Go Woke, Go Broke

So much for Harley Davidson (link)… it was nice while it lasted.  I enjoyed the fuck outta mine when I owned it.  It went the way of the wind when the cost of my cancer medical bills started adding up, but I -did- get a number of looong enjoyable miles out of it.

Let me ax youse a question… Does THIS look like $30,000.00?

Coal Powered, Just Don’t Mention it to the Hipsters

Yep. H.D. does stand for “High Dollar”… I almost plotzed myself when I went and got a factory/store tune up. $600.00 to change the filter, oil etc. was a bit stiff on Ye Olde Intrepid Reporters wallet. I mean I dig it… Harley’s been in a Renaissance for the past couple of years… a nice recovery from the disastrous AMF built 1970’s Pieces of Shit. I know I know… lotta you oldsters love yer ‘Glides from back then, but face it… a Bowling Company made those rides, and I remember DocDads Biker Bros pissing and moaning about how shitty they were. Hell many a night he’d get a call to come pick up a stranded Brother on the side of the road b/c of bike breakdown.

So to continue: As they say, “Go Woke, Go Broke!” I’d say this $30,000.00 mechanical asshole is whats gonna doom H.D. Not many people are pleased having to drop 15K as it is for a bike that can carry 2 people (myself included) but I sure as shit shootin’ KNOW that ain’t –NO ONE– outside of silicone vaginal valley soyboi fucktards are going to buy that retardo crotch rokkit. I mean Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. >shakes head<…

I mean just how’n th’ fuck iz it even going to SOUND like a Harley? Bose Speakers and an Amp wired to the throttle with a pre-recorded “VROOM VROOM”? I mean shiiit… the -sound- of a Harley is what turns heads… Part of the “Harley Experience” as they call it is the Vibration of the Exhaust. Just HOW are they gonna pull that off? Put a giant dildo/vibrator under the seat? Come to think of it, judging from the demographic who’ll be buying this abomination would LOOOOVE a dildo in the seat… just sayin’…

Yeah… the article sez the deployment of this Abomination is delayed due to “quality issues” but maybe, just maybe SOMEONE in Harleyland is waking up and smelling the Soy.

One can only hope. 

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Nope, buy the Livewire two weeks before Bike week. There will be two stops for recharge from Atlanta to Daytona. All at dealerships that will charge for free. Enjoy bike week and leave recharged. Drive for two summers with free recharges and sell at the end of the second summer for 80% of the original price without any cost for fuel and rack 20k+ miles on it.

    It is cheaper than the yearly cost of my '06 ElectraGlide EfI.

  2. I read just today that HD pulled the plug on this coal powered POS. Something to do with battery or
    charging issues. One of my biker bros was of the opinion that while some real crap was made in the
    AMF years (Especially the Harley Davidson Tri Hawk,) they saved HD from bankruptcy. HD was also
    rescued from bankruptcy during the Great Depression. This one is good for for winning bar bets:
    A Japanese company bought manufacturing rights from HD which kept the company afloat unil they
    got a manor contract to sell their scooters to the military in WWII. Here is the bar bet:
    Ask the victim to name the company that designed the first Japanese motorcycle. After they
    give you the wrong answer, tell them Harley Davidson. It was a standard 30s era HD V-Twin
    rebranded as the Rikuo Type 97 and was used by the Japanese Army.

    Without those two bailouts, I would not have my FXST.

  3. Started ridin' in '68, got my first big twin in '77 and been on 'em ever since.(I'm 64) From '77 till '97 I rode Shovels and here's the thing; my unc, who was a wrench, (and almost all the males members and some female members of my fambly, rode at least when they wuz young'uns. My grandaddy rode till he wuz 73 and broke his leg. Indians and Harleys were the preferred rides, ever see a 120 lb redhead kick start a Hawg? My aunt did) ANYWAY, Uncle Don always said Harley sold kits, not bikes. Ya take it apart, whether new or used, and build it back up so's ya know it's right. (that's why ya never saw pussies ridin' 'em till the 90's) ALL the AMF rides I owned (3) never give me a minnits worth a grief, and for the most part never leaked oil anywhere but the puke tube after it sat for a while. In '97 I bought a Blockhead I'm still ridin', it's 1988 FXST tho ya wouldn't know it to look at it. Only had to rebuild the top end once on it in 2010 after 172,000 miles, and I did it right with some extra love, btw. Bought it with 3500 miles on it. Harder to work on, but not too much different then Shovel 'cept for aluminium heads and jugs ya gotta be careful torquing down. Torque on Shovels was always tight as they go and a half turn…
    New HD's got waaaay too much electronic bullshit on 'em, as an electronics tech, I'll just say there's reasons you can only warranty TV's and shit for only a year unless ya pay extra.

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