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Goooood Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes!  Big Country back after a well deserved Day Off from his blogging and rockin’ and rollin’.  Truthfully, I was just too damned mentally tired from ALL the bullshit thats spouting up like a motherfucker worldwide.

Here at Big Country’s Home for Wayward Veterans (one bed available BTW… jes sayin’) we’re loking in and down on a holiday season thats ort of sucks.  Sapper, my bro of many years, whelp, his sone and him were madly estranged for a number of years, but over the past few, they got tight again and things were cool.  Problem: Sapper JR ka-nocked up some broad, and subsequently had spawn.

He’s (Sapper JR) since dropped off the Radar.  Which sucks.

Sapper is pissed off that he’s gotten NO pics of the babe (or his grandson LOL… sorry too easy there) and his sone has sort of gone to ground.

I feel him… I really do.

It’s been 4 years almost since my destruction of the ‘fambly unit’… I haven’t spoken to my daughter in that entire time.  It’s like a piece of my soul was ripped out.  Fortunately, I’m used to pieces of my soul being blowtorched… too many close friends KIA’d in Iraq, Affy… the list goes on…  It hurts, but I survive… a shell of the man I used to be, but nonetheless surviving.

Anyways… enough melancholy bullshit…

For Beginners
OK:  Virginia.  Simple enough.
I’ve been perusing via Da Google Maps at what Virginia actually has for National Guard troops…  now bear with me as an ole Army puke that I am, but almost ALL the states individually have areas of ‘specialization’ for support of Mean Green…
Meaning that each state has Nat’l Guard kids… they tend to be units the “Backstop” Regular Army/Reserve Units.  What I present here is what I found on Google Maps… wide open and openly available…  Virginia seems to be a primarily Infantry oriented group… straight leg infantry…  with VERY FEW assest outside of guns… methinks the powers that be haven’t thought things through.
Frankly, from my Point of View, the Virginia Nasty Guard is woefully under equipped, under staffed, and going to get corn cobbed  IF they follow Herr Gaultlietner Northam’s Orders.
I give you intel from here… Please link it to other websites if you would.. let WRSA and some of the other know this intel:  Codicile:  This is my own analysis…  I did on 4 years working with the ‘Red Cell’ in Iraq and a bunch of other shit I’m still not supposed to talk about… take it for what you will…

 Bedford Center VA:  No motor pool, no obvious vehicles in sight,  Small, probably an Infantry Unit.

 Blackstone VA: Transportation Unit if I had to guess… Hemmits, CHUs and a small amount of LMTVs as well as C&C HMMWVs…

 Charlottesville VA:  A few HMMWVs and LMTVs  No major elements.

 Chatham VA:  Whole lotta nuthin…

 Farmville VA: Again, no motorpool, no significant trans assets

 Hampton VA:  OK Bit of an issue here:  4 visible 155mm Artillery Cannon w/ prime movers.  HMMWVs and ground support movers as well.  A genuine threat if implemented

 Lexington VA:  No obvious Motorpool, no significant trans visable.

 Lynchburg VA:  Multiple HMMWVs visible, possible Strykers.  Heavy and available.  At least 2X Company strength by overhead intel.

 Martinsville VA:  Trans unit. 88m.  Flatbeds and prime movers visible

 Rocky Mount VA:  Possible Strykers, i.e. mounted armored infantry.  Multiple HMMVs, probably uparmored.  High Threat IMO.

 South Boston VA: Mostly prime movers and trans.

West Point VA: LMTVS.  Few HMMWVs.  Low threat. However, unit is adjacent to an airfield.  Possible AH-64s (not visible or OH-58 observation choppers) 
Google “National Guard VA” in google maps… it’ll give you the downlow.
BTW:  ALL of these units have minimal security vis-a-vis fenceline security… a quart of “Nasty” in the fuel tank would booger them up allllllll the live long day…
Just saying.  Please pass this on if you would.  I’ll keep digging as best I can.
Until they come and arrest me, I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. They are located usually in or near the old city sections. Everywhere in the USA, Nat Guard units are in old Armory buildings that are located within reasonable distance of city center when they were built, but now are usually in lower income areas. Security is usually designed to stop the local hood-rats and occasional thrill seekers, not a concerted attack or infiltration.

    Just a series of small caltrops made from bent nails in the personal vehicle parking lot will do a whole lot of damage to any who report.

