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YET AGAIN Most Profound A-Polly-Olly-Geez on being late to the partyGran#2’s drain on her butt fell out.  LOTS of pain and agony, and ANOTHER trip to the ER… dunno how it happened as I’ve been performing wound-care (18D training) and it -seemed- fine, but when Wifey went to change her nappie, the stitching had come undone, and the drain had popped out.  I have to say, she’s a tough lil cookie, lil bit of crying when you hold her by the butt the wrong way, but otherwise damn, no real squalling.

I’ve seen and known grown men who wouldn’t take that sort of pain.

She’s stable, it’s healing and they loaded her up with Keflex now, as well as a topical. 

Fuckin’ MRSA Aye… a stone bitch of a bug if’n there ever was one.
Many thanks for all the good thoughts… 

Positive Waves Baby…
So yepper
Been ANOTHER Full Day… ended up eating like shit, a damned stop at Sonic but man, God forgive me, the double greaseburger with Bacon is purely the shit.
I can feel my arteries hardening as I chow on it.
Mmmmmmmmmmnnnn Good.
Live Fast, Eat Well, Die Young. 

Works for me
Jes’ Sayin’

Now, can’t really find too much to outrage on these days.  Teh Commies here in the states, to include like the -entire- FakeandGheyFedGov means nothing to me any longer, nor do I listen.  It’s become local, local, and local, and I ignore the buzz and static of the higher-higher.  I don’t mind either, ‘cos they don’t matter realistically.

Unless Ye Olde Federally sponsored Assclowns and Glowniggers show up at El Casa Del Grande Campesino, then I ain’t got time, effort or the mental willingness to engage with any and all Federales.  I’ve completely and utterly lost any respect I had for any of the DotGov, hell even the DotMil institutions at this point…

Just as long as the VA keeps paying me my due.
That’s the trigger for me… fuck with my pension… see where it leads you…  
Sort of like the Boomers with their social security…

ZMan had some good points either today or yesterday… we’re being led by the Senior Geriatric Crew of Morons and Fucktards.  The. Most. Greedy. Grasping. Powermad. Group of Individuals in the history of the known world.  This time period is going to go waaaaaaaaaaaay down in history for the inability and active promotion of insuring NO ONE was allowed to ‘inherit the Earth’ so to speak.  What I mean by this is that almost every. single. position. in the DotGov and even in LARGER to GIANT corporations, the fucking Ancient, Decrepit, fucking near-Zombies are still on the job.Grasping, mindlessly clinging to either the power or the position, not making room for the up and coming generations… I mean fuck, I’m an early “X’er” at being a rarity of being borne in 68-69 (right on the cusp)… back when no one was having kids.  Birth Control was new, exciting and allll the chicks were out getting their cookies off, leading to an actual decline in numbers of births during the “summer of love”… lotsa fucking, not many kiddies…

And what few people that the ones in power have chosen as the ‘follow ons’ are the most vacuous, mentally challenged and downright stupid people to have ever held either public orifice, or held a senior position.  Most of it being pure nepotism.  Granted, you get outliers like AOC, ole Donkey Chompers herself, but besides a good set of dick-sucking-lips and a fair pair of hooties, she’s literally the epitome of a black hole… all suck, with no escape, and yes, a cold drink of water and an original idea might just actually kill her.

And it’s intentional
Can’t have brighter, smarter MOR capable people come in and displace you
Gotta bring in someone who can be ‘controlled’
Someone who can be kept ‘on message’

Any wonder why like ALL the generations after the fact have said “Fuck it.”?

Case in point, Hillary Clinton of the Clinton Criminal Crime Cabal… they desperately tried to groom their little bo…err girl Chelsea, also known as Nausea, (‘cos that’s one ugly fucking bitch) to step up nepotistically, and run for orifice… they married her off to “Powerful Jew MediaSon/Hedgefunder” to insure massive Israeli wealth funding, and then she got essentially a no-show union gig ‘contributing editor’ or some such shytte on MSNBC?  Can’t remember and I’m too tired to look that shit up…

Needless to say, the -few- occasions the double digit IQ midget that is maybe Bill’s and Hilleriod’s daughter got in front of the camera, it was plainly obvious to -any- and -all- watching that she had a complete lack of Intelligence… as in Forrest Gump would’ve done better, and that the other, like her mother, she has the personality of a fucking Rutabaga.

No offense intended to rutabagas mind you.

She came across as having the depth of a rain puddle in the Sahara, in July, with the wit of a dead house fern, and the attractiveness of a three day old trout on the riverbank.

Jes’ Sayin’

So, yeah, riding it out and I’m off to bed… Gran#2 is -finally- out cold, and I’m close on her heels.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Huh. How is blaming boomers for your situation any different than blaming whitey or the patriarchy or whatever?

