Friday and Branch Covidians

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well, made it to Friday.  Not too bad a week as far as weeks go.  The AC is still fritzing, which means I need to figure out ‘what’s next?’.  The switch was replaced, and everything -seems- to be in order.  I think I’m going to take advantage of one of those “We clean and service you for $100” and not sign on for the regular maintenance plan.  Probably the best move as I honestly cannot remember the last time the vent system was purged/cleaned.  If ever even.

Lots of good commentary on the past few blog poasts.  I appreciate it.  
Other things, Oddball things.
The other day I found something that by all rights should have ‘disappeared’ over the years.  Completely random but right outside of the bathroom, on the tiled floor I saw -something- laying there.  I’m pretty OCD about ‘shit on the floor’ and fastidious by nature, so I was like thinking it was a GranBebe missed toy… itty-bitty thing…

That’s my Roshan Cell Phone chip from Afghanistan.  From 2013Where in the hell it came from I have no idea.  I was pretty sure I did my usual bend/shred/destroy when I left country for the last time.  I did that with ALL my chips so as to make sure there was no evidence yannow?  Seeings replacing them was like $7-$10 USD, it paid to keep the numbers shifting around so’s not to be tracked easily.  
Wifey said it’s a sign from the dead trying to communicate.
No idea here, just really really weirdsville man.
Even weirder was then I found my old cell phone, which back then was state-of-the-art in 2006.

Yeah, thats a 7.62mm next to it for size comparison.  Back before there were smahtfons.   For a while I had the Motorola Razor, which was cool as hell for a flip phone, but it wasn’t resilient enough for the Iraqi/Afghan side of the house.  If you notice, the keypad is in both Arabic and English.  Pretty cool IMO.The -other- weird thing is after I threw the charger onto it, is that it got a full charge.  Its still capable of working I think.  Smarter folks might be able to tell me, but it’s a GSM (euro/asia) Cell Network capable… I’m pretty sure it won’t ping on our stateside networks.. Especially since we’ve gone 3G/4G/5G or whatever.  But yeah, that was back when ‘smaller = better’ for cell phones.  Nowadays people are carrying around a pound-and-a-half fucking brick.  Hell, I’m guilty of that too.

So, besides ‘blips’ in the Matrix, things are still totally weird out there today.  Politics being stupid, and the accelerationist movement is still ongoing.  For whatever reason, there’s a hint of desperation in the Powers That Be to have everyone get the vaxx.  I’ve never seen a push like this ever.  So many attempts to bribe, coerce, and out-and-out incentivizing people into getting the shot.

New York is almost creating a two-tiered system.  The Vaxxed and Unclean.

Branch Covidians INDEED

Amazing how the Climate Change Folks became ‘converts’ to the Cult of Covid. Just goes to show how softheaded soooo many folks are out there. I mean wow. Cuomo the Killer actually said “”if you’re vaccinated that’s one category, you’re unvaccinated, that’s another category.”

Vaxxed kids are cool, Unclean, get in the boxcars.

They’re also trying to make a societal-pressure cooker metaphorically speaking.  Humans are herd animals.  We, in our lizard brains, WANT to be part of the ‘club’… we want to be the “cool kids” or at least hang with them.  They’re cool man… Of course, the Elites know this, and are using that to make it seem ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ to be a Vaxxed Cool Kid…  I mean look at the bullshit they’re pushing… Beach Parties in Jersey Shore, get vaxxed, get a VIP card for the summer… Free beer for card-carrying cool kids… I mean damn.

Then the other side of it, is the familial pressure movement.  Friends and family getting the shot, and then look at you like you’re insane for not wanting it… MomUnit got hers, and she still won’t allow visitors… She won’t even let flowers be delivered for mother’s day…  Even after telling her yeah, I got mine.  Whatever.  Eventually, someone is going to pay for this shit… 
Jes’ Sayin’

So, when all else fails to do the trick, the next move is to ‘shame and blame’  When incentives (bribes) and rules (get the shot or you can’t do “X”) don’t work, they’re going for paternalism… “Father Knows Best” and “Listen to your Mother”.  And that particular one can work quite well unfortunately.  Especially among tight-knit family.

Problem is still the very fact that we still don’t have any real idea as to the long term effects of this stuff really is.  They can ‘pontificate’ as to the ‘science’ but man, this’s the same type of people that 60 years ago ran the Tabacco Institute.  Now, for those not in the know, the Tobacco Institute could be considered the progenitor of Bullshit ¡Science!

The Tobacco Institute was a quasi-scientific group that from 1958 til 1998 ran articles and ads essentially saying that smoking wasgood for you.  It was, at the time, the Best ¡Science! money could buy.  And ever since the “Climate Change ¡Science! for Fun and Prizes” became the norm, just about any and all Quote ¡Scientific Studies! Unquote are now highly suspect.

