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Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes
Been hibernating a bit.  Not much happening than the ‘slow roll’ of what I’m now calling “The Daily Double” which is here in Florida the cases daily according to the Center for “Oh Holy Shit We’re Fucked!” Diseases. 


The numbers for the past two days have +/- 5-10 doubled overnight.  My guess is either they’re testing more (which is what they’ve been saying they are) OR more folks turniong up sicker n’ a dawg at the ER.

No worries about me tho… been just sleeping the past two days away.  Did a bunch of ‘heavy lifting’ i.e. yard work and some cleanup ’round Casa Country and made me tired.  Then took some sleep aid and must have taken the ‘good stuff’ b/c I’ve been down for two days.  Caffeine deficiency probably has a lot to do with it as well. 

So apparently, we’re getting corn-cobbed by CoronaChan.  The market is toast and some other idiots are saying that we ‘can’t lock down’… 

Really?  Well, its a bit late for like anything to be done.  No one listened earlier.  Shit… I was braying the alarm before Aesop, who now BTW is all aflutter over The Cheeto referring to the virus as “Kung Flu” which he apparently invented.  He’s got a whole self-slobbering victory lap over on his site…  Good for him.  Still… I was on this shit in early January saying “This done don’t sound none too good”

Hate when I’m right.

Oh well.  Not sick that I can tell.  A bit on the tired side is all..  Bit stressed worrying about the bills, the spawn… the usual.  Made a big ole pot of Chikin Zoop the other night as I said, so I’m eating on that, avoiding using any sort of long term goods.

Which brings me to the next sociological question:

How long before our cops/first responders fold?  NYC apparently has 1800+ that’ve already called in.  I’m going to guess it’s a ‘top secret’ in letting the people know when the “Guardians” are gone… can’t let the animals know the leash is off.  But it -is- worrisome.  The fact that I’m in a half-and-half location…  the Horde could easily work its way this way if it decides to expand…  that wouldn’t be good IMO.

Then the ‘legal locusts’… never thought about this, but DAMN!  THIS is something thats no cool:

Granted its in Australia… one of the most neutered SJW countries outside of the Nordic Areas…  Got a hunch the (((controllers))) targeted them for deballing as the country was created and built by honest-to-god criminals…  so, they don’t have the means to resist a clearing of the shelves like this.

If it were to happen here, and we got word?  Gotta hunch all us locals’d be down there with rifles most ricky-tick to insure OUR supplies don’t get reallocated.  Legal Locusts… perfect term.

So, now to make some soup and try to wake up.  The whole ‘sleeping for hours’ is good as I burn less resources, but bad in that I don’t get a lot of shit done, not that I have a whole lot that -needs- to be done… there’s only so many times one can count the rations ya know?

More Later I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Already seeing it here in Tucson, people coming down from Phoenix. Just individuals right now not busloads but still, it is happening.


  2. Folks from the Big City came to our local gun shop, tried to buy all the powder and primers. The owner booted him out, local supplies are for locals.

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