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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I am now fully convinced that everything we’re getting, seeing and hearing is designed to cause a ‘rebellion on the right’.  Change my mind.  Yesterdays ‘presser’ with the (p)Resident The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den was designed to infuriate.  Case in point:

The language
The tone
The presentation
The content
ALL designed and probably put together by the ‘Committee’ that’s actually running the show.  And of this group, they went as hard as they could into full on Dictatorial Mode, hoping that r/ourguys do something stupid.  To which I say: Relax.

I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow.  I know it’s retardation at it’s finest.  Thing is, it also shows how desperate they’re getting.  All you have to do is quietly fail to comply.  Refuse.  Remember the -best- way is to use some of the shit that brought another Socialist Bureaucratic-Oriented DotGov to it’s knees.  That was Poland.

Yeah… Solidarity and their leader, true Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa.  They most definitely don’t teach -anything- about the Solidarity Movement is schools here anymore.  Nope, that’d be counterproductive to the plan.  It ended up being a primarily peaceful overthrow-by-undermining the State via strikes, ridicule, and whatnot.  Directly lifted from Wiki (not exactly an r/ourguys site):

“In the 1980s, Solidarity was a broad anti-bureaucratic social movement, using methods of civil resistance to advance the causes of workers’ rights and social change.  Government attempts in the early 1980s to destroy the union through the imposition of martial law in Poland and the use of political repression failed.”

Part of -why- it worked was that they essentially undercut like everything.  They started at the docks first, refusing to unload ships, which was a HUGE part of Poland’s trade.  They did strikes, walk-offs all the usual union stuff.  Not for nothing, I was living in Austria as a kid and remember watching it on a Black and White TV with my DeadDad wondering if the Rooskies were going to roll in the Armor like they did in oh so many other places.  It was big news to all the ‘Muricans overseas…  Thing was, we didn’t know it, but Ivan the Bear at the time was a hollowed out pale shadow of it’s former badass self… Sound familiar don’t it?

So yep.  They’re going the same route.  They as in Leviathan.  The DotGov is trying to ‘rile us up’ into doing -something- that provokes us.  And their “false flag department”, while still active, is sort of, pardon the pun, IMO “out of ammunition” as no one fucking believes their bullshit-filled-bullshitting selves any longer.  They/, as they say, went for the ‘cheap regular thrills’ and now?  It’s gonna have to be a really huge Whangdoodle of a -something- to get our attention these days.  And if it’s that big and horrific, guesstimates on my end are No One is going to believe them at all.

Hell… I’m getting intel that MANY Regular Army Units are in almost open rebellion mode now.  Troops are openly mocking the CinC (illegal to do on active duty) and daring the can’t cunt commanders to try something.

Add on that at almost every. single. college foozball game, the most popular chant is now “Fuck Joe Biden”.  That right there is some ‘Romanian Level” shit right there.  And for those of you not in the historical aspect of things, Romania was a Communist Dictatorship, until it wasn’t.

Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena fucked around, and found out hard.

Sooooo… what can we take from the Intrepid Reporter’s short history lessons?  Well, for one, crack a book.  Research Solidarity and their tactics.  If you work in an industry that’s critical and they want you to take the jab, fuck ’em.  Walk off.  Like Aesop is planning on doing.  ER/Critical Care Nurse?  Somewhere, someone will hire you, jab or no jab.  

Hell, yesterday’s blegg had a comment from a reader who’s an air-traffic controller, which in my experience (I knew a few of them back in the day) there aren’t too many jobs as stressful and as skilled as an ATC.  They’re like palladium in rarity and value.  He said that over 50% of them have all agreed to fuck off and walk off rather than jab.  

It’s also fascinating to see who’s exempt from this shit.  It seems all the ‘makework jobs for retards’ like the Postal Service are being exempted.  Man, if there’s one group that needs culling and sterilization, that’s one I could  be on board with.  Any bets the DMV gets to be vax free?

Point is Organize.  Those with monies, assist those without.  God know I sure as fuck wouldn’t have survived without you crazy folks here, and for that I thank you.  And provided I can keep this satanic position, I’ll be in a position to assist those who need it as we go along (after I pay back thems I need to of course).  Pay it forward.  If you got extra food, give it to those who ain’t got a deep larder.
And THAT.  Make sure you stockpile as best as possible.  Things are going to get weird, so it’s now time to go pro.

Also, keep memeing and ridiculing.  Point out how fucking retarded the fucking Diaper Filler in Charge is.  Point out and mock him.  At any and all Public Gatherings, start the chant “Fuck Joe Biden” and record it.  Poast it on the Bitchute or the Gab… anywhere and everywhere.  Guerilla Flyers on telephone poles.  Memes being one of my talents, I made this one last night in my anger at the bullshit that’d flowed out of that sanctimonious fucktard fag’s mouth:

Quick snip and save, open Paint, and then a cut n’paste of a ‘Hitler’ Stache.  Couple of Brushstrokes and thats it.  Takes about 15 minutes.  Then, I go to  You can make a meme there.  Now, I use the snipping tool so as to NOT save my shit.  I cut and save it after it’s created so it’s NOT on their database, as I eventually expect them to crack down on Dank Memers like they are in the Formerly-Great Britain.  So by NOT creating an account, and using the snipping tool, you still get the meme without the potential of being found out.

