Fidel Trudeau Bails

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seems Lil Fidelito, current Communist Dicktater of the Canadian Branch of the Fambly, has bailed much like his probable idol, Nicolae Ceaușescu and gotten the fuck out of Dodge before the Truckers reenacted a scene from Steven King’s 80’s cheesefestivus, “Maximum Overdrive” and ran thru his fucking home.

h/t WRSA
Now, unlike good ole Nico, it seems that Fidelito managed to get away clean.
And yeah, the scene I refer to, well, about two minutes into this clip:

How fucking epic would that be?

Now, for now Turdoo as Glenn Filthie refers to him, the Head Canoehead has a very few choices left.  He’s at the point where Law Enforcement if not openly, have subtlety supported this whole ‘thousands of trucks’ protest.  So, the Royal Canadian Mounties may or may not have finally re-found their balls, and hopefully, and I stress hopefully they stay the fuck out of what now has the appearance of a massive recall/indictment of Fidelito.

Of course Dicktaters rarely willingly give up power
So, that leaves the Canoehead DotMil
All 30 or 40 of them left.
His own fault.
Gutted his DotMil in the name of ‘inclusivity’ and ‘social justice’
Which means that IF he’s smart, he’ll resign and go on the ‘lectures and canapes’ circuit.
Let the ‘New Guys” clean up the fucking mess.


Because he’s an integral member of the “Schwabian Great Reset” and has literally been ‘born and bred’ for this roll, I fully expect a Black Swan event with rogue elements ‘loaned’ via the Army of Northern Virginia that’ll make the truckers look like mad-dawg lunatics or some such.  Problem is that because during the entirety of this protest, and the genuine natural progression and growth of support, as it’s not ‘astroturfed’ and the apparent panic of their Ministry of Propaganda and Lies via the -sudden- absolutely unbelievable accusations of “Russia Russia Russia!!!” they’ve painted theyselves into an unescapable corner.

IF they Black Swan it, ain’t no one but the most feckless retarded cultists of the covidiocy are going to believe and story they come up with.  If anything, it’ll backfire spectacularly, as Fidelito is, at best a noxious Airheaded Fucktard Puppet, and ain’t known for his tactical/strategic vision or planning ability.

THEN, there’s real potential of their “Southern Cousins” >ahem<  “assisting” in the rearmament of some more of the enthusiastic Canoehead “hunters” and let them settle things properly and permanently.

The other thing that may or may not happen, is that -wherever- Fidelito is being stashed, the Mounties that have him there could do a “Romanian Shuffle”,  i.e., realize their on the -wrong side- and switch, and then arrest his ass, along with any and all of his people, give them a very short but fair trial, followed by, well… the Canoeheads aren’t known for being overly bloodthirsty, hence the generally peaceable protest aspect of this whole thing, so’s it wouldn’t end up against a wall.

However, their disgust at the effeminate Soyboy that’s been responsible for driving their country in to the ground?  I’d say a most appropriate manner of execution, one that would horrify him beyond reality, would be to drown him in a Vat of Stale Labatts Lite Beer.

Or, even worse, Molson Lite.

The reviews of that shit pretty much the Canucks consider it a sacrilege to call those ‘Canadian Beers’.  Get you punched in the Mouth Hoser.  Beaten with a Hockey Stick eh? 

So yeah, have to see how it shakes out.
hope that our betters are paying attention…
Jes’ Sayin’
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Dont believe any of it until mu’fuckas is doin the air dance. Patience exhausted, hopium all smoked up. Nothing has fundamentally changed. But, while we are all ooing and ahhing at the pretty lights states are convening votes in their chambers for a con-con. While the obvious agendas sounds great, term limits, etc… the con-con can be hijacked in a flash. Every constitutional scholar warned of this. So, keep tugging your horn and thinking blowing is winning. Kummalla did i guess.

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