Fun w/Memes

Yeah, so after my last lil rant about Lying Politicians filled with Lying Liar Sauce, I came up with the following:

Mittens circa 1976
I found this picture of Ron Jeremy AKA The Hedgehog:

and this one of Mittens:

15 minutes and a bit of MS Paint (I don’t have photoshop) we get the top pic.  Feel free to share or if you come up with a better ‘catchphrase’ let me know… the creative Intrepid Reporter Powers are sorta expended, but I still think the mating of the Hedgehog and Mittens is destined to be a classic.
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Could he have picked a more porny porn name? That shows the level of intelligence of ole Mittens, not to mention his cravenness. Always knew he was a douchebag RINO. Now, he's proven it beyond a reasonable doubt via his own dick move. Can't wait for Trump to call him out to his face with something like "What was that Pierre?"


  2. Tell me that RINO McMittens is not channeling the convicted pederast Anthony Weiner (AKA Carlos Danger.)
    I voted for this prick as the lesser of two evils when he ran against Jugears Ubangi! If I had known
    that he would end up making Alexandria Empty Cortx look smart and Hitlery Klingon look sane, I would
    have pulled the lever for Ubangi.

    PS Has anyone else noticed that Felonia von Pantsuit is starting to look like Captain Queeg from the
    Caine Mutiny? Everyone who disagrees with her is a Russian asset, and the list of reasons she lost the
    election has now exceeded the numbers of the old Execdrin Headache#xxx commercials from the 1960s. In
    her latest deranged rants, she truly believes she won the 2016 election. Old Yellow Stain went into
    a paranoid rant about some Strawberries. She makes Captain Queeg look sane.

    Someone needs to break the news to this old Neo-Marxist lesbian in the Mao Jacket that a 27.5 percent
    difference in electors was a near landslide defeat!

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