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I been done got to thinking… a terrifying concept I know, but the more I think thank thunk on it, whelp… Fuck the Persecutor and his bullshit.  In fact, according to one of Ye Olde Trolls the guy is compromised.  I got some inside info that I’m going to throw down on, and fuck all anyone and everyone.

Previously on “The Intrepid Reporter Spills All”
We left off with our Waffenmaus Sturmtruppen listed thusly:

Jennifer Nicole Diaz Rivera
Anthony Gino Del Fiacco
Brandon Wane
Sheina Almaguer (now Ashely-Vann)
Militiza Rodriguez (now Mercedez)
Sara (or Sarah) Posa
Kalib Jeram (from and now stuck in New Zealand)

Now, for the sake of brevity, I’m going to focus on ONE of these people.  Namely the numero uno fucking psycho-whackjob Sarah Posa and her one-woman crusade against… I dunno… the whole fucking world?  I mean seriously… this fucking sloot is a absolute raving fucking nutball.  To the point I found out she’s active on a metric fuckton of OTHER blogs out there…

One of y’all pointed out THIS fucking hot mess right here:
https://cheriewhite.blog/2022/01/09/5-ways-to-bust-a-cyber-stalker-who-trolls-your-blog/Phil and I both commented over thar thataway, and hopefully Miz Cherie (who seems nice for a feminist LOL) gets in contact with me so’s we can all band together… enemy of my enemy in this case might be an ally… hell war makes strange bedfellows Aye?

So… now Phil started poasting a stream of thought from “Nefarious Services”… now when Sarah-the-Sloot or “SS” which I think I’ll use for brevity’s sake, I mean she is a gut little Waffenmaus Sturmtruppen wannabe Nazi nichts war?  Zo… und to continue…

Now, Nefarious Services is a gag website… if you read allllll the way at the bottom, they pretty much explain that they only do prank stuff… no ‘real revenge’ like Sarah was ranting about… apparently she’s too stupid to read the disclaimers.  So, as y’all saw, she started ranting and getting all psycho and Schizo about how she wants “Tureygua dead!!!”Allow me to poast the WHOLE fucking rant… and I dunno whats up with the morons who’re running that site, but the scrubbed this after I screenshotted it all…  normally a site like that has an obligation to turn over psychotic threats and rantings to the fuzz… so yet again, another odd and deeper part of this rabbit warren…

First thing, it’s a LOT of info, and it overlaps, but I wanted to keep continuity for this, as it may be used as evidence:

Now, that’s where Phil left off… but there is more, a lot more and maaaaan it’s seriously fucked up.  As in Holy Shit… Now, you see Sheina put in her appearance stating openly that Sarah needs to shut the fuck up, or they’re going to jail as well as a LOT of others… all of which I’ve tied in here so far… like OMFG… these idiots… Now, Ms. or is it Mrs?  She’s now a photographer:

She’s now married (for now… wonder how her hubby the MMA Fighter is going to react when the papers get served?) and as it sez “…began taking Disney park photos on my days off from working for the Walt Disney Company.” 

Huh… funny how Der Fuhrermaus keeps showing up all random like Aye?
Jes’ Sayin’
So, the madness didn’t stop after where Phil dropped off… nononono
Sarah had LOTS more to rant on aboot:

Ahh yes… I forgot to add on Militza P., ne’ Mercedez… new ‘married’ name… lots of you saw her ghetto hood rat rantings and screaming when CPS showed up as she’s an unfit mother or some such… she’s always throwing her mindless money whoring 2 cents in here n’ there… no worries though, I have as she so kindly supplied me with her addy telling me to go to her house so’s she ‘could MMA my cracka ass’ or some such shit… don’t think it ever crossed her mind I -could- have gone to her house and pitched the Molotov her boy Brandon Wade threatened to do to my motherfucking house… but I don’t make war on innocents, and ‘cos she’s fucking scum, doesn’t mean I’m going to hurt her kids as collateral damage…  anyways… back to the story:

Hoo boy…
That’s a seriously sick fucking cunt right there…
WHY is she allowed to be still running around loose?
I mean Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Now, Jen shows up… and this’s where it gets a little weird…

Seems Jen don’t like Militza Aye?
And considering how they ALL came after us for using the term Nigger, I wonder if Militza saw this?  Probably not.  Hopefully you did now honey… Nice friends you got there hon.
And lastly…Sarah’s final word:

See what sort of shit I have to wade through?  This lunatic fucking cunt man… Since we’re going all in though, I figure that maybe her father could try and curb this behavior:

Senior VP at ZF Group… the main number is 734 855 2600

Fuck it… they want to fuck around, it’s time to see how they like it… after all Daddy seems to be her primary means of support… maybe that’ll change shortly.

War to the knife, knife to the hilt Aye?
So, More to follow
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. With all due respect BC, big yawn. I’m gonna go mosey to the shop and see if’n the old S&W Mighty Midget idea can be flamen werfered.

  2. JFC…These OC victimized babies need a couple of weeks working the pit at Jiffy Lube in July/August in Florida City. Sounds like prefrontal lobotomies wouldn’t even work–They’ve gone totally limbic.

    Play Misty for Me, kids.

  3. Is this your girl? In Linkedin.
    Sarah Posa
    ULA at Michigan State University
    She was a Disney Apprentice…..she is also friends with Brandon Megali-who is Global Talent Acquisition Intern with The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. in New York City.
    The whole profile is typical college crap; congratulating all of your friends for exhaulted positions with large corporations so all can “use” their college degrees.
    The girl sounds psychotic and should be seeing a therapist. What a sad country this is.

  4. I would love to know what Nefarious told them. Sara is obviously insane. She would be good wife material for Phil Hartman.

    1. Danny
      Dude, it’s called “owning it” and you know what? Sounds like a personal problem, and that she should have used her diseased brain BEFORE threatening to burn my house down and kill my grandbabies. In some countries, thats a legit reason to shoot someone preemptively. Don’t care that she’s -not doing well- this’s her bed, she can lay in it allllll the way to the psycho-farm that they’re going to lock her up in.

      Dude, get better friends.
      You seem like a decent enough chap. I’m no longer playing with her OR her mentally deficient ‘allies’… anyone who supports burning a one year old and a three year old little girl to death because their Granpappy is alt-right (in THEIR opinion) gets zero compassion from me or mine, and if YOU support her, then you’re no better than her.

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