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Man, lots of good questions and feedback yesterday.  Couple of questions on Affy and -why- we didn’t ‘blow in place’ all the shit.  Well, nominally that shit was supposed to be used by ‘our valiant allies’, the Afghan National Army. In reality?  It was a for-profit gainz for the Multinational Weapons Dealers and shitheads who’d hoovered up all the bux they could over the past few years, and now? Now that the Joe Chinks or anyone with any ‘pull’ (Iran leaps to mind) with the Tallybananas kids is now in possession, or soon will be in possession of the ‘latest and greatest’ toys.

Which OF COURSE! leads to ¡Jeb! and MOR monies.

Now of course you ask: “I.R., you devilish arsehole, whatever do you mean that the loss of all that fantastical gear means MOR monies?  How does that work?”
Glad you asked Fren.
Besides having to replace all that shit,  and now that they lost all that shit, it’s –compromised– security wise…  The bad guys have ALL the ‘keys to the Castle’ so to speak…  Which, well now, we’re going to have to come up with something biggerer and betterer and MOR securer than before.  Which mean Research and Development monies (i.e. MOR grift) and then built the prototypes, which 9 out of ten fail spectacularly on the first run… Look at the Sgt York AA Gun Track.

1 point 8 billiondollars in late 70’s Cash.  There are, by accounts only -3- of these things left out of the initial development of 50… the other 47 were used and destroyed as targets on Chair Farce bombing ranges.  Those were some expensive targets Aye?  And the remaining three? Well, each one was about 36 million each.  In 1978 dollars… that’s about (adjusted by the inflationtool.com) to $150,999,490.47.  

A hunnerd and fitty MILLION dollars per shot for a non-operational piece of shit.
Any wonder we haven’t had a full on collapse yet?  I sure as fuck wonder sometimes.
Yeah, that’s part of why we let ’em have the shit ‘cos Oh No! We now have to develop countermeasures and newer and better gear!  MOR money into the maw of the GiantEvilMegaCorpDotMil… They need to keep them share prices up dontchaknow?  So THAT is part of the -why- of what we left behind… ALL the VSATs?  Yep.  NIPR/SIPR/RIPRnet?  All more than likely compromised, if in fact they were even ever really ‘secure’… I have my serious doubts as I used to work with all of the above… <le sigh>

And then, other-other…  Seems now the Goal Poasts keep moving and NOW they want all the kids between 12 and 18 hit up, whereas a few ago, like maybe 2 weeks ago, it was “nah, they’ll be fine!” 
Which of course leads me to this: 

Yeah, that is mine.
I’ma laying claim right now as the one that I made the other day?
This one?

THAT one too I done made meselves
What did I say about if I had a dolla for each use of my memes? 
Some told me Glenn Beck had used it, as well as a shitton of others… My memegame is apparently strong… now, back to my point…

Something is up.  We ALL know it.  In fact the “Delta” Variant is untestable per se… but it -still- is being touted as the reason du jure that evvabody is getting sick-er.  That and those dirty unvaxxed asshole selfish scumbags… It’s all their faultFire up the trains and the camps everyone!

I joke, but unfortunately for anyone with half a brain can see that the rest of these fucking lunatic Branch Covidians ain’t fucking joking.  They’re –serious– about their beliefs and the feelz about it.  ¡Science! is now whatever asshole of the hour who wants their fifteen minutes of TV fame whoring game sez it is. 

And that, that right there is a HUGE part of it.  EVERYONE wants to have the limelight.  EVERYONE wants to be on TV, even if they’re stone-cold-fucking wrong they don’t care because they know that in their truths, that they are right and they are correct and that it is a righteous cause  that they’re endeavoring in, and that they really don’t have to worry about repercussions, ‘cos those only happen to those icky deplorable uneducated brutes…

