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I personally blame the Kard-trash-ians.  The ‘insta’-famewhores of legend.  EVVABODY wants, need and demands their fame and ‘fifteen minutes’ in the limelight.  Because of this, any and every asshole out there is trying to ‘make their mark.’

Lord know I get trolls who accuse me of the same thing.  Which is funny.  I started this blog originally as a day-to-day for my family and friends to keep up with what I was going through in Iraq.  Everything else sort of kinda just fell into place after the fact.  I blame Phil.

BUT… today’s subject, is the stupid fame-whoring and the idijits who profit from it.  Case in point, the Newest Winners of the New Good Nigger Lotto: Ma’Khia Bryant’s family.  She’s the ratchet-girl made good by the Fuzz while committing, what here in Florida is called a “Forcible Felony”, in fact multiple crimes… i.e. Felonious Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and even Attempted Murder?  Not sure what degree, but the fact that she came out of the hose, in full view oof the Cops, and tried to gut another girl, knowing the cops were there shows that either A) She didn’t care and had it planned or B) per the majority of her kind, Lacked any self-awareness and/or impulse control.

Either way, she got made ‘good’ rather quickly.  To whit now everyone is on the “Profit From Her Death” Train.  To include her Father:

Who, BTW had to be taken to court to acknowledge his paternity.  He looks like a stellar member of an Upright and Law-Abiding Citizen doesn’t he? </sarc>In reality Myron Hammonds has a long and distinguished rap sheet, to include multiple felonies and other shit that if it were me?  I’d be freeze-dried and buried under the jail.  This goon?  Running around with an active warrant when the shit went down… He’s also on camera, right before his daughter got made good, kicking a woman in the head who’s on the ground.  Nice fellow Aye?

Then, there’s Mom:Paula Bryant, who ranted and raged about how her poor poor Honor Student Daughter “Dindu Nuffin!”

Yet again, another Candidate for “Mother of the Year” what with her multiple convictions for domestic abuse against her daughters which is why Miss HyphenatedGoodGirl was in Foster Care to begin with…And as far as Honor Roll?  Some dood did the heavy lifting.  She wasn’t on the Honor Roll… Mom apparently made that shit up out of whole cloth.  Hell, according to school records, she wasn’t even registered in school until February.So WTF was she doing all that time Aye?  Idel hands and all that.  Probably dealing drugs, considering the propensity for it in the Family.
So, she got made “good”, and now the family has had ALL the race-hustler lawyers come out of the woodwork like the scum that they are.  I’m really hoping they get nothin but this’s the Insane Days of Negro Worship Most High, so I can guarantee a payout of some kind or other… on the Taxpayer dime no less.

And then, to continue with the “need to be famous”, all the second guessing assholes out there had to put in their comments, but the topper was this one:

Took the shot from Angry Drill on the Angry Cops tube channel…
And, as you can see, his reaction is much the same as mine.
Because what we have here, besides a failure to utilize the thinking meat, is a Stupid, Vacuous, Socially Acceptable Pile of Pablum, that is so virtuous it’s full on borderline Retarded.

Which queues up the Visceral, Pained Expression that I duplicated when I read it meselves.  My -only- real thought is that this Thoughtless Thot could never have served, never mind retired from The Navy.  I’m sure the only seamen she’s familiar with is the goo she gobbles on the reg through Tinder.

Angry Cops/Drill tears it up pretty good.  His Channel is Here:

He cracks me the fuck up severely.  Especially when he does his “My Drill Sergeant Senses are tingling!!!” and he ducks down and cutscenes from being in bearded civilian mode to clean shaven and uniformed… and then begin.

It’s apparent we have too much going on out there, that too many people, the wrong people are getting ALL the attention, accolades, and even worse, Deification.  In the case of George Floyd, a three-time drug addicted piece of shit loser ghetto rat, he’s now been turned into some sort of Martyr For Psychotics… Patron Saint of Fentanyl INDEED.  To the point(and I didn’t screen=cap it) that they’ve got Christian Revivalists at the Street Corner this thug died on being baptized and shit on the street. Now, I’m all for ‘getting right’ with whatever God(s) you pray, or pray not to, but to do a Church Revival at a street corner where, that were it 10 years ago, would have gone unnoticed for the fact that the moron got what he deserved

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
But now?
With the new good nigger lotto?  I’m fully expecting that the trajectory of this will be such that deadbeat, piece of shit Black “parents” will be actively encouraging their kids to resist police in the future. Without explaining the negatives… They’ll feel emboldened to NOT follow the law, and if little De’Tonshay or Rastarufus catches a boolit in the interim, it means they’ll be financially set, and after all, they have another 14 crotch goblins, and they won’t miss one or two, if the payout is right.

Myron and Paula all of a sudden care about their good girl.
No mention mind you, of the remaining 15 year old -by either of them-.  She doesn’t factor in unless they have to give her a cut of that future filthy filthy dead-money payout.  

You watch.

Because now they care because the all mighty dollar is on the table, and they saw St George of Fentanyl’s fam get that 27 million dollar payout, so you can fucking bet the house that they’re expecting the same treatment.  Entitled Negros indeed.  

Funny that they didn’t give two shits about her til after she’s no longer alive Aye?Where were they before this shit happened?Oh yes, dad was avoiding the Fuzz because of an outstanding warrant, and Mom was out of the picture and lost custody for abusing the aforementioned kids.

Worthless, stereotypical Ghetto Trash-monsters

And then people like me get accused of being dicks about it, but rarely do you -ever- see Whypeepo going for the dead-kid lotto…  Does it happen?  Yeah, but not to the extent that the lack-of-empathy Blacks and the fact that it’s becoming part and parcel of the new stereotypes.  The jokes, they write theyselves.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. Just like Iraqi Dad’s encouraging their little girls to play in the road, just before a convoy roll through, hoping they get hit and Big Bucks USA will buy them a new hut. Despicable people.

  2. Yes, the “diversity” really needs to find a better quality martyr. It seems that with a little investigation all these shootings inevitably involve a career criminal that has drugs or illegal weapons on them or in their car. What the working class black community call ” dirty people”. Always with scumbag family looking for that quick money.

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