Finally! Fame and Fortune LOL

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Finally a full nights sleep!  I actually crashed before 11pm (23:00).!!!

THAT is a major accomplishment for me, as I tend towards the night mode in my old age.  But, as things have been getting more -pressurized- I’ve been having a recurrence of sleep problems.  Not unusual, but still, I hate looking in the mirror and seeing the haggard eyebags… like I ain’t carrying enough shit already?  
But… “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know where to stash the corpses so they won’t be found.”

Think I stole that from Wirecutter…

Dude has some HYSTERICAL memes he throws up on FB.
Fucker’s a ‘lifer’ if you will on his suspensions and bans.
And for fun, here’s the two that caught me 30 Each on the ‘old profile’

And then

Yeah… caught a total of 60 days for both of those… 30 each.

Which is hysterical b/c my bro Danny… he’s a “thalidomide kid”… poor bastard’s mom took the shit when he was in utero and he came out with flipper sort of thingies sticking out of his shoulders.  HE fucking called me laughing his balls off about “Partial Arts”… said he hadn’t laughed that hard in years.
Seriously… good AND bad humor is fucking ‘deader n’Kelsey’s nuts’ as my gramma used to say… Dunno who Kelsey is but she was an old old Irishwoman, so’s must be something to that?  Danny’s done good for hisself tho… got him two robo arms now that are fucking crazy…Swiss-Army Arms so to speak.  He pretty much can do ANYTHING with his feet…  weird as fuck to hang out with a guy who can grab a beer, hold it, crack open and drink it with his feet.  His wife sez he never needs any help with like anything, although be careful using his bathroom… he’s a bidet kid and one night while shitfaced, I used the wrong bowl…. cold water’ll wake up up pronto-pronto…  
So yeah, This lil old mindbending exercise has taken off, and I have you great readers to thank that for.
I also know I hit the big time when the hate started filling up the comments.
Amongst others.  Glad I don’t feed the trolls.  And man, they’re out there LOL.
But, I can’t thank y’all enough, for the tips, the comments and the support.  I really like doing this, and it helps my mentality and keeping my head on straight.  We’re down to what? 7 Days before organized chaos takes place?
Sheesh… time flies and I’ve been a lazy prick.
My personal list of “shit I need to do” is
Buy more AAA batteries
Buy more CR123 batteries… I have a couple dozen BUT they run out quick in a weaponlight
Not much more than that tho… I was prepping before prepping was cool.
Finish loading some more BBs AND get to the range on Saturday.  I was supposed to go this past Sunday but Wifey didn’t get home it time to pass off Guido the Joisey Dog…. we’ve found we can’t leave him home alone at all.  Even with tranquilizers, he tears up the house and loses so much hair that the house is now blanketed in it.  He also upsets Bob and Stella so bad that THEY need the tranqs too.  And I might have to replace the front door b/c he tried to claw his way though.  That was just a trip to the store for beer and he lost his collective shit.  So no leaving the dog alone.  She got back late from the gig, sooooo….
Now I have to try to get the rifles dialed in to 300 meters.
They’re good to 50 yards right now.   That’s max effective allowable distance at the local ranges.  I have to travel to Manatee to get to the long long range.
I –am not happy– with this last minute.
At least the VA is paying out on Friday…
So, until later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. BB's and zeros.

    Spent yesterday reloading some ammo shot a few weeks back. Kinda big BB's–385 gr. 45-70. I cast 'em outta used tire weights. Just doing my bit to recycle.

    Shot at my buddies place on his range which goes out to 1000 yards. We set up at 200. I met Lone Star Parson on line, and we invited him to join us. He wrote the day up on his blog (more details in comments)–

    Had to stop and think, no, I bought that Trapdoor before I enlisted. 1973, at a gun shop in El Cerrito, CA. It was shooting 2 MOA at 200 yards with the issue sights. Battle sight zero for these rifles with the rear sight laid flat is 260 yards. Idea was to aim for the belt buckle and hit anywhere between there and the chin.

    I like the 200 yard zero for my AR(s).

  2. Knights trail has a 100yd range… but yea I still want to someday get to MGC to try out the long lanes

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