FedEx Follies

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Bit o’a heads up fer y’all.  I just got off da fon with FedEx.  Hadda bit o’problem with a shipment.

Now, for those ‘not-in-the-know’ and having ‘issues’ with FedEx, there seems to be a pattern of theft… or should I say “missing packages” from wide and various locations.  Now, there was a story that made the news roundabout a few months back about a couple of yoots of African Extraction who got busted, heaven forfend! boosting FedEx packages from the facility they worked at primarily consisting of ammunition and/or weapons.

Perish the thought that they got caught pre-empting the reparations!


Not my first rodeo.

Had it happen before.

This order wasn’t a big deal per se… just some boolits for reloading 5.56mm… 55 grain rounds bullets only.  That being said, when it, and some other low end ephemera didn’t show (wadding for reloading 12 Gauge rounds) I called pretty pissed off.
Told the broad on the other end of the line A) wanted a track done and my shit found OR B) I was reporting the possible theft to the Alkyholics Tobbakky and Fun-guns bureau (the ATF for the ‘tards here) that the ammo I had ordered had gone missing. I insisted that she put that I was calling the feds to open an investigation.

Sonofbitch… Muddaforker.

Callback less than 10 minutes later: “Yes sir, we found your package and it is enroute.”
‘Mazing how dat werks Aye?

Hate the ATF but it’s flat out ‘mazing how saying “I’m having an investigation instituted at “X” facility, and all-of-a-sudden “Oh sir good news we found your shit!” comes aboot.
Seeings that on gunbroker, the price of some rounds of buckshot is approaching $6 a round, and .38SPC is $115 for $50 a box… there’s going to be a HELL of a lot more shit getting ‘pinched’ in the future.Best keep the Fed Threat in the toolbox… they may be the enemy, but sometimes, they do have their uses.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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