I mean look at the Advertisements back in the 1950’s/60’s, the Don Draper era, the ads were blatant in their hypocrisy:

Any fucking wonder why we can’t trust them at all?
I mean really?
Just 30 years ago they were still in business, selling and promoting the idea that second hand smoke wasn’t bad for you, that it was a myth that cigarettes caused cancer and all the other horseshit that went along with it.  Grifters and Small time compared to the current crop of “Pro Vaxxers” and Herr Doktor Faux-Fauci…

This time they (the Pharmaceutical Companies) have the full weight of the DotGov on board, and a blanket pardon for any side effects that may or may not happen.  I mean realistically, we’ve only had the Jab up and Operational since December… that ain’t even 6 months. Not near long enough to have any quantifiable data vis-a-vis deaths from it, or side effects.  I mean there’s a lot of misinformation out there.  Way too much, but anecdotally, the one that -does- stick out in my mind was that Nurse who got the jab, collapsed on camera, and has never actually been seen in person again.  Lots of theories, but the fact that under her maiden name, –someone- was taken to the home town of record, and quietly cremated and then buried.  Her Instagram went silent permanently at the same timeframe.

THAT to me sez she’s a deader.  Ain’t no-way no-how is a Female Attention Slore going to suddenly stop Instawhoring for attention… especially since she was apparently prodigious in her day-to-day poastings.  The Hamster Must Be Fed, and in this case?  It’s a strong indicator said-nurse is doing the dirt nap, and that her family paid off to be complicit as hell.

Anyone who tells me to “Trust the ¡Science!” can blow it out your ass.

And believe me I most certainly NOT an anti-vaxxer.  One does NOT travel to the places I’ve been and the various cesspools and cesspits of the African and Middle Eastern flavor and varieties and NOT be a HUUUUGE believer in Vaccination.  In fact the trip to Affy? 
Hoo Boy. 
You want to talk about some seriously weird looks from the County Health Officials?

My local doc-in-the-box couldn’t get the prerequisite vaxxes that I needed for pre-deploy.  I mean I suppose I could have waited to get them at CRC, but that’s the rub.  I’m not sure -what- kickbacks they got going on, but when you’re doing the MEDAC pre-deploy and a civilian, YOU have to get your own shots.  As in the DotMil will NOT supply the shot to you.  Nonono… they have it so that after everyone in your group go through, they segregate the people who need shots, pile you all on a bus, and take you to a clinic that juuuust so happens to have all these exotic and not-normal vaxxes on hand.  And it’s a cash-and-carry thing… Pay up now, or no deployment.  They have you over a barrel so to speak, and man, it can run you a ton of shekels if it’s your first time.  My first time hit me for over $350.  

So, after the first case of vax-cash-rape, I lern’t that the County, if given enough notification, can get all them weird assed exotic locale vaxxes.  And the nominal fee is like $20 for the whole shooting match.  The drawback is that our County Health clinic is a very colorful and diverse location, and was overrun with diseased illegals, as it -is- the free clinic so to speak.  When I showed up I stuck out like a neon sign… a white drop of paint in a brown bucket.  Then when I went to get the shots, the woman giving them was all like “Where in the hell are you going?  In 30 years of doing this, I’ve never shot someone with all of this stuff.”
Needless to say, I’m pretty sure I was immune from the clap, drip, and maybe even the Herpaghonnasyphilaids for quite a spell… I know I didn’t get sick for at least two years after…Either way, ALL those shots?  Nuthin’ there that was ‘experimental’

So, needless to say, anytime a group of folks keep trying to do something that is untested, unproven, and in fact may be fatal and the people who made it are completely absolved from responsibility for it? 
Nope.. nichts….nada… No way Jose.
Hard Pass.
I suppose it’s up to the individual, but hey, be true to yourself.
I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drummer
Best You Do The Same.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I remember getting those shots. They made us do pushups until the swelling went down. Since you mentioned it, I don’t think I got sick for years. Keep up the great work. pete.

  2. Cuomo said that he didn’t trust the vax, that was before the fake President was inaugurated.
    Now he’s pushing it. It’s almost as if he was told to change his mind.
    The fake President had his jab in December and he still runs around with a mask on, it’s almost as if he either doesn’t believe it works, or that he never really had the shot. Either way he’s not doing much to inspire confidence in the jab.
    I was just opining today that there’s just something not right about the jab, the way that it’s being pushed, all the hurry, hurry,, hurry behind the messaging, which has a sense of desperation about it, as if they know they have a narrow window of opportunity in which to get the jab in as many arms as possible before the jig is up.
    Being old enough to remember thalidomide, I wonder what if anything happens to the children born of fully injected mothers.And if there are adverse reactions, what happens next? My guess is that Zhou Biden will blame Trump

  3. Roshan was/is completely in bed with the IRG. Even after we’d give the threat brief to new units arriving in country, we’d hear some Joe talking to a bitch back home he was trying to impress about “going out on a convoy in an hour.” Why anyone allowed those things to be sold and used was beyond me.

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