Fear and Stupidity

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Took the day off yesterday as it was a full day, and I’m bushed.  I -finally- re-started the gym, and because of it, I’m gimp, and can’t lift my arms over my head.  And I went light to start.  Did a couple of miles on the stationary bike, then did arms and shoulders.
Now I’m back at work and man, this’s a bunch of absolute bullshit.  AGAIN they have us doing the. same. exact. things. again.  I kind of blew up at my boss, as I had been promised that the near-continual repetition of the worthless same old shit same old shit.  

I’ve been begging them to give me some info on ‘how to be a boss’ here for THIS job.  The training, which I’ve now gone through twice, once as the student, and then as the Trainer, and now I have to go over the training syllabus AGAIN because OMFG, third times a fucking charm?  And the training is literally basic training.  I do NOT need to go over this bullshit again.  What I NEED is to be able to know how I deal with an escalation, ‘cos as of now?  Any member/customer problems that get escalated to me?  They’re going to die on the vine…

‘Cos I got no idea who or where I go to help out on an escalation.

But fuck, I can take a call and instruct a motherfucker all day long…
So enough about bitching about Ye Olde Gig.  Today, reading all the crap over the weekend, it’s apparent that some things have just sort of gone to the wayside.  As I figured, the wet fart of the recount?  Yeah, by all normal things, the vote should have been invalidated, and re-done, but that’s pretty much every single aspect of the 2020 selection…

Then we’ve got the “fear factor” coming from The Orifice of the (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den and his coterie of Handlers.  They reek of fear.

This is where we’re in trouble
Fearful People do stupid things.
And we’ve been witnessing an outrageous amount of stupid.  Like new levels of dumbassery.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this level of dumbfuck in politics.  MAD asshattery.  And that leaves us in a very sketchy position.

It’s dangerous.  For US, as in /ourguys/…  As in fearful, stupid people doing stupid things that generally piss off and annoy the ‘normies’, well when the ‘stupid’ fails, and pushback occurs, well, they tend to push back twice as hard.  And if the ‘stupid’ they push fails utterly and completely, well, that’s what they fear most… because that shows that their shit is weak.

And that’s generally when even worse things start happening.  Fearful Stupid POWERFUL people who are desperately afraid of being OUT of power?  Oh yeah, this will not end well.  We’re going to be in the crosshairs.  They’ve ramped up the ostracizing of the ‘unclean’ with the Nottabug.   I mean yeah Kung-Flu is real, but not near as dangerous as the Nottavaxx apparently… in fact the Israelis just came out an announced that out of like 300 new COVID cases in one day?  Like 280+ of them were all with the Vaxxed.  Apparently it’s looking more and more like the Nottavaxx is a real nightmare.
OH! New news… hilarious actually.  Seems the New Governor of Noo Yawk Kathy (MegaKaren) Hochul put a Nottavax Rule in place for everyone who works in healthcare.  EVVABODY needs to be Vaxxed up to keep doing medical stuff in Noo Yawk.  When confronted with the huge numbers of people who saying “Fuck you and I’m out”, her first reaction was “You are all replaceable, bring in the foriegn nurses!”  which, as one can well imagine, went over like a wet fart. 
So, Noo Yawk, already having mad issues with having a preexisting shortage of medical workers, well, as they say “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”  LOTS of folks are doing the “Fuck you, I’m out!” to the point Herren Gaulieter Hochul must be gettin’ a mite nervous… so her “B” plan seems to be MOR stupid.  She’s talking about calling out the Nasty Guard.  Link HERE: https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/573957-ny-governor-considering-deployment-of-national-guard-to-address-health

>takes deep breath<

Absolute Genius right there Aye?

She apparently don’t get that them Nasty Guard?  MOST of them are -already- working in the Hospitals that’re short handed.  Which means essentially, the Guard is going to report in, and go right back to what they were doing BEFORE, already.  ‘Cept it’s got one major difference.  Nasty Guard don’t get paid at the ‘normal hospital rates’ so to speak.  Makes you wonder if this’s intentional to put MOR monies back into the hospital’s pockets.  

They can’t not show up if called for duty, that’s a big no-no.  So, essentially, they’re going to get double-fucked by losing out on the anywhere from $25-75 an hour for a flat rate-at-rank DotMil bullshit pay.  AND more’n likely be doing the same exact job

Let me tell you, the DotMil STILL has a pilot issue.  Because during the whole Iraq thing, they brought guys back from the IRR (Inactive Ready Reserve) and forced them back into boots to fly… I knew one guy who lost everything because of that… He’d been a Chief Pilot for United… he took a $200,000.00 pay cut to fly for the DotMil AFTER he should have been loooong released.  He resigned first chance he got… LOTS of pilots did… they’ve never recovered…

Same shit is going to happen… you watch.

