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Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes

Been wargaming a bit.
Guv’na DeSantis down here in Floridaland came out and is working on some pretty hardcore law proposals.  He had Sheriff Grady Judd come out and do the opener in the Press Conference.  To those of y’all livin’ under a rock, Grady is a throwback… a Man born possibly in the wrong time.  He’s the Sheriff of Polk County… and let me tell ya… he don’t fuck around.

He’s a Sheriff of the “Old School”

As in “Give ’em a fair trial, then give ’em a fair hangin’ ” sort of guy.  When AntiFa started making rumbles about fucking around here in Florida, Grady’s the cop who came out and said “I encourage the citizens in my county to own guns.  To use guns. And to use them on you if’n y’all are dumb enough to come out here to play” or words thereabout.
So… anywho Guv’na Ronnie came out after Grady’s “We’ll curbstomp you for fun!” speech, and unveiled what’s probably the most harsh laws vis-a-vis the potential rioting here in Florida:

I’m calling it the “Fuck Around and Find Out” laws.

So… last night deep in the cups w/Sapper… we started wargaming ‘whuts up wit whut’ with the upcoming shitshow(s).  Now, One thing I’m calling a shot on:  Lotsa folks been talking about how Malig-Nancy Peloser had a ‘brain freeze’ or a ‘glitch’ as it’s been said.

Hmmn.  I dunno.  She is fuckin’ older’n dirt… BUT… Seeings that when she said it The Mango Jeebus hadn’t commented on when he was gonna announce the now-Good Ginsbergs replacement.  It makes me wonder if she was sending a message there?  Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but… “The chair is against the wall” and “John has a long mustache.”  Shit like that…  And now that Trump said he’d announce on Saturday?  “Good Morning Sunday Morning” mighta been her way to tell –whomever- to get prepped for a bit o’the ultraviolence mebbe?

‘Cause you know that old withered winebox bitch has insiders in the Oval Orifice feeding her intel.  They mighta let slip that Orange Man Bad was planning on a Saturday announcement, and this’s her way of getting the message to the ‘ground troops’ to start getting in place at the Phase Line for go-time.
So… back to my other ruminations and theories.
We know they’re gonna try and steal the election.
We know that there ain’t much we can do.
We know there’s bad things coming our way.
So what’s a Guv’na to do?
Methinks, in the case of DeSantis, he’s putting the State of Florida on a wartime footing.  Those new laws are damned near what every. single. state. in the US should be doing.  Get stupid? Go to jail.  I also think that -no one- is gonna back Grandpa Badfinger IRL.  The States are gonna fracture like a motherfucker.  Which means the Guv’na of each one is going to fall into line along politics.
DeSantis is a Trump man thru-n-thru.  Got me a hunch the very fact he was also a JAG Occifer in the Navy, as well as the JAG occifer for SEAL Team One and that McDill and a whooooole lotta other dot mil bases are here, add on climate, the general orneriness of “Floridaman”, Grady Judd, and the fact also that we’re called the “Gunshine State” means that in a new civil war, we’d be in pretty good shape.  We rank 12th in Beef production in the nation, and Fruits and Veggies?  uhYup we be in pretty good shape.  
I’d be looking to see what other states are doing.  Heard somewhere Tennessee is going to virtually photocopy ours and institute it, which oughtta be interesting.  Meself?  Methinks that the States that go hard on Burn Loot Murder and Pantifaggots are going to be the ones falling in-line behind Trump.  The others?  Not so much.
Either way, Pass the Popcorn.

More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. Damn and here I avoided Florida like the plague when I lived in Lower Alabama… I may have to rethink Florida. I like that in a Governor and a Sheriff. I always say, they need us (Citizens), we don't need them… I wonder if the black olives matter and pantifas are gonna be stupid enough to test that?

  2. Polk County isn't the only one with a strong Sheriff.

    Brevard County, home of the Space Center(s) and more military retirees than you can shake a stick at, is very pro-gun. The sheriff openly said the county ordinance against guns in county buildings was going to be not enforced. In fact, he encouraged county workers to strap on.

    And, once you get out of the big city counties, most of our counties are redneck as all fuck. And so are their sheriffs.

  3. Lucky bastards.
    Meanwhile over here on the Left Coast, we are going to wind up duking it out with OPFOR AND the fucking state governments.
    I dunno, after 100 days of After Hour Festivities by ANTIFA and BLM and then all the people getting burned out of their homes down in my former home state of Oregon, maybe, just maybe the rednecks down there will have some company in voting these Democrat bitches out of office finally. I know there is a heap of pissed off motherfuckers down there right now.

  4. We're just now getting dried out, gas stations finally open, internet and cable back up. They don't want to try any of that shit 'round here anytime soon. Everybody in this town, after having to cut up all these old fuckin' trees that toppled over from the root system thanks to 20+ inches of rain, is about ready to choke-a-bitch for any reason or no reason at all.

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