Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!

bout damned time!
I –finally- caught a case on Twatter.
Seems -someone- didn’t like me askin’ a CNN slore about her barren womb and penchant for box wine.

12 hour suspension.

I promise I’ll try harder in the future.
But, hey, leastways I –finally– caught a case.
Took –forever
And I’ve been damned near FedPoastin’ at the level that I would have thought I’da been bagged a ways back.  Apparently, one of two things.  One, I ain’t gots a lot of followers or Two, I hit a nerve.
Methinks the ‘barren womb’ and ‘box wine’ struck a nerve.
It took them 3 minutes to hem me up.

Crazy Cat Wimmins got to stick together

But I do find it funny that THIS is what they hemmed me up for?
Hell… I’ve damned near crossed the line with near-FedPoast Level shytte and not heard a peep
Or is that the way of things now?
Oh well… Been backing this thing up now daily, because it’s only a matter of time before they come for this here lil soapbox.

Also, been having mor convos with Libtards
Yeah yeah yeah.  I shouldn’t but being a burr under their saddle is satisfying.
Especially since I can see the trends forming up

They’re unhinged at Orange Man Bad
Far worse than before

Like, these are people I grew up with.
Some of them I’ve know since kindergarten.
Back when I got home in 2014, and done with my duty, they had a reunion party for me
Big Hero kind of stuff…. me I just went to party and get hammered on someone else’s dime
I’m getting death threats
Told that I’m ‘dangerous’ and ‘twisted’ and ‘paranoid’
Gee… I wonder why that could be?
What on Earth could make me feel this way?

Might be the whole ‘re-education camps’ and ‘deprogramming’ and the ‘we’re going to have to remove them from society’ thing ya maybe?

And yet
They’re the compassionate ones
Ya… keep thinking that.
It’s going to get ugly-er sooner rather than later
Especially if the Electoral College goes the ‘wrong way’ to these people 
Because, to them, it’s the “Bultarski Method” of politics

“Nothing is over until we say it’s over!!!”

They’re gonna go completely apeshit if’n it don’t go their way
And that means it’s on.
So, head on a swivel
Gather Intel
Take names and numbers
Local Local Local
Until Later Then I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.

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  1. Fuck the Twatter twats. They'll be the first to cower in the basement with Joe "wannabe president" Biden and his token slut when (if) shit goes kinetic. Cleaning out just 10% of the troublemakers will have the rest toeing the line until we can deal them at our leisure. Release the Kraken, my ass. Release the armed bastards that just wanna be left alone.

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