Stupid people, well, lets face it, they’re stupid.  And even worse, they’ll never admit it.  So, when you get a self-reinforcing loop of ‘stupid’, combined with ALL the power that can be real AND imagined, that they, THEY are the “Masters of Their Destiny” and their beliefs are right and correct and anyone who dares point out their blatantly obvious delusions are insects and deplorables unworthy of their Greatness and Wisdom.  By Divine Right they feel that they’re the Chosen Ones to lead the ignorant deplorables into “The Light”.

And if you dare to point out this level of stupid?  Well, in the long run they -do- have Nuclear Weapons and man, considering just how fucked up our current (p)Resident is?  Yeah That right there is enough to keep me up at night, to a point.  After all, I’m only 18 miles away from McDill as the Crow Flies, and if they, (for the values of ‘they’) lets say Joe Chink Up and Drops on in retaliation for the (p)Resident breaking from their control, well…

Airburst 5Kt Dong Feng 5… Joe Chink’s current ICBM “Flavor of the Month.”
I’m well inside the “crispy zone”… Hell, I’m in the “Find a solid wall that might not collapse, dress ALL in black, and face towards the ‘flash’ with my middle finger extended to leave an interesting ‘shadow’ on the wall when I go >’poof!'<

I don’t put anything past them at this point…
Yeah, worst case scenario, but who ever called me “Mister Cheery” don’t know me worth a shit Aye?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Is it possible that the Guardsmen and women might not work hard or efficiently at a job they’re not getting paid for….?

  2. Joe Chink could finish 90% of the US population off with a couple EMP bursts over CONUS.

    Tampa is mighty uncomfortable without A/C.

    1. All the ChiComs would have had to do is put nukes on those North Korean satellite’s that fly over the US mid west a few times a day. then it’s checkmate. the NorKs don’t have nukes that small, yet. So their satellite’s wouldn’t be expected to have EMP weapons. The ChiComs would have the button to set off the EMPs but the NorKs would get the blame.
      The Chinese would have total plausible deniability.

  3. Stacy Abrams/Haitian immigrant 2024 for the big egalitarian WIN!
    Yes we can, Dominion has got this.
    When the real commies decide to turn the Kwanstain into a 3000 mile charcoal birdbath, stand near a concrete or brick wall and hoist a middle finger, it will be etched on the there forever.

  4. great quote from “Dune” on fear, there; Big. It’s always been a favorite since a long time ago. Don’t want to think the fucktards would nuke places, but they are fucktards after all, and didn’t get those lofty spots they’re in by playing fair and shit.
    As for your return to PT, old age ain’t for pussies. Getting old sucks but I think the alternative may be worse. Good that you found time for it brother.

  5. Hey yall. If you’re interested, my note (https://www.bigcountryexpat.com/told-ya-and-possible-mayhem/) worked. My workplace is accepting my exception to policy under the Americans w/ Disabilities Act. The counseled me on what they expect and they warned me if the outbreak gets really bad, they might send us normals home un-paid for our safety, eventually to be replaced if it lasts long enough (bit of a waiting game there). They have little hope of replacing me if they get to that point. Nobody wants my job. Even illegal manure shovelers would look down their noses at me.

    They made a point of informing me ADA prevents anyone from retaliating, so nobody is allowed to mess with me over my health issues, even my boss. Pretty cool, huh? The lawyer guy was telling me if someone makes a comment or I get hassled, to contact him to let him know.

    I feel like they’re going to probably let this play out for a while, ID the normals, then find an excuse to get rid of us when it’s convenient, assuming nothing changes and covid keeps infecting the vaccinated. I hear rumors the pro-freedom/anti-vax crowd is vocal, but disorganized. They’ve been trying to organize, but all that does is draw attention to them. Signing one of their petitions is a quick way to get on the shit list. I was warned by someone I know who is more keyed into things than I am TPTB are starting to notice us and pay attention. If you aren’t 100% on board, they’re suspicious of you. I used to skate under the radar, but I might have a target on my back now for being normal.

