Testicle-less Tuesday

Good Afternoon to all the Criminally Insane Droogs and Droogettes who lurk out here in the demented mind-droppings that is this Oh-so-Impolite and Politically Incorrect (if not factually challenged) Blog.  Big Country here and damn… what a day.

Only got a few before I gotta get back on the road to go pick up Bob from the vet.

Testicle-less Tuesday for him…  Use to call it “Nutz N’Nails Day” but apparently we ain’t allowed to de-claw a cat anymore or some such bullshit… makes sense if he’s going to be an outdoor cat, but Bobs strictly indoors if we can keep him that way.  We had to drop him at oh dark early to the Vet and get his M&Ms chopped.  I mean yeah, as a dude I sympathize, but as the owner of a male unaltered cat, which I unfortunately have experienced before?  Oh Hells no.

My last cat, Tiki, rest his demonic lil soul, didn’t get altered until MUCH later in his life…  the Ex-Bitcho… whether out of spitefulness, or just plain laziness… when I deployed to Affy back in 2012, Tiki was about 5 months old and needed ye olde scrote removed… leastways he begin marking shit and being an asshole.  He was a barn-find… as in partially feral maybe?  He was definitely and asshole… so anyways… I told X-Bitch to get him done while I was away…

Yeah… asked her/told her a LOT of fucking things… pay the mortgage… get my cats nuts snipped, keep the house clean…


Soooooo I come home to a lil sumbitch who spent the better part of 5 months while I was gone pissing ALL over a LOT of my field gear that was in the 4th bedroom.  The 4th Bedroom was my office… a war room if you will with my gun safe, and all my shit that I had to include a fair amount of books… like 4 bookcases worth of great reading and reference.

I kept the Box o’Shit and the cats food in there because hey, he -was- MY cat, and I even cut a door in the room for him to hide away from the 4 slobbering dogs that we had at the time…  Us doodz, we needed our space.

Whelp… while I was gone, Tiki matured, and whizzed all over the fucking room.  I’m still trying to clean the room.  The wall-to-wall carpet was pissed on and oh, of course the x-bitch just -left- it as is, so the room smells like a unclean litter box.  I have plans in the spring to clean the whole fucking room out as start from scratch… its a matter of needing a job to pay for what I need to do back there.

So, as I said, just a quick note to hold y’all.  I gotta go back across town to get the lil bastard, and when I get home, I’ll relay the rest of the adventures from today… needless today it was a GREAT scrounge day… dunno what planets lined up but I scored bigley.

Until then, I remain, the I.R.

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