And to address something… lots of the ‘true believers’ of the hardcore that “Hitler was Right” were insulted on Blab about my utilization of der Fuher’s likeness… what it is is that to a ‘normie’ the “Hitler Imagery” immediately sparks a negative reaction on an instinctual level due to the edgamuhcation they’ve had.  I’m not going to debate right/wrong vis-a-vis a dead politician from 70+ years ago…  And seeings that the target of the Meme -should- be the ‘normies’, especially the assholes who voated for that fuckhead.  Let them see what they have wrought.  Not that they’ll give a fuck, but still, the constant deluge of this should be enough to overload their lil tender cortexes.

The fact of the matter is, they’re weak.
These moves are designed to provoke so they can be “righteous and enlightened while they crack down on any and all threats to the Republic…” leastways that’s how they’ll try to sell it.  By standing pat on our end, r/ourguys can let them keep ramping up the pressure.  Every notch they crank it, it’s going to start hurting r/theirguys.

THAT is where they’ll fail
IF we can hold.
The shit they’re ramping up?  Man, they’re oh so fucking stupid.  It’s hilarious.  As Princess Leia said: “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”  Yep.  The MOR they crank down, the more it’s going to start to affect even r/theirguys.  You can see it in the supposed ratings polls.  They claim that he’s hovering just above the lowest of the low numbers… and these are skewed polls… in reality?  Don’t think I’ve ever heard a chant at ANY college level game that called out the Chief Executive of the Untied Statz to go fuck himself.  I’d have to say this fucker’s real rating is sub-cellar levels.  Like the real numbers
Can there be a negative number poll?

So, that’s it for now.
Be the Gray Man
Keep Stinging

Solidary Now

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Report
Big Country 

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. WOW
    haven’t seen that vid in fukkin ages…

    brought me back to my 1st “wife” and how she dressed and acted when on stage stripping in the D

    man that was some wild pussy………….

    no one ever told me “never stick your dick in crazy” back then

    good times 🙂

  2. I really half expected to see a Braveheart “hold, hold, hold” meme! Lol. Everytime I think the tards in charge can’t say/do anything worse, they prove me wrong. Big bowl of popcorn in the werks!

  3. They are trying to stir shit up. I also think that they’re desperate to get the jab into as many arms before the deaths by slow motion lethal injection starts to be too big to ignore. Because then the jig is up.
    Although it should be obvious to most people that the injection is a death jab, it doesn’t seem to be that most people see it. Even diaper Joe. Because eliminating the US military and the bureaucracy via a death jab makes their ability to control the people virtually impossible.
    Who would this ben from the US imploding, I say Red China.

    1. But to be clear the people behind Joe know the jab is deadly, and I believe those people are controlled by China.

  4. Just come across two entirely unrelated articles which have made my spidey-sense tingle.
    They are 1)
    and 2)
    Jo Nova is a sensible, erudite Aussie blogger, the NY Times article is factual.
    Made me think … Is CoVid a smokescreen for something else which is 40% to 75% fatal?

  5. Does anyone know of any higher up politic-taters who have died from Kung-flu or the jab? Seems to me they have all become extremely healthy as of late.

  6. Slow and widespread disability and death in a starvation economy with corp/gov propaganda. Makes the job of securing things like new-cooler devicies much simpler for chicoms or un. Slow burn with everyone busy taking care of their own. Don’t think it’ll work for them though, somebody always fucks up the party when everyone’s invited. Hell I know some of them…

  7. Bill Cooper said 20 years ago “whichever side fires the first shot loses”. He said they would taunt us to start it. I agree. Don’t fall for it.

    We actually hold all of the cards. We have the power to shut them down. Their power is the illusion that they are in control. If we can’t work, we can’t pay taxes.

    1. [whichever side fires the first shot loses]

      I don’t think that’s useful advice. It’s like the Libertarian “non-aggression principle”. You can declare that anything is the first shot or the initial act of aggression.

      The feds are holding scores of political prisoners in solitary confinement following the J6 protest. Is that the first shot? Was wandering through the Capitol on Jan 6 the first shot?

      Either side can claim to be the aggrieved party. It’s all about how many join in, who does a better job of making their case, and who wins in the end.

  8. Hell, we could also withhold payment of mortgages, rents, car notes, car insurance (which would be a joy), credit cards, fines, utility bills, cable bills, EVERYTHING. Right before that we can withdraw every dollar out of our banking and investment accounts. Of course we would have to coordinate with a mass of people in our area prior to acting so as to flood the courts with cases.
    They want to enslave us? Fuck em. If you like this solution, which I guess could be called “financial siege,” please copy and paste it in other forums.

  9. How could we be anything but chill? We be in the catbird seat.

    EVERY FEDERAL LEO, ANALYST, PAY AND PENSION LOVING FEDERAL “WOKER” THAT IS JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS HAS TO TAKE THE CLOTSHOT. Hizzah! Vax damage and possible vax related death of at least 1/3 to 2/3 rds is in their future. So much for pay and pension for the just taking order crowd. Need I further expound? don’t worry we’ll turn out the lights and lock up. I think Homer said it best, “Dolt”! Keep taking them boosters and following orders. If you aint caught on yet you be backing da wrong horse, i aint gonna helps ya.

    1. That’s what I don’t get about this. Killing off large numbers of the federal work force, and debilitating most of what is left makes it hard to run a totalitarian regime. I’m sure that upper echelon types are getting the placebo, but they are powerless with out the just following orders folks.
      Which is why I think the kill shot isn’t so the fedgov can control the rest of us, but it is to open up the US to control or outright invasion by a foreign country. the plan being Obama and his team will be our puppet leaders, taking orders from Peking.
      And the frenzied cries to get everyone jabbed may just be because once the death by injection start to ramp up the the jabbing will end. And as of right now the wrong people are the ones that will survive, making it a dicey proposition for their plans

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