Flammenwerfers For Fun!

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!

Finishing up Order #3.
One Flammenwerfer, MK 2 (Smaller Model).  Took longer to build this one as the parts were a bit scarce.  Dunno if its the Chinese sourcing or what but I’ve heard and seen some rumblings about items being and getting even more scarce.
That and I do have to unfortunately increase the prices on the two models.
A MK 1 with the 20 Pound (Big) Tank and Frame is now $2000
A MK 2 with the 10 Pound (Small) Tank and Frame is now $1800
The price increase is directly in proportion to the increase and availablity.
You know you want one…

Only thing left on this one to do is the Test Fire (which I’ll poast the roast) and the paint job.  Hopefully someone else’ll order one up.  If you want one, hit me at Rakkasan101st@protonmail.com or theintrepidreporter2019@gmail.

For those y’all new here BTW, I build to order flamethrowers.
Let me know, jes sayin’
That ‘un there is the biggun.
Great for BBQ’in with BLM 
and does wonders for keeping people out of the yard.
Til Later, I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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