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Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes

Did the pressure test on the Flammenwerfer.  Went -relatively- well.  Initial pressurization blew the hose off at the bottom… seems I didn’t ‘lock’ the quick disconnect.  Scared the shit outta the dog when it came off… all the C02 whistling wigged her out of her puppy-butt LOL.
Then, another issue came up when I went to shut off the Ninja Universal Fill Adapter.  Thats the C02 tank attachment point.
The red arrow was something I completely overlooked.
My bad.
It’s hard to see but on both sides of the knob are lil recessed allen head worm screws that hold the knob in place.  When I went to turn off the C02, the knob came right off in my hand… the worm screws were only in there just a lil bit… enough for the knob to test on and off for initial installation, but not for real-time, esp. since the whole assembly got really cold/frozen from the C02.  Knob came right off in my hand with an “Oh Fuck!” and I managed to get everything undone w/out losing the full C02 tank… I’d say about 1/2 went away but it was a test which is why I done did it.
So next is the live fire test.
THAT should be fun.  The video will be a a blast if you will.  Hopefully Sunday.
Then, the next fun n games up for a beating.  The CoronaChan Blues man…
Bitch that just won’t go away eh?
Here in Florida they’re going full retard and going after the businesses here if you ain’t wearing a mask.  $500 per person per time.  Buncha fucking bullshit.  Puts the onus on the poor bastard shopkeepers, and they take the hit.  Fucking morons.  That and the other word we got locally is that the trash pickup is being drawn down from two cans to one can.  Normally once a week, we can put out the recyclables with the regular trash can.  Now?  The recycle run has been cancelled til further notice.   We also have been told our twice a week regular trash pickup might be cut to once a week…
Which ain’t feasible.  Nasty assed hot fucking Florida weather means our trash is gonna be stinking to high fucking heaven toute-le-fuckin’-suite.  Gonna be foul as fuck in a short-short.  Which didn’t fucking happen at the height of the CoronaChan Outbreak 2 months ago.

Color me fuckin’ suspicious.
NOW they can’t pick up the fucking trash promptly?  Hmmn.  Didn’t have this issue before…   The excuse is that they don’t have enough drivers…  Which makes NO SENSE at all.  And the claims of ‘numbers climbing’ are so much Horseshit.  We gots less folks sick…. LOTS more tested, and yeah, the numbers bumped up, but go with me on this:
April/May: Only a few tested, out of that a LOT of folks ‘popped hot’
May/June: LOTS of people tested, out of that, –the same ratio of people ‘popping hot’ as in April/May.-

DESPITE testing MORE people… a metric shitton of folks, the numbers have not truly exploded.
NOT in the way they’re so desperate to have.  They’d LOVE a HUUUUGE explosion in actual cases… especially to make Orange Man Bad and DeSantis look bad… they’d also like us to be all afraid and shit of potential rioters, BLM and any other host of plagues that they think (they by the definition of the Puppet Masters, the Marxist retards who know not what they fuck with.) that they can bring down on us.
Problem is tho… See, ’round here, they can’t bring the pain to us to make us vote the way they’d like.  We’re armed, attitudinal, and getting pissed off.  When they told us that Anfifags and Dumbass BLM was gonna roll to the ‘burbs to start fucking with us, me n’the neighbors busted out our shit, and said “Bring it Bitches!”  
So… they can’t scare us, they can’t intimidate us, but they can make life uncomfortable.  1st World Problems right?  Lets face it, the trash is going to start to annoy the fuck out of us quickly… ‘cept the reaction ain’t gonna be what they’re expecting.
My vote is to bring it to the local Councilman’s front yard and dump it.  Let HIM deal with this shit.
Sounds good eh?  Gonna discuss it with Sapper and the neighbors later.
Til then I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

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  1. Shit, we get one small can and if'n you gots extra you set it out and pay through the nose for it. Either that or you can pay $32 fucking dollars a month for a bigger can. Recycling is every other week.
    We fill that little can to overflowing every fucking week. I no shit wind up going to the garbage collection/recycling joint AT LEAST once a month, if not more. You wanna talk about some Garbage /Recycling Nazis, you would have to actually go there to truly understand what I am talking about. I have bitched about that fucking joint REPEATEDLY over at my place.
    I dunno if you have the transport and access to a "collection Point", what we always called "The Dump" but I would seriously look into that shit. There are few things on this earth that stink more than hot, rotting garbage.
    So back to the Big Bic, I am looking forward to a test firing but I hope you have every possible precaution taken care of.
    Don't be wanting any Friendly Fire casualties here son.

  2. They don't want to shut off our garbage pickup here. I will personally load it up into the pickup, after I download a generous supply of ass candy into the bags, and leave them on the steps of town hall. Let them deal with it.

  3. They've been messing with the rural areas here in Oregon for years. We have to take our trash to a local "transfer station" and toss it into dumpsters. It's only open two days a week. At first it was free, then it was $3/can, at which point some people started dumping their trash in the woods. Now they're talking about closing our town's transfer station and making us cart our trash 30 miles to the county dump. There's a big push to get rural folks off their land andinto the cities. When the leftists in charge wanted to adopt a cap-and-trade environmental policy that would've killed the logging and trucking industries, one of the state senators advised those put out of work to "move to the city and get green jobs"

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