Got Me a Bug

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes
Lite posting as I’m going back to bed shortly.  Got me a bug apparently.  Don’t -think- it’s CoronmaChan but man, I’m wiped out, feeling shitty, achy and all that. 

Leastways I got good drugs here at the Casa.

Dunno if I’ll go down to the VA or not.  Tough call.  They do have very sick folks there and if I -only- have a slight case then I don’t want to get exposed to an even meaner pathogen.

Flip a coin.  Die at home or in the VA?  I’ll take my chances at home.

But now comes the fun part.

I started with a somewhat wet cough two days ago.  I attributed it to my years of smoking despite having lost a 1/2 a lung to the Cancer.  Hell even the Docs told me it -was NOT- smoking related… pure Depleted Uranium exposure…

The nasty I was hacking up has and still is clear… so I got that going for me.

Then yesterday I was wiped the fuck out.  I mean couldn’t get out of bed… I did long enough to choke down some food, and then bang out yesterdays update, and then back to bed.

Today, the Mizzuz woke me up for some unGodly reason and I realize I still feel like hammered shit.  My sinuses now are all clogged and blowing a quart of clear goobers when I do blow (clear!  Yay me!) and I thought I ached yesterday?  Meet the new level of suck.

Percocet… 4 tabs chewed, and stuffed in the gumline like a dip…  I’m old school O.G. like that… makes the pain fade pretty well tho..

So my current diagnosis is Flu, type one each.  If the lungs start going gray-green in the nasty, I’ll start popping the hardcore stuff.

Leave it to me to get sick from a bug again… Fuckin Hajjis were more respectful of a dude.

I -really- hope this’s a light case… I was so looking forward to singing my death song, ankle deep in hot brass and a pile of dead socialist liberals stacked at my feet…

That or of Old Age on a Throne of Skulls, hot naked Franzetta-Chicks hangin all offa me…

More later as I can, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Had a bug myself a couple weeks ago that sounds a lot like what you're feeling. Felt like hardcore shit for a week and a half. Used OTCs (Alka Seltzer Plus Night Time and Robitussin0. I think the Robitussin could be a cure for cancer and herpes, but I'd have to run that by Aesop first ;-). Still working on regaining my strength. Pretty sure it was just run of the mill flu, because one of the nasty bastards I work with had flu the week before. Yeah, I've reserved a 230 gr hollow point for him….
    You're not going to die yet, you big bastard. Can't kill all the tards myself.

  2. If you get worse, do, I mean DO seek medical help. Call the VA hotline, describe your symptoms and see what they say. Then have your wife call her doctor and check with him/her/it.

    And if they say "Come IN NOW!" Do so. If they say "We're dispatching someone to you," please don't shoot them.

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