Gold Fever

Good Morning, or for me, good morning and good afternoon for y’all in I.R. Land.

Yeah being unemployed has bennies to a fine line.  Me?  I’d rather be working.  This ‘unable to sleep’ while worrying about the mortgage, the bills, the dog and the rest has me staying up until Oh Dark fucking late, which in turn has me staying in the Rack until 11ish if not later.  I’ve been doing the interview thing when I get them but it is getting tiresome to go in and get the bullshit “Thanks for coming down” and then -nada-.

I mean I just wish these people would come right out and say, “Hey ya know, thanks for coming, here’s a fiver for gas, but yer not what we’re looking for.”  I mean the whole getting in the monkey suit, getting the shit together, and generally having a pain in the ass time of it…  never mind they set you up in the appointment… “Can you be here at 07:45?”  That’s a “Are you willing to go through a bunch of fiery hoops, like commuting in the ‘fuck NO!’ early morning commute?”  I mean give me a break… your office doesn’t open until 08:00, and even then I was waiting outside the door until you traipsed in at 08:12…  Fuckers.

Add on for some reason I’ve been getting interviewed now by a whoooole lotta foreigners.  I mean I got no problem, but I do find it an interesting demographic footnote that I’ve now, out of the last 4 interviews, been interviewed by an Indian… Hindu Style…  I mean I’m in Central Florida…  a bit off the beaten track one would think.  didn’t realize we had such a large population…

But then again the demographics are and have been changing.  Lots of Arabs… leastways if you count the women only, as the number of RIFs in full ninja gear has risen significantly over the past 15 years.  (For the editor: RIF = Radical Islamic Fundamentalist… or the American version where the woman is more set up for a night out in Riyadh than the Riverwalk).  Now it seems the H1B Visa debacle has caught up with us here, at leasat in the HR departments if my exeriences have any average…

So onto weirdness… This past week in China, some mayor from Haikou City in Hainan province, (which according to Google Maps is an Island in the southern part of China… who knew?) well Hizzoner was bustamagated for eee-vil dooings… or at least something that even the nominally and normally corrupt Chinese Central Government couldn’t ignore:
13 Metric TONS of gold.
24.1 Cubic FEET of the golden stuff.  Thats a cube 2 feet wide by 3 feet, 4 feet in length, give or take for bad math…
Never mind the paltry 37 BILLION USD piled up around…  I mean he was probably setting up his Scrooge McDuck Money Vault to swim around in when he got caught?  I mean I looked on the map just to find out where this guy was located.  I mean how does one even compile that amount of loot without getting noticed even earlier?  24 CUBIC. FEET.  I mean c’mon…

Whelp… I looked him up and sure as shit shooting, he was “Da Mayor” in an A.O. that was ripe so to speak for this kind of shit.  Apparently Haikou is an Island waaaaaay in the south of China… right near (metaphorically speaking) Near Viet Nam, the Phillipines, and a bunch of other A.O.s which are known for piracy and other nefarious stuff…

Of course we gwai-lo (White Ghosts) ain’t ever going to hear jack shit as to how Hizzoner really made such a pile, but damned its too bad as thats obviously one -seriously- motivated Chinaman..  Got me a hunch his “How to Make a Shitton of Money” would’ve been a best seller… Now he’s worm food knowing Joe Chink… the Commies ain’t got much use for theft unless THEY’RE the ones doing the stealing….
Other things:  I’m waiting to actually SEE Comrade Sanders make an appearance.  His ‘chest pains’ and subsequent treatment, per Aesop is indicative of whats more commonly called as a “heart attack”.  Aesop is in the med-biz, and makes no bones about the fact that at his age, Comrade Sanders is soon to join such luminaries as Comrades Brezhnev, Andropov, and Chernenko if he doesn’t ‘slow his roll’… that is IF he hasn’t already joined the “Choir Invisible” and is playing checkers with Ruth Bader Ginsberg…
Who knows… the Zombie Sanders may make an appearance, but who really cares…  Good luck to keeping up that level of campaigning when your commie heart explodes…
Otherwise, more later… Got to walk the Dog
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  1. So wear a fucking Turban and speak gibberish and ya may get a job! Tell them you identify as a dot indian. That is the main problem right there. Once those foreign fuckers get in a position of hiring they only start hiring their brothers, cuzs, village buddies, there ain't no hiring white.

    1. No shit … the news just said in Silicone Valley the 'dots' have created a stranglehold so bad theres a new lawsuit… seems they -only- hire their fellow travelers… go figger….

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