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Whew… made it to Friday.  It’s been a -week-…  Nothing self inflicted except the obligatory hangover.  The GranBebe is, as far as we know, still in the hospital and stable, but much work needs to be done.  Now that’s covered, I was surprised by the content of Slo-Xi-Bi-Den’s presser.

Shocked the hell out of me actually.I really expected guns to be on the menu.  Russia was also conspicuously absent from it.  And of course, the enemy Ministry of Propaganda is over the moon with talking up how genius the Commander in Thief was, how strong and awesome he was.(((Max Boot))) of course chimed in:

Jesus… fucking the tardation on (((that ‘un))) is deep and burns.  I mean even the fact that the ancient Kidsniffer said he’d be running for re-election!?!?!  Are you fuckin’ kidding me?  This is one seriously deranged motherfucker.  Unless they got him cloned at his current state, and the clone is on ice, ain’t no fucking way his decrepit ass is gonna live another 3 years is my bet.

I mean great that he’s so confident.  Great for laughs and derangement… shit… telling ya, we are so hosed.  Lots of people are pointing out the fact that because our media is soooooo insane and partizan, the rest of the world is laughing AT us, as well as planning bad shit against us… I mean right now?  We look weak and ready to be attacked and conquered.  Motherfucking Chinks are allll about kicking our asses.

That “3600 Years of Culture” and shit?  Yeah, them lil slanty-eyed bastard HAVE A PLAN.  They’re all about long term thinking.Critical Long Term STRATEGIC THINKING  which, by my reckoning, OUR fucktards here in the states haven’t done any of that in the past 40+ years.  Mebbe evvar.

Nope.  The 30 second news cycle and instant gratification nuked the ability of our Self-Absorbed Self-Declared “Betters” to think either critically, strategically, hell even tactically.  Basically, the only thing that our Politicians have on the brain is control, keeping control, and looting as much as possible for them and theirs, and not giving a fuck in the meantime… just as long as they retain their perks and comforts, the rest of us can just die as far as they’re concerned.

Any wonder that we’re utterly hosed long-term?

I’d say they kept him off of the subjects of Guns and Russia primarily because they know any and all executive fiats regarding ‘assault weapons’ might actually backfire spectacularly.  Third Rail Style shytte… and Russia?  Got a hunch some of the backchannels were interesting… probably along the lines of “We got proof you fucks stole and rigged the fuck out of the election, so back off the whole “RussiaRussiaRussia!” thing or we blow the whistle, and not only that, keep it up, and we’ll glaze your capitol, and send in the Chinese with the Windex after…”

So, still gonna keep on keepin on.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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