Feds KIA’d

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!Apparently this A.M. Floridaman struck again.  This time wasting 2 Fibbies and wounding 3 more during a raid on his house.  Now, off-fish-ully the Fibbies were going, apparently in great force to arrest a kiddie porn possessor.  

Now, IF in fact they were going after a kid-diddler, aight… good.  Hope they kill the sumbitch.
My issue is, and this’s where I have zero information…

I’m not saying that this isn’t what happened


You want to know what’s really fucked up about this?

What’s really sad about it?

My initial reaction

I wonder what those worthless fucking feds were really up to and/or after?”

My first instinct when I hear about the FBI doing ‘something’ is that they’re the bad guys

That they got what they deserve

My faith and belief in the system is irretrievably trashed

It ain’t coming back.

And it’s all their own fault

I will shed not one tear for neither them nor their families.

Fuck ’em


Because of the continual willing malfeasance and being a malignant cancer on the body of the former United States that the Federal Bureau of Incompetents has become, they no long command me, my respect nor my sympathy.  Sympathy is in my dictionary between “Shit” and “Syphilis”, and the feds qualify for two out of those three in this case. 

Guess which two they are?  
If anything, the only thing the FBI is worth of is my undying contempt and ridicule.

Damned shame that.

Jes’ Sayin’

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. And here I was wondering if anyone else was feeling that way. The past few decades have caused a paradigm shift in attitudes nationwide. I was raised that the Feebs were mostly good guys, with a few overzealous assholes in the mix. Then Waco and Ruby Ridge caused that belief to take a serious hit, and it’s been on a steepening downward spiral ever since. Maybe the guy actually was hurting kids, I can’t really say. But he’s dead now, and so are two other guys who might have ended up coming after you, or me, or someone else who just wants to be left alone.

  2. Alas, the feeling is question and verify. The problem is there is NO way to get verification. Social media, not so free press, “our government” do not remotely give us the truth. Shades of grey are all we are allowed to know. Until we are allowed free access to information that is not censored, nothing is to be believed ever. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. Please hold for the next operator. BOHICA. Due to Sars 19 there will be extended wait times to talk to a lying representative. SNAFU. Do not forget to wear a mask (or 3) and practice anal probing for the latest variation of the virus. FUBAR.

  3. Kiddie porn is atomic dog shit. Once you step in it you are forever marked by its stench. What an excellent way to neutralize someone you don’t like and completely nullify anything worthwhile they are doing or saying. It’s a fate worse than death and if anyone does decide to kill said undesirable person absolutely no one will give a shit or bother to look further into the issue, normally.

    Does the federal government possess software tools capable of planting “stuff” on a computerized device? Yes, yes they do. See Snowden leaks, CIA vault # leaks, and various FBI disclosure articles. They can also falsify the attribution and provenance of this information to make it look like you browsed it naturally or leave a breadcrumb trail making it look like did it.

    Given the FBI’s long and infamous decades long history of lying, cheating, stealing, spying, agent provocateuring, pretext in, parallel constructing, etc… to get what they want at any cost with ZERO real repercussions, should we be concerned that they might do this frequently and often? Did you pay cash for that cup of coffee? Are you white? Are you completely heterosexual? Are you insane enough to believe in solemn oaths and the constitution? Might you espouse belief in Christianity? Well Bubba, you bet your white nationalist extremist domestic terrorist ass you should be concerned.

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