Fuck These Guys

Morning Droogs N Droogettes
Remember these guys
And let them know.
Someday, Someone is going do -something- and come for you.
You will not survive the encounter.

May the Last Thing Don Lemon sees is the stump of his neck spraying his lifeblood into his cocksucker.

So… now that thats outta da way:  Corona-Chan… how I love thee?  Let me count the ways? LOL!

Nice Tits.
Seems that we now have a case of the CC that was transmitted human-to-human in Japan.  Some poor Kraut caught it apparently from a Jap who had been in the A.O. and gave it to him when she got back.
Oh-Fish-Shully Now? (In China)
4614 Infected
106 Dead
And the World Health Organization refuses to declare a ‘pandemic’ as i they’re afraid to cause an all-ready teetering market to crash.
Bring it.
According to the Canoeheads, The “Best Case Scenario” is that this burns out ‘by the end of the summer’…. Uh excuse the fuck outta me, but just going by the numbers from Friday to now, we’ve seen an increase of cases tripling the numbers in 4 days!!!!

That sort of mathematical progression I’m no good at.  I’m the ‘removes boots to count to 20’ Infantry type.  No.  Really.  I can’t count worth a shit.  Calculators are my friend.  I do know that triple up every 4 days = a metric fuckton of infected by the 40th day… and what?  End of summer?  OK… sure… who the fuck is talking that shit?

And, per usual, Leadership Joe Chink is behaving badly…Per ZeroHedge: “According to some projections, there might be up to 300,000 cases in China, and there are likely dozens of people who have died of pneumonia who in reality died from nCoV – but those deaths will never be recorded. Although China is “behaving better” than it did during the SARS outbreak, they’re still concealing information from the international community.”

So yeah, first case here in Florida and I dunno… starting MOPP Level 2 would be a good idea I suppose…

But it’s going to be ugly what that my primary source of dinero is Uber.  Fuck me I can’t win eh?  (Hint: Donation button? LOL!) Guess if the straights aren’t wigging when this bug comes to town, they can kiss my ass.  I mean last night I had a pickup at the Aeropuerto.  Gave me the willies.  I had a no shit Joe Chink climb in the car straight from the mainland.

Ever try to hold yer breath for a 12 minute ride?  It was that or do the ‘Ace Ventura’

Fucking sucks man.  I gotta quit smoking.  It was truly a little nerve rattling.  I figure that my odds are pretty good on -not- being exposed as I didn’t converse with the fucker AT ALL and he sat in the back quite content to be jacked into his phone nonstop. 

Dropped him off at some weird ass Chinese seafood market.  Normally I’d be tempted to go in.  Little Known Big Country Factiod:  Love to cook me authentic Chinese food.  I make some crazy good Joe Chink-food.  I’m always checking out the strange lil Far East markets for new stuff and ingredients.  I’m usually the only Giajan/Gwai-Lo in the place too… the strange looks from the owners -usually- stops when they realize I know what I’m looking for or doing, and that usually brings about some good conversations, albeit in broken engrish.  Although I did get the most awesome recipe for Steamed Pork Dumplings from this ten thousand year old Chinese Grandma… fucking awesome stuff… anyways…  This time I demurred.  Better safe than sorry til this shit either goes full retard, or blows over.

So, now?  Gotta hit the Dollar Store for some decon supplies… Lysol, some hand sanitizer and the like…  The Shower, Shit, N Shave and hit the road.  More Later, I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
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