False Flag

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It’s about that time to have the current occupational DotGov cut loose with a False Flag IMO

Annnnnnnnd –I’m– pretty sure they’re goi ng to use a “disgruntled G.I./National Guardsman” to do it.  Those stories about the mistreatment of the Guard with insanely shitty food can’t be legit.  I mean by that that it IS legit, but since when has the media ever given two flying fucks about Joe and the conditions they’re living under.  In Iraq I had to subsist on 1 MRE a day at one point because the IED attacks and convoy attacks were sooooooooo out of control that we couldn’t get resupply.  And that was the CJTF-7 headquarters.  At one point they told us to recycle and hold onto our plasticwear… the little disposable packets of knife, fork and spoon?  Yep.  Wipe ’em down and reuse ’em because we ain’t got no more.

Never heard aboot that back stateside Aye?

So yeah.  The insanely shitty food?  Setting the scene for the set-piece of “National Guard goes Bananas, Film at 11:00!” is part n parcel, and then they get a twofer.  Because the Guard is the only thing close to troops that can be used state-by-state, having the Guard ‘blamed, named and shamed’ it’ll let those disgusting fucks in the Occupied DotGov Green Zone remove the protections of Posse Commitatus and allow that Racist RatFucker In Charge of the Puzzle Palace at Sodom on the Potomac to cut loose regular DotMil forces on the civilian population.

NOT that I think the lower ranks will ever go along with it.  I mean there are some really sick puppies out there who’ll do anything for a paycheck and pension…

Look at the Cops… you can see exactly the kind of people that’d willingly violate if not the letter of the Law and Constitution, but even the very spirit of it.  They KNOW what they’re doing the ‘wrong thing’ but pension$ and $$$ speak louder than loyalty to an Oath and an Ideal. 

I’d give it til the end of the Month.  


Slo’s decline is so bad that last night during a Q&A they had “technical difficulties” where the feed from Slo was cut, rather than let him go ‘off script’ and answer unvetted questions from the Congresscritters and Slimetors.  

We’re in deep shit

Plan accordingly.

Head on a Swivel

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. They will have “obtained it illegally, against orders even”. Because, you see, there are white supremacist Trump supporters hiding amongst them. So of course there will be a need to bring in .mil who have sworn a special oath to government first over Constitution.

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