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Occasionally you read a story that makes ya grin.  In this case, a story about a veteran who done made a home invader “good.”  Link HERE

Apparently,  in South Carolina, 61 year old Harold Runnels Jr broke into Retired CSM Herbert Parrish’s house and attacked his wife with a big butcher knife.

Rule #1 never piss of the Sar’nt Major…Bad things happen

So, dis fuckin’ guy

“Color” me surprised Aye?

Whelp, he done pissed off the Sar’nt Major. 

Who grabbed a shotgun…

Wait for it…

Yah, grabbed his shotty, and then proceeded to buttstroke the motherfucker to death.

NOT shot him mind you, but beat his fucking grape in.

Like I said… bad things happen when you piss off the Sar’nt Major.

You should see what happens if you walk on his grass.

THAT is a hardcore motherfucker right there.

Like I said, a story to smile aboot Aye?

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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By BigCountryExpat

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  1. Well shit Brother ammo is expensive…We can’t be wasting it on garbage like this when a good buttstroking will do the trick…

  2. Appropriate response, based on CSMAJ’s I’ve met.
    Grinding his remains up, and using them to fertilize the garden might be going a bit overboard.

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