YepKeep tellin’ yerself that cupcake.
Telling you, when and IF they decide to flip the switch for us 
Even though it might be a horrendous waste of good ammunition
I’m thinking I’m going for ‘slow, crippling, painful death’ shots…
Lower Spine
That ‘sweet spot’ riiiiiiight above the sternum?  You know… the one that incapacitates, floods the pericardium with blood, but leaves them slowly drowning in their own blood while completely paralyzed?  Yeah… that one.
Pelvis?  Yeah… shatter it and sever the internal/external illiac… dead in a few minutes…
Make it so -obvious- to anyone else with them that we’re through fucking around
Put the Skeer in ’em
Git ’em runnin’ and keep the pressure on.
So, Head on A Swivel
Keep on Keepin On
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Went to local farm supply store to buy more pony paste for my pigs. You know they got manage and need the 1% injectable solution. There were signs all over (that weren’t there last week) saying veterinary medicines are only for animals and not for human use, etc. Good thing I”m getting this stuff for my pigs huh?

    also the signs unfortunately fell down right as I was leaving the aisle, it was terrible, all crumpled up and everything. small victory, but i do what i can.

    1. I went by the local farm store yesterday. The horse and cow aisle was busy with a constant flow of folks picking up apple flavored pony paste. They were ignoring the many warning signs on the shelf about human consumption. Some were on their cellphones talking to someone else for directions on what to get. None of them appeared to be horse owners. Thankfully, none of them went for the pour-over stuff. The injectable stuff was gone and the antibiotic fridge was low.
      I guess they didn’t get the mainstream warnings on Ivermectin not working and only evil rightwing Trumper retards try to use de-worming paste to fight a virus. If you don’t want to ingest the paste, you can get the 1% injectable solution online from places like Cal Ranch.

  2. For places to aim, IIRC, WRSA always said, “Hips and head, boys and girls, head and hips.”

  3. That Sgt York AA looks like a genetic mutation between an M60 tank and two Daleks.

    1. That’s an M48 chassis, the M60 is not rounded in front, it’s straight.
      All that money and they used old surplus parts too.
      Fuk’n thieves.
      (former M60A1 crewman)

  4. Hi velocity CCI pre-fragmented HP rounds in the groin area would a mofo to deal with, quiet too w a can or a kidney shot at contact range…

    walk on up, pop, pop, pop and stroll away…

    IRA and the Israelis, like/d to use .22s to great effect, IRA would shoot em behind the knee and also take shots at English soldiers in the groin…The Jooz use em to injure protesters w 10/22’s to remove em from the field…

    Suggested reading: Fry the Brain…Lots of educational material right there

  5. Thinking about all the ITAR forms I have filled out. The ones promising the .gov that my purchase of said scope etc. won’t fall into enemy hands. I wonder if biden, milley and co. filled out a bunch of them before dumping the ‘stan…

    1. This is how you transfer war supplies to your (under the table allies) enemies and make it look like it happened by mistake. Look at all the VN war M-16A1’s that ended up in Central America and other war zones, the alphabet agencies learned over the last 6 decades or so how to move materiel and keep it hidden. Not to mention actual meetings, like the one yesterday between the CIA and Talib’s.
      Never forget, the world’s gov’ts, elites and gangsters trade in 5 currencies;
      1. Drugs
      2. Weapons
      3. Oil
      4. Diamonds
      5. Gold

      1. Actually SF 0321..there is a sixth currency the elites relish in……”little boys and girls”.
        …f*cking bastards..!!!

  6. Gut shots – nasty. Hydrostatic shock has to be a bitch. And fracturing a pelvis would drop a person quick. In close, a .357 round or two to the guts and that dude isn’t going to have a good day.
    Any marksman that can place .22 rounds accurately is a force to be reckoned with. Particularly head or neck shots.

  7. May I be a heretic?
    (I wrote it on captainsjournal)
    We all know that our governments sent guns etc to those that fight their enemies.
    Thats how those muslims fighting against Syria`s Assad got their weapons.
    Now imagine for five minutes, that the Taliban would do the same.
    Instead of smuggling drugs they would smuggle all the goodies like guns etc (left behind by the NATO countries in Afghanistan) to people in need, e.g. the Australians fighting their lockdown crazy government, the people in England / Germany / France fighting against these COVID19 restrictions.
    Wouldnt that be an epic moment of troll?

    1. I’ve had the same thoughts myself. I don’t have any issues using RPG’s and ComBloc weapons either.

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