Gross Humor (A Short Poast)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
ANOTHER full day of ‘Adulting’ here at the Casa, to include both GranBebes running around loose.  Leastways sometime around 3ish or so.  Work itself purely kicked my ass, and mentally I’m in a fog.So, a bit of sportin’ around the intarwhebz, and I came across a tweet from Adidas regarding a new sports bra line.  Now, I’ll poast it, but the reaction poast from Twitter who Miguel or JC put up on GunFreeZone had me dying.

No shit Aye…

Now, the reveal, as when I poast this up and around, the first picture is the one that comes up for the ‘advert’ for the article, and even I, as sick a human being as there may have ever been out there, sweet Jeebus.

First thing that came to mind was “Dayum… that be there some ugly assed titties.”
Then of course, then next thought:  “It looks like a serial killers collection of ‘dismembered torso shots’ that the cops uncovered after catching the Rabid Cannibal Killer.”

Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?
Especially fat nasty cheesy gross “I can smell the stank’ in the photo from here” females?
It’s supposed to be a sports bra collection.

Granted, Wifey wears ’em and she’s none too athletic per se, but she -does- stay in shape and for a 50+ year old broad has a magnificent rack, to the point Chris Muir hit the mark waaaay too close in his Naughty Nurse pic he did for Mike.  

For Good God’s sake, wherez the ‘Pamela Anderson Level’ Bewbage?That shit makes me want to start a fundraise for implants for ‘hot chicks with ugly tiddies’Yeah, rare but in years gone LONG past, I ran across me some ugly assed banana titties.

Only one though was more humorous than ‘ugly’ per se
Ye Object of Ye Olde Intrepid Reporters desire was a mad hottie red head (turned out to be psycho) who I managed to bag from the club, and ‘retire’ for some horizontal front leaning rest exercises as us Rakkasans were so wont to do back in the day.

The moment I took off the bra though, shall forever be known as my “Pinto” moment.

Chick must’ve had at least two full rolls of extra-soft Charmin packed in there.
IRL?  They weren’t bewbs.  They were bee stings Aye?

I still laugh when I think about that one.
Tell ya what though, a chick in the field packing that much premium buttwipe would have been an asset.  We eventually went our separate ways, as I found out she was mental, and palmed her off on my room-dawg who enjoyed being with headcase chicks.

So, I’m off the bed, madly tired.  Caffeine didn’t touch how tired I am, so I’ma going to pack it in early tonight.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Not even one attractive set in the entire bunch. And not only that, not one of those female torsos looks like their owners ever engaged in ANY fitness activity for which a sports bra would be needed.

  2. A graphic expose’ of milkers, if I do say so…

    They are clearly leftist neurotic bishes (ask yourself who would pose for that shit), so, I endorse the functional process of “tit-shaming”.

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