H.R. 127

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not going to go in depth on the pile of shit that H.R. 127 is, per se.

What I will say is I got me a hunch it’s going to pass.

One Black Flag/Swan or combo thereof away from bi-partisan installation

OR Executive Dictation.
Don’t matter.  Won’t work the intended way.  Mainly because it’s actual intent is to create a set of circumstances that essentially criminalizes 80% of the entire country.  THIS is what they’re going to use as a ‘control’.  Meaning that by making it literally and physically impossible to conform to the ‘new laws’ that they fully expect non-compliance, but will use it as a form of blackmail and intimidation.  Own a piece and fail to follow “Da Rules”?  

I mean it’ll usher in a whole new level of civil disobedience, but as stated so frequently by sooooo many of the Gadsden Flag crowd, only 3% actively participated in standing up to the Crown back in the day.  And sadly, that was ‘a Time of Wooden Ships and Iron Men’, when just being alive and staying alive was really really hard.

Between Indians, Animals, Disease, real diseases… shit that’ll kill you dead overnight for real shit… yellow/scarlet fever… NOT this Bogus Beijing Booger Bug.  I mean yeah, it’s real but 98% survivable rate, it ain’t shit on Cholera.  Those were men back then.  

Not our current crop of ponytailed tat-sleeved soy-sipping pronoun ponces of pulchritude.  

Our current crop of wannabe-narcs is practically salivating at the thought of going after those mean old racist Trumpists and their midwestern Klan bitter bible-and-gun clingers.  See for a case-in-fact of Virginia Heffernan.  She’s the anti-Trump psychopath (are there any other types?) who practically melted down (sorry, bad pun) about her neighbor, an eeeeeee-vil Trumpist who kindly plowed her driveway.

Now considering just -how big- this story is, I’m amazed that no one, even in the AltMedia has gone out to find out what the guy who did the actual plowing thought of his obviously deranged and more-than-likely dangerous neighbor?  Or more importantly if it even happened.  Seeings the amount of fantasist-“journalism” out there, the bitch prolly made up the whole story.  

If it were me?  I’d throw a molotov through the front window of said-house.

Burn ’em out.  It’s the only way to be sure

Because people like her and hers are genuinely dangerous

Even MOR dangerous to theyselves, as they really have -never- paid for any of their shenanigans in the past.  Doxxing and getting someone fired or shat on by the system!  “What great fun!” Mary Do-Gooder thinks… without realizing that the guy, who she and her soy-Hubby just got fired, who’s marriage was already in trouble, and finances are fucked because of the Koof, decides to go get his footlocker in the garage.  You know… the one from his 4 tours in Iraq?  He’s got nothing to lose now… why not have a few more escorts in the afterlife Aye?So, he takes out his armor, and lo and behold!  Seems he ‘forgot’ to turn in a Willy Pete marker grenade that’s still in the pouch.  Willy Pete… White Phosphorus… ostensibly for making smoke -anywhere- but also a really really really vicious Anti-Personnel weapon.

Later that evening, said-psycho anti-Trumpist Do-Gooder and soy-Hubby are startled as the front dining room window shatters as they are eating.  They get a glimpse of a pale white almost egg-shaped object landing right in the mashed soy-substitute ‘potatoes’  A bright flash….

And it’s all over but the screaming.Lots and lots and LOTS of screaming.

These morons writing these articles don’t understand.  It’s not ‘machoman fantasies’ of ‘reclaiming our manhood’.  This’s fucking a war they declared.  Not us. THEM

And because they’ve never been in a war, or seen a war, smelled the gunsmoke nor the blood, they think it only happens to other people “over there” .

Hate to tell ya.The Beast is Hungry

And it. will. be. FED.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. How many ex service men/women are living in this country? How much shit do they eat before they rise up? I pray the powers that be realize, before it is too late, they may own D.C. but not the rest of the country. Hooah!

    1. I’m VN era, seeing way too much apathy among the younger vets, they just shrug and walk away, like they could care less. Way different kind of mental attitude going on here. I think they’ve been conditioned to see boomers as a bigger threat than the Bolsheviks running fedgov.

  2. At the Nuremberg Trials the Nazi’s said they were just following orders. They still hung the fuckers. Take heed!

    1. Ah yes, the bolshevist jew run ‘Nuremberg Trials’, where an overwhelming number of folks involved with that bolshevist kangaroo show trial farce made damn sure that their lies and own putrid evil were given full reign and freedom of action.

      For those that want to know the REAL truth about ‘The Bad War’, watch the documentary, “Europa – The Last Battle” and read Mike King’s “The BAD War – The Truth NEVER Told About World War 2”. Also listen to former zionist jew Benjamin Freedman’s speech of 1961 where he warned fellow Americans of the threats by Talmudic zionists and jewish bolshevists (nothing like a former insider spilling the beans on his still evil compatriots!).

      Adolf Hitler and fellow Germans were successfully hunting murderous bolshevist jews while FDR was supporting and enabling them.

  3. I can take a joke. Regarding the “ponytailed” reference, I haven’t had a haircut in almost a year. Call it a “protest” but I don’t give a shit if it grows down to my ass. I’ve had it with the bullshit and the mask wearing. So dig this bucko – I’m with you – but pretty soon, I’ll probably be wearing a ponytail. And I don’t sip soy crap – I drink bourbon dude.

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