    Due to the way they rolled this mandate out, a lot of people now know their going to be fired in a couple weeks. Ordinarily, they like to make it a surprise and invite you in to a meeting where they revoke your access and outprocess you. Security is usually on hand in the next room, just in case. These folks all know when they’re fired, but they still have access to the network and their office. To my suspicious mind, that means we’re likely to see sabotage, vandalism, theft, and possibly an active shooter. My keyed-in friend had the same idea I did and warned higher-ups, but he said they don’t seem to think it’s serious. I guess it’s figuratively their funeral.

    My buddy out west is doing the same thing I did. He went to a doc, got a note, and is dropping it on his HR tomorrow. We’ll see how it works out for him. It can’t hurt to try.

    Thanks for all the cool content, BCE.

  6. Fear-I used to be terrified of snakes. My dad, well he really was Superman, he was afraid of snakes. I guess I got my fear of snakes from him.

    One day years ago I was in Lad Vegas. There was this street performer there with this giant boa constrictor. You would pay $5 bucks and he would put this giant snake over your head onto your shoulders and they would take a Polaroid picture of you holding this snake.

    Well they put the snake on me and let me tell you that snake was strong as hell. If it wanted to it really could curl up on you and you might not make it out alive.

    But I decided then and there that I would rip that snakes head off if I had to. It didn’t come to that and I hung out with that snake for awhile. I even think I left as friends.

  7. Doubt the chicoms would strategic nuke McDill, couple of “small” tacticals from a container ship from the port takes care of things and they have a solid import/export foothold while the natives get busy killing each other. Doubt it though, lose to much face worldwide and their inside”man” is doing a fine job as it is.

    1. Good observation – MacDill wouldn’t give them a lot.
      Hey — don’t forget to read Alas Babylon — great novel. If it were to transpire today, things wouldn’t go down like in the book. But got to love the “artificial sunrise” when the nukes go off — frightening. 🙂

  8. I had a thought over the weekend about the threat to give everyone on active duty a dishonorable.

    I don’t think anyone is going to make their recruiting goal this year. If they get to 80% I would be surprised. Later on this year, after the tens of thousand of not vaxed have been processed out via an admin sep and a OTH (anyone who thinks the military will do tens of thousands of general court martials, which are the only way one can get a dishonorable, you’re on crack and fentanyl,) I’m going to sit in my chair and cheer when the units who can’t deploy due to severe manpower shortages report up their CoC as non mission capable. Good luck keeping the SLOC open with a navy who can’t deploy half its ships due to manpower shortages.

    Reeealy makes you wonder why we were in such a damned hurry to bail out of Afghanistan, now, don’t it? Like, maybe, the PTB knew they wouldn’t have the bodies to support ops there any more?
    Things that make you say, “Hmmmmmm…”

    1. The problem is that it seems whenever a President needs a domestic boost he has found an excuse to use the mil not necessarily a full blown out war, but some military engagement seems to always be in the offering.
      But it is ever more likely that if the pResident tries this, unless it’s against something like Somalian fishermen, in the next engagement it will be the US that gets the bloody nose.

    2. Units make reports on SIPR every month. In the USAF it was SORTS, I forget what the Army’s shit is, in SOF it went directly to the JCS on status of equipment, manning and training, fucking stupid commanders would order said fuckheads doing it every month to fudge the figures cause they thought they would be personally held responsible for fucked up stats. The seniors know what the status is, maybe a few need to be asked “whats the frequency Kenneth” in an alley.

  9. They aren’t stupid. None of the things they fail at are things they give a shit about. Yet they continue to gain in power, often because of, not in spite of, those “failures.”

    The main reason they might seem hasty is they know the end game is near, and they don’t want a different faction to end up with all the marbles.

    1. They’re not rich and powerful because they’re stupid, they’re rich and powerful because there is no opposition.
      That’s what happens when you have stupid brainwashed proles with no backbone. Arrogant ignorance is the battle cry of the American people today, thinking they’re smarter than the rich idiots running circles around them. Walmart meets Wall Street.

  10. The deadline for national guard to get the shot I’d like next June or so.

    So she is going to replace unvaxxed medical personnel with unvaxxed NG? Brilliant!!

  11. Have no fear. We have no enemies. Just situations. Situations in which we meet stupid, power mad people that qualify as enemies, and that intend for us to play by their rules, or else they’ll kill us. The choices of action/reaction to all of that is pretty clear, except to the sheeple with the yellow streak. We already know about them/that, and we know they will sell us out to our enemies for a little food, shelter, and security. Hunted by one, sold like a slave by another. What a way to live and die. Oh, well. Audentes Fortuna Iuvat.

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