Godspeed Dr. Fever and Safe

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Maaaan, what a looooong day.  Woke up, did laundry, packed gear.  Loaded caer, took car of Wifey who, overnight ate -something- totally shitty and was ill all morning.  Soooo packed up and loaded her shit, (with Dumbunny’s help) and then had Spawn over to issue warning orders.  Plus haven’t seen him in like 2-3 weeks, and like I said, the current ‘stupid’ out there?  Best he knows the updated plan.

Then, 3 hours later, we make it to the Hotel, and then very subtlety offload the gear from the car, which does/does not have ‘issues.’  Thankfully I checked in on my Active Duty card (don’t ask) and that gives the clerk less of a reason to question the tactical luggage.  Some of the civvies and ‘Karens’ tend to look at me oddly, but hey, fuck ’em.  I got all the right stuff to keep things on the level.
So, first thing I do is test the intahwhebz here, and what pops up?

Dr. Johnnie Fever, late of WKRP in Cincinnati died.

Howard Hessman that is
TOTAL Bummer man! (as the Doctor would’ve said)

He was IMO one of the underrated comedic greats, with besides his stint in WKRP playing a stoned out hippie leftover, he was in another seriously underrated film “Doctor Detroit” where he played “Smooth” Walker, who drags the reluctant Dan Ackroyd into the Whore Biz to become the eponymous Doctor Detroit…

So, also, heard from Mike again, who’s doing well.  Learning how to hop around on one leg, which is the prerequisite to getting fitted with the prosthetic.  Now, as an aside, one of my bros from Iraq who got a leg blowd the fuck off, well, he’s got a couple of prosthesis’s ?  Plural of prosthetic.  Well, he said I could get one of his older ones.

Why do you ask?

Whelp, I’m thinking of seeing if I have the skills to outfit one with an AR.  Or -something- that’ll work to literally turn it into a weapon.

The build and such what would be great for both our blogs, nevermind the footage of “Tommygun” Mike lighting up a range.

Now, the Planet Terror rifle wouldn’t work as you can see.  Granted Rose McGowan was still a mad-hottie back then.  The reason the M-16 up there, the buffer tube and spring would have to be embedded in her tibia.

What with the shortie ‘pistol’ AR’s out there, or even a Ruger 10/22…something that’d be able to be utilized either in or part of a peg leg?  Oh hells yeah.  It’d be the shit.


BTW, all the suggestions y’all had have and do have MAD merit on the loadout.  My extreme thanks.  I ended up going intermediate.  M-4 full sized carbine, 5 mags, with combat loads (y’all know my mix of ammo in my mags) and then my Turkish 9mm with 3 mags, and a spare box of 50 rounds of 9mm.

The -heavy gear- is the support gear.  Wifey ain’t ‘outdoorsy’.  Sooooo that means a bit of comfy gear, i.e. my Wiggys Casualty Hypothermic Sleeping Bag.  Bit on the heavy side (8 pounds), BUT, it’s been cold as a witches tit here and its big.  I included my shelter, which is a basic DotMil Poncho, with a pile of DotMil Bungies.  Add on 3 days worth of Mountain house, the always-in-the-car Body Armor, helmets.  Now, of course that’s the worst case scenario, having to hump that whole way back to the crib, with her in tow.

So Time for Dinner
We brought the air fryer and slipped it in inside the cooler.  Keeps it cheap for the eats
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. May I suggest a Sterling or Sten Mk IIs SMG snapped onto or into the pegleg? It would preserve the mobility and be somewhat concealable. Modify the magwell to fold like the MAT49. Day of the Jackal 2 starring Long John Silver! To fit in with current events and probable outcome, replace Parrot with Vulture, and Crutch with disguised Boarspear (for social distancing).

  2. Damn BC, you are a tired mofo today & it shows. The bone you’re lookin’ for in reference to the formerly lovely Ms. McGowan is femur, & we all know you know that. Get some rest!
    A thundertoy integrated into a peg leg? Good sir, thou does needeth to pay homage to thine buccaneer ancestors with such a contraption & go smoothbore! (You have the opportunity to redefine “shooting from the hip” with this project whatever you & Mike decide to do, but for the prototype best to keep it simple & avoid lots of custom machining/3D printing until all the bugs are worked out). I can’t imagine the recoil of a 12 gauge would feel real good against a stump but a 20 gauge or a .410 could be just the ticket for discouraging the ferals and, let’s face it, precision aiming is probably not going to be an option.
    Wonder if it’d be feasible to route a wire from the trigger mechanism up underneath the clothes to the waist level, maybe clipped to the belt or to a small T-handle in a hip pocket. Point, pull, problem solved. Do a little custom sewing & install a “drain hole” in the bottom of the pockets in all Mike’s pants, just route the line up through & clip to the T handle when he’s getting dressed at the start of the day.
    The relatively quite & unobtrusive .22 does appeal though. I wonder if a tube fed wouldn’t be better than a mag fed 10/22 in terms of keeping everything looking “normal.”

  3. Rose would have to be one hell of a high-kicker to get effective use of that configuration. I think the Austin Powers FemBots were more on the right track with where you might “arm” women.

  4. Wouldn’t you pack the muzzle full of mud the first trip off-pavement? My uncle banana peeled the end of his 12 gauge that way. I would be thinking a hidden compartment for pistol and spare mags. Velcro patch on the pants, pull down and instant pistol. With a whiskey flask on the inner thigh too.

    I recall long time back reading an actual Six Million Dollar Man novel where the author actually applied a bit of science to make it more realistic. He had a hidden pistol compartment in his bionic leg if I remember correctly. Man I used to read a lot of junk novels.

  5. I bet Dillon could make something lightweight and spinny for Mike’s leg that goes BZZZZZZZZZ!! Just sayin’

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