Good News (For Once)

Great News actually!
So I did my interview yesterday at 15:00 (3pm to you civvies) and I thought I did rather well… Pretty much looked like a home run.  Asked the HMFIC when I’d be hearing back from him and he told me “Either tomorrow morning or no later than Next week, same Bat-Time, Same Bat Channel.”

So this morning I was laying up in the bunk, studiously avoiding my cell phone.  I’m about 3 months behind on like -everything- so the bills have been stacking and the collections guys don’t seem to give a shit that the Mortgage comes first, then power, water and Internet (man has to have his priorities).

In fact the one time I talked to one of the credit card companies, and I thusly told them:

Or, more accurately, Me… with credit.

I mean I am NOT a deadbeat by any means… I just can’t bring myself to believe that a failure to make my $30 monthly payments on the $250 starter credit card you gave me is going to tip the scales on your VAST spreadsheet that starts the Financial Apocalypse.  
If it –does– than we gotta whooooole lotta bigger problems to deal with than Big Countries Credit Rating Roller Coaster Up and Down Ride…   And me?  I gotta eat.  And have a roof over my head.
Anyways… I meander… So I, at NGFFs urging, picked up the phone and lo and behold!
Tis the HMFIC of Ye Olde Jobbie I juuust Interviewed with!
I must have either killed it that well or, more than likely I came off as “least likely to burn the place to the ground on purpose/accidentally.”  Methinks its the latter LOL.
So… the next caught me off guard.  “Can you be here in 45 minutes?”
“Yes sir Yes sir Three Bags FULL sir!”  I got up mad quick.  “On the Bounce Trooper!”  Shit showered n shaved in near record time and mounted up.  The best thing I can say tho is the commute is within bicycling distance.  2.3 miles from the house.  I got there and started my day.
And I also am going in tomorrow in the early-early.  No idea of what the schedule is… that has yet to be discussed, and I’m in training, so I go where and when they tell me.  Guess we’ll see how it shakes out.  I’ll fill y’all in as we go, and run with it from there.
Right now I’m fucking decked.  Time for some fart-sack time
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  1. So, is this job a pizza delivery job? Hey pulling your chain… what kind of job is it, or can't tell us 'cause notitional security concerns?

    1. Nah Ced… Doing Disaster Recovery Ops… Find a Corpse? We clean up. House burn down? We got it. Flooding? We dry it out. I even got minions!

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