    Have you actually been inside C-suites lately? Back when I first hit upper management, the paradigm (a word that wouldn’t show up for a few years yet) was, “Why have a 50/50 when you can have 2 25/25s?” That is, why keep a 50 YO at $50k (back when that was a respectable salary for upper management) if, well, you can figure it out. Within a decade or so, apart from a few carveouts, like boards of directors, the C-suites were a sea of Gen X, largely because the new concept of a “Human Resource” department were all Gen X.

    To a large extent, y’all are the lion’s share of your own problem. I can hire a fresh out of college engineer for around $60k, a Gen X with 15 years experience for $90k, or a Boomer with 35-40 years experience for around $100k. The only reason to go with a Gen X is their group rates might be a tad less. Unless they are typical and are overweight/obese, pre-diabetic or already type 2…

    1. Maybe where you were is different, but in the places I’ve been, including .mil and .gov and contracting, I have seen tons of old idiots squatting in positions doing nothing. Dudes who refuse to retire and just take up space.

      One dude claimed to have 30 years of seniority in the field, Vietnam vet, and lied to get his job as a govvie, then requested the certification training he was required to have to get the job in the first place, then slept at his desk every day. He was literally a corpse collecting a paycheck. Everyone knew and nobody was willing to try and get rid of him. God, we need to end the idea of tenure in govt.

      I got another Boomer terd right now in charge of my current organization. Time stopped for him in the 80s and his glory days are Germany and the Russians. Nothing current matters. He may or may not have been useful then, but now all he’s good for is sitting at his desk handing out rewards to his friends. He’s a self-important tool. One of our older dudes retired and this guy hosted the little party and spent the entire presentation to talking about himself and his favorite hobbies. Now, he takes a special enjoyment in firing people who refuse to get vaccinated.

      A few years ago, I got saddled with another dude who came out of retirement to do contracting, but his knowledge was all 70s-80s era and he was good for little more than warming a seat. He was in his 70s, I think he was a Vietnam vet, and he had earned a nasty reputation as “Uncle Fucker,” because he liked to go out to eat with his co-workers, order the most expensive stuff, then try to get everyone to split the bill even. He got comfy and started to let details of his personal life slip out, which included sex tourism trips to the Philippines for underage girls. He was perp-walked out of the building because he lied about having a clearance.

      I can’t be the only guy who sees this stuff and it’s endemic in the govt realm. Tons of people who are obviously not good at their jobs just squatting in place and holding up other people from progressing. There’s been some shake-ups recently where I’m at, with people being forced to leave because they refused to get vaccinated, but most of them are older Xers. Where I’m at now, there’s a local mafia that runs the hiring, so they make sure their friends are in all the leadership positions, so progression here is messed up due to gerontocracy AND cronyism.

      Age obviously doesn’t indicate professionalism and ability, but a lot of the Boomers I’ve seen are in boats without paddles. Xers at least come without the taint of the participation trophy generation and are used to having to work hard to get anything. The Millenials I see are a mix of super technical talent and good work ethic, or utter retards who can’t chew gum and walk at the same time. They bring a ton of weird drama to work with them.

      1. It’s not the age, though. Yeah, there are lots of 60 YO desk jockeys just filling time until retirement. The older half of the Boomers are already retired or moved into politics, or shifted off onto boards of directors or Executive VP of Parking Lot Safety where they can’t do any damage. But there are also a lot of 50 YO exactly the same, but milking the system for another decade. You have the Boomer thinking he’s entitled to Social Security because he’s paid into it for so long, and the Gen X who thinks he’s entitled to the Boomer’s job because he’s put in his 20 years.

        I just think it’s a huge mistake to group people by age. Divide and conquer. Same as with Whypeepo, Teh Patriarchy, and the new categories of “domestic terrorist”, “anti-vaxx” and such. Groups that are being marginalized and fit to be liquidated.

        Is it really that hard to keep focused on the enemy — pedos, globalists, lockdown tyrants, Karens, etc? The ones who want you on your knees begging permission to eat trash out of their dumpsters?

  2. Is anyone else having a problem accessing Busted Knuckles website? I try http://coldfury.com/bustednuckles/wordpress/ and get a screen that says
    You don’t have permission to access this resource.Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe Thai happens in a Brave browser and also with MS Edge. Thanks.

  3. “She came across as having the depth of a rain puddle in the Sahara, in July, with the wit of a dead house fern, and the attractiveness of a three day old trout on the riverbank.”

    BC, you can really turn a phrase that stings like a MF. I’ve seen that last line in person (the trout, not the spawn) and it ain’t pretty and neither is she.

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