Why Even Bother?

Greetings on this Monday Afternoon!
Well today was a flat the fuck out BUST.  What a crock of shit.  I had an interview… >supposedly< for a Management Slot.  Got up, got showered, got shaved, broke starch on a new white shirt, buffed up the dress shoes and even got the suit out as the Interview Invite said “Biddness Professional.”

Even busted out my ‘power tie’… Bright Red that when worn with the new suit gives me that “I’m in charge bitches!” Look… leastways thats the crock of shit sold to us back in the day.  Either way I could have gone the chinos and blue oxford with white t-shirt and loafers, but hell… I –NEED– a fucking gig toute-de-suite so dress for the job you want…

Slicked the newly restored and cut do’ with some bulletproofing hair jell, and damned I looked the part.

I shouldn’t’ve fucking bothered.

I was purely there as a ‘diversity’ check on the hiring checklist.  No way in HELL am I getting a callback.  The interviewer was nice, but in the whole office there wasn’t a single white dude
-anywhere-.  A couple of female wypipo, but otherwise?  Not so much.  Predominately a multi-culture mix, heavy on the female side.  I knew I wasn’t getting any traction when the interviewer asked me to tell her about myself.  I hadn’t gotten 4 or 5 sentences in and she cut me off, and read from a script.  After her spiel was completed, she asked me if I had any questions, she told me if I made it to round two (I’m not… I could just tell) that’d they call me, thanked me for coming in, and ushered me to the door… and don’t let it hit you on the way out.

Total Time: 25 minutes.  15 of it waiting to actually BE interviewed.

A quarter tank of gas, breaking fresh starch and an hour each way for a 10 minute diversity checkbox juuuust so HR can say that “Yes, we HAVE interviewed a white male over the age of 50”?

GOD I hate HR people.

That being said I’ve added a new link in the Upper Right of the Blog.   It’s for Charlie Mike Comix.  The illustrator, Mark Baker is a Retired Master Sgt who used to do a strip in the Army Times called “PVT Murphy’s Law”.  I remember it fondly, and Mark put out a few months back that he was looking for story submissions and collaborators to get the project off the ground.  Well hell… I’ve been being urged by damned near all y’all who have read my shit to get to writing a novel…  Believe me I’m working on it.

In the meantime tho, this’s one project I’m deep into.  If you click on the links, it’ll take you to Amazon to buy ’em.  I’m in the August Issue #1… I did the writing (w/Mark editing for clarity and consistency) and he did the illustrations.  Per his request, I’m going to give it a whirl drawing as well b/c back in the day, I was a fair chicken scratcher myself…

If you go there from this link, it’ll cut me a small payoff for the referral.  I haven’t seen any royalties so far, as Mark is actually doing the majority of the heavy lifting, but if you DO buy it from my links above, I’ll ‘get my beak wet’ as the Mob used to say…

If you want a copy signed by me, let me know and we’ll figure out how to do it.

I’m also being featured in the not-quite completed October Edition…  Its a Ghost Story and true as all fucking get out.  Here’s a sample…

So yeah… I’ll leave it at that cliffhanger…
…and you can buy the October Edition to get the whole Story Arc LOL!… its fantastic, and Mark is one HELL of an artist.  In the meantime, I gotta boogie and make the dinner… the dog is nudging me letting me know its time to feed her…  She’s got an internal clock that precisely when its chow time… Gotta love her…
So… I got another bitchfest on deck… Until then, I’ll be back…
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  1. Sometime in the last 15 years anything red is an automatic pass at an interview. I found this out 4 years when I interviewed for a Team Lead for a SATCOM install team. I had buddy that was a junior project manager that was trying to bring me in. The HR wench told the interview team I would not make the final round of interviews. It was a technical interview that I nailed and she could barely spell comms.

  2. I am interested…. but, do you sell any other way then beto's amazshit? I won't give him a damn red cent so he can fuck a football sideways. Let me know.

    1. Mighty be able to work something out… let me get with Mark on it… the reason it's on Bezozon is that he can publish independently. I'm sure if you don't mind a markup I'll buy one and autograph it for you? Let me know!

    2. That will work for me. I don't begrudge a man making a living. I can live with a mark up as long as I am not buying you a Mercedes… A man will always tell you how much he is worth, one way or another. I just won't give that fag bezo my hard worked dollar. You I would.

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