonight… Me, the Ole Lady and the Sapper went to Texas Roadhouse for din-din.  Not bad but they -did- fuck up my steak and they took it off the check (no shit they did) otherwise it was a pretty good meal.  Fuckers torqued my steak beyond recognition… I’ve seen skeet that weren’t so hard n’crispy.

I was going for “Wait…” but got beyond “Fucking ruined.”  More like ‘corpse in a cremation chamber’…  Kinda a bummer but, my ribs were fantastic, as well as my sides of a cuppa’chile, and my loaded smashed n’mashed taters.

The dog, however, was fucking thrilled with the leftovers.

OK now… so apparently The Love Boat has had a veritable explosion of cases now.. Up to 285 now…
February 4th: 10 Infected
February 6th: 41 More Infected
February 9th: 66 More Infected
February 11th: 39 More Infected
February 14th: 44 More Infected

February 15th: 66 More Infected (30% jump overnight)
Total Infected: 285.
My call? Looks like we’ll hit that 35% number shortly if those numbers keep climbing… I said that IF 35% was the final infected rate, it means 1306 people out of the 3700… they’re well on their way with 285 in 10 days.
The 30% jump –to me- indicates the exponential jump I’ve been waiting on… the 24 a day was due to the ‘usual growth’ of people who had -already been infected/exposed- but were either Asymptomatic OR had a false-negative on the testing… which apparently there’s a lot  of false negatives going around… seems el swabbo test ain’t none too good… so this jump, well, that’s right in line with a real-time boost in numbers, as 2 infect 4, 4 infect 16, 16 infect 32 and on and on…  exponential growth.  Means that taken in the fact that this happened in 10-11 days bodes ill for the real numbers in real-world-real-time
Something of which Joe Chink still won’t talk about.
I mean when the hell are they going to admit they failed?  And that its over
Probably never.  Fucking Morons
Tonights BadThink DoublePlus UnGood Numerical Roundup for tonight:
February 15 2020 @ 20:30hrs
Infected: 66153
Dead/KIA: 1669
That there is some

Yep.  Same as the old boss.

Terrapod pointed out that at this rate, with the “Epic Pile O’Fail” that the whole CoronaChan is, that the Head Joe Chink, Premier Xi, or, Whiny The Poo, is going to go down as a bigger murderer than Mao.  I mean to beat the 65 Million Kill rate he established?  That takes commitment and effort.

I responded back that I worry that all the morons out there in the intrawebz who keep screaming that this whole thing is “A plot between the US Government and the Pharmacology Corporations to infect the world, THEN release the vaccine at a huuuuuge markup so they make a huge profit!”.

THOSE fuckin’ guys… the tinfoil-hat retards… I mean really?  C’mon man… there’s better ways to make money/squeeze the world for cash… esp. those ways that don’t include exterminating, even accidentally a huge swath of the population.  And they’re broadcasting (such is as their right) this cockamammie fuckin theory where even Joe Chink can read about it…

What happens, as slim as it may be, if and IF Joe Chink desperately ‘latches on’ to one of these theories in order to deflect his own fuckups?  Doubt that they would?  Well… what have they got to lose by pointing the finger at the EEEEE-vil capitalist/jealous West?

Desperate men do outrageously desperate/stupid things.

Like lobbin’ a fuckin’ nuke at us.

Terrapod thinks that they wouldn’t ’cause we keep sending them groceries.  Me?  I think men with that level of power will do anything to keep it.  And I mean –anything– up to an including a Nuke War, b/c the Joe Chink Leadership, once the mask is off, has literally nothing to lose except their own lives.

And judging on how milquetoast our Leadershit has been as of yet, NOT going balls-out against obvious attacks, they probably aren’t worried about our ‘nuking back’… in fact they’d be banking on it.

So, we shall see, but the future’s a bit hazy.

Also, I got some bad news.  A buddy of mine I served with has been diagnosed with Level 4 or 5 Renal Failure.  Bad Kidneys apparently.  So… I’m doing the noble/retarded thing.  I set an appointment to see if I’m a compatible donor.  I’m OPOS, so I got THAT going for me, and he is too.  It’s gonna fuck up my job(s) potential, but fuck, dude has a 4 year old lil Girl.  I can’t let the fucker die and leave her alone, not if it’s within my juice to assist.  SO we’ll see whats going on, and I’ll update y’all on what’s probably going to fuck up my job prospects.

Shit do happen eh?

More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter, noble but dumb.
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