Happy 4th Of July

Late Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes!

Not sure if it means a shit, but Happy Fourth of July.  Proper Spelling INDEED!


I notice the powers that be are quiet as fuck as far as any sort of ‘crackdown’ on said holiday.  Guess even the most brain-dead socialist/globalist knows to S2… as in Shut the fuck up, and Sit the fuck down.
Local news:  Wifey made it home… and I’ma ’bout to say, I’m fucking dead.  Woman wore me out as soon as she walked in the door… Zero to “Fuck My Brains Out” in point five seconds…Not complaining by a LONG shot but DAMN!
Nice to feel the love so to speak… of course Sapper ain’t none too happy.  Poor fucker hadda put on the headphones and play loud death metal on youtube for a hour or three… tough noogies Methinks…  Wifey tends to be a bit loud in the horizontal if’n y’all feel me…  me?  Sex?  What of this activity of which you speak?  That action that wore my poor lil dick down to a smoked out nub?  Yeeeeaah… more for me… nice to know at 50 plus I still gots it.  Which is sayin’ something… bitches be cray-cray with the appetites… for months, nada… then a couple weeks of separation, and >boom< instant porn queen… not that I’m complaining, just observational shit from my angle.
So, yeah… to be honest, really quiet here at La Casa de Big Country.  Like a few of the neighbors have lit off some shit, but compared to years past?  Fuckin’ NADA.  Zilch.  Fuckin’ Nichts.  El Biggo Zip-O.  Me n’ Sapper were comparing notes, and what we figger is that pee-poll be fuckin’ too broke to party like it’s 1776.  Normally, seeings that you can get anything here in Flor-ree-duh, the ONLY reason we haven’t seen mad fireworks is pee-pol be too broke to afford to throw down monies on fire-mah-works.
I mean the availability is there but the shekels ain’t.  Got me a hunch the fireworks tents ’round about here are gonna be operating at a MAD loss this year.
Which is a shame, because most of them relied on this holiday to make their bank.
Not this year if the lack of explosive shitstorm is indicative.  
Which leads me to the next point… Trump-bux came and went… what the fuck was that?  Ten or some weeks ago?  I mean Jesus Come Quick… the $1200 I got was like -gone- instantaneously.  I mean I -still-had a job, and so did Sapper, but OMFG $1200 is like a single payment for house/food/car and buh-bye.   Hell, The Sapper got fucked in that the poor fucker is STILL in debt to his baby-momma, despite the kid now being fucking 25, married and with his own kid.  Sapper is still in the fucking hole to the state.  No monies for him.  And the Wifey?  She hasn’t done taxes in a couple of years, so she got screwed out of it as well.  Thank Christ on a Pogo Stick that me and Sapper STILL had jobs and that I get my retardedment from the dot mil.
If I didn’t have that, I’d have been well and truly fucked in the ass, sans lube.
In fact, on the job, things be seriously fucked from my own personal observations. I’ve got a TON of folks calling in to cancel service daily… like 7-9 pee-poll a day calling in to cancel for the lack of dinero.  Now mind you, that’s common everyday folks.  Our service is a luxury.  As is they can live without our shit.  Then add on the commercial accounts quitting.  THAT is whats weirding me…   LOTS  of commercial accounts closing… to the point that in our ticketing system we have “COVID-19” as a reason for the closing.  I get at least 5-8 accounts daily closing b/c of this bullshit…  
It’s hard…  I have people on the phone, sometime in tears… literally crying because the ‘American Dream’ for them took a giant unwarranted shit on them…  locked down, closed out, fucked three ways to Sunday, I, unfortunately have a front row seat as the world is melting down.  And mind you, those of you, to include the pencil necked editor who stated “But Big Country, things are tough all over!  It’s only a few biddnesses that yer seeing!”
To whit I say… Hey Asshole… I’m getting 5-8 a day… that just me.

There are, at any given day, an additional 65 phone reps on the phone at any given time.

Which, even at the lowest count, using MY number of 5 at the minimum means that, on average, we have 325 businesses quitting due to COVID-19 closing them down PER FUCKING DAY.  THAT is terrifying.  I have a front row seat to the inevitable collapse.
I mean shit… the whole “new job numbers exploding” is bullshit.  It’s because so many places closed at the beginning of this shit show and are now (for now) reopening and re-hiring.
Great.  Looks good on paper. but the reality of it it that, from what I’ve heard is that A) Yeah, places are reopening and re-hiring pee-poll.  Looks good for the numbers nationally… HOWEVER  B)  The folks I talked to are getting hired back or brought back on to the same exact job but for less money.

Talk about a royal ass fucking.

Get ‘laid off’/fired due to COVID-19 (CoronaChan)

Get a measly $1200 hunnerd to cover expenses from the FedGov… unemployment covers the rest.
Get the call to come back to work.
For two bux less than you made when this shit started
THAT is whats gonna make people snap. 
Ain’t that some shit?  This -whole- thing is custom tailored to the elites BY the elites and FOR the elites to fuck over and enslave us some more.  Wasn’t good enough that we’ve been beaten down, robbed of our ability to do ‘our own thing’ or make, God help us, a success of ourselves.  Between (((them))) and the rest of the overseers, we’re framed til every next Tuesday of the month for the next Two Thousand Years.
I mean fuckin’ Bezos-bozo has never been in a better position, market wise… everyone at home, everyone locked down, everyone needing home delivery.  TELL me I’m wrong amiright?
Fuck.  It’s a shaft -fest.  I’ll leave it at that.  Sapper thinks it’s almost time.

To the point I helped him craft his Poly-80 Glock today.  Built a pistol today, because “Murica!!!!”  That’s him on the drill press milling the lower… he did pretty good… A Great 4th Project… building an unregistered, un-serial numbered pistola… can’t get more American than that amiright?

Happy 4th… I’m the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 

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  1. Not sure where they got the bux from, but it sounded like 11691 in fuckin' Iraq last night here.

  2. Can't find anyplace to buy the lowers for cash/no shipping??? Would actually get me to buy a Glock …

  3. sounded like chicago here saturday night. out in the country the only folks hurting in this is the food service owners. they are caught between the health dept and customers resisting mask mandates, and between the stimulus and employees working the system. the mandates are largely ignored and the govna is butthurt nobody is bending knee to him. employees get 600 extra bucks a week to stay home in addition to unemployment. they refuse to comeback, if the boss reports them to unemployment they'll screw over the bosses business good. catch 44…..lowes and home depot are racking in the money, unable to keep up stocks even. looks like the day before a hurricane in there.

  4. oh and my ex did that every time she screwed around on me to cover her ass if she got pregnant. bitches be scheming bro.

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