    Not to mention, sorry to say, by watching and following who reports in, a good crew can figure out, if they don't already know, where everyone lives. And the families.

    And look at the utilities leading into the facility. Transformers are easy to pop. So are generators, which are normally not in hardened buildings.

    Not that I am encouraging anyone to do anything anti-social to anyone. Because that would be illegal. Just shear speculation in preparation for writing a story, a fiction story…

  2. your intel needs some work. let me help you out. the artillery is of no value as it can't be used on civilians conus. that may change couple years into the fray. they have numerous combat engineers, signal, intel, nbc(large scale tear gas), and mp's. of course there's medical, water purification, petrol, transport, two Blackhawk helicopter squadrons, and even a squadron of f-22's based at Langley. the combat mp's and the cav out of Hampton roads has many uparmored hummers, maybe even some bearcats by now. the bearcats and the combat mp's are likely the biggest threat individually. they are heavily armed with individual weps and a crew served for just about every man. the infantry has missiles for bunker busting etc. about 3k infantry is a threat in 4g warfare. that said 7500 troops if all of them show up ready for duty can't be everywhere or even control a small town. freefor put 100,000 butts in the seats at these sanctuary meetings and i can attest that is just the tip of a very large iceberg. population in freefor estimate is 8 million, at least 2 million are known gun owners and likely double that. there are 650,000 concealed carry holders alone. many veterans live in virginia, even in non-freefor areas. i can't recall the exact number of class 3 firearms registered in civilian ownership but its in the 100's of thousands and likely double that off the books from my experience. fifty caliber sport shooting is fairly popular and can be expected to be deployed against government forces. have fun govna.

    1. There are only 2 infantry battalions in the VA national guard That I was able to find anyway if they are at full strength and all of them report in that is about 1160 troops All troops not just grunts Anyway that is what i was able to find out I did not dig too deep as i am Not close to Virginia but I like to keep an eye on things in other states.

  3. now local and county police can be expected to sympathize with or outright support freefor in all but the most urban areas. even those likely will be combat ineffective due to defections and untrained replacements. they will be busy trying to stem the looting etc that will take place after freefor cuts power, roads and rails into the area. state assets will likely be tied up with same but swat equipped with bearcats are still a threat to freefor. that is, the troopers that don't defect or quit. it will be a very hazardous job once the first freefor is kia. i expect after some time federal assets will move in and establish a dmz of sorts between the two factions but this cannot be for certain.

  4. okay, federal assets. the largest contingent is in Hampton roads. since it is in mostly non-freefor area i would not expect it to come under threat, nor would i expect freefor to deliberately attack any federal assets as long as the feds remain neutral. ft. pickett is the home of the largest contingent of armor just about anywhere but there are no troops to run them as it is a reserve training base, nearly all belongs to other freefor leaning states whose governors wouldn't likely be inclined to help va. as long as freefor refrains from engaging federals i expect them to stay out of it except to establish dmz areas of vital importance to them.

  5. Who would have ever thought Google would be used for that kind of intel !! 🙂
    Something to consider: in the pics with abundant foliage, the NoGos could have been out on summer training, so all assets may not have been available for the group pic. Also, I wonder if the Stryker units are normally staffed with just vehicles and crews + some mechanics with the grunt components in other cities and joining them on summer training. (I'm an ex-tanker and not completely familiar with how grunts congregate.)

    1. all of these armories are staffed with anywhere from two to four fulltime personnel, mostly supply and training ncos. there are no strykers. those are Humvees with trailers belonging to a chemical company. infantry scouts and cav and some others have uparmored hummers. there are no trigger pullers on duty unless activated. many infantry units have no organic vehicles except supply or command vehicle. they are supported by a forward support battalion that has chow, medical, transport, maintenance and other support functions. if there were strykers they likely would be kept at ft. pickett with much of their heavier equipment. it costs a lot of money to run them up n down the road.

    2. always check an enemy's website. you would be surprised how much high value intel they are willing to give you.

  6. Ya'll are looking at it the wrong way. I have a buddy who was one of my minions during the start of Iraq II who is now a logistics officer in the 149th Fighter Wing. His view is the Army and Air Guard in VA is made up of mostly conservative working class. Any order by the governor to assist in a gun confiscation would be considered an illegal order.

    BTW: The 192nd is a F-22 Fighter wing. It has all of the support units from intell, MP, Comm, Maintenance, and Services to support the 149th Fighter Squadron.

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