Happy BHM & The Latest ‘Kraine/Syrian DotMil Shenanigans

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I almost forgot!  It’s evvabodies favorite time of year!  Black History Month!

Guess the Bootlip PseudocryptoJew Goldberg didn’t get the memo.
Yo ass is supposed to rail on Whypeepo
Not the “Chosen Tribe”
Now, get in the corner for an upaid two week suspension.
Best. Start. of. BHM evvar.
It’s almost hard to pick which part of February First was best.  My voat?  The brawl at Golden Corral in Pennsylvania seen here:

At least this time they had the decency to take the kids out of the child seats BEFORE they started beating each other with them.  Chimp Out Grade One.  I love how the Whypeepo are just bailing left and right as the rest keep at it full bore, ‘cos nothing sez “Civilized Adult” than beating the ever loving shytte out of each other, with baby chairs over the last steak amiright?

Yeah, last night there weren’t no shenanigans.
Of course IF there were, I was packing the Girsan, and one note about that, its got an 18 round mag, with the 19th up the snout.  A spare mag with 18 more on the left side gives me a total of 37 plus P hollow points.  Should be enough Aye?

But yep.  This month is only just begun.

The ‘Krainians, and the Russians, whelp it seems that Badhair Boris and Tater Joe , leastways the clueless fucktards pulling the strings of this Piss-Poor-(p)Residential-Puppet (P4) seem absolutely hellbent on starting a war.

Guess the ratings and evals are that fucking low.

They need a war.  Despite the fact that it’s almost a damned guarantee the troops we send there are strictly a ‘sacrificial pawn’ to allow them to start lobbing nukes.  That’s my thought.  A Combat Brigade of 82nd?  Man… fucking speedbumps.  The tankers?  They didn’t call us Infantry (Airborne, type one each) “crunchies” for no reason… there’s 1000 Plus Fucking Ivan Tanks of various flavors running around out there.
“What do you call the Brigade of the 82nd facing the Russians in the Ukraine?”
“Track Grease”

Then, the Stryker Brigade?Duuuuuuuuuuude… the Stryker is made of a mix of aluminum and fucking pressed gasoline.  The ones I saw hit by low-end IEDs in Iraq?  Slagged.  Like mega-quickness slagged.  And against tanks?  The only Stryker that -might- have had a chance to go up against IvanArmor was the M1128 Mobile Gun System. (MGS)

Autoloading 105mm18 Round Rotary “magazine” for the autoloader.
Only 18 rounds en toto
Only 10 MGS assigned per Brigade, so, the single Brigade going over there, which would be the first line of defense/offense against Ivan’s First String Fucking T-90s and T-80A4 is literally a 100 to 1 force-on-force fight.  Now, granted, its a mix of Ivan Armor, but considering the Ivan Armor has gone further in development/survivability, nevermind the fact that they’re on their home fucking turf, tells me that this’s strictly a sacrifice IF shit goes sideways.

I’m not even going to mention the elements of 18th Corps.
18th Airborne in Iraq in 2004-2005?  A soup fucking sammich.  TOTAL goat rope, and THAT was when the DotMil was in ‘slim asskicking badass mode’… they were ALL sorts of fucked up.  Fucked Up From the Neck Up leadershit wise.

I can’t imagine they’ve improved with age.

Jes’ Sayin’

So yeah, be ready for it… I’d say we’re fucked what with the disconnected morons running the show who’re allllllll so desperate for a win. 

Like last nights “news” that we kil’t the head of ISIS
For what?  The 10th time?
It’s getting to be what? 
A Quarterly KIA of the Head of the Bad Guys?

Yeah, even then, despite overwhelming force, surprise and success (they say) they still managed to lose a fucking Blackhawk which had to be demo’d in place on the ground.  With no real resistance.  According to the word on the news from Europe, the MH-60 suffered a “transmission failure”, i.e. a mechanical issue.  Which TBH, that sounds like a maintenance issue.  $5 Mil gone.

Good work guys.

And they only killed 6 kids and 4 women.Of course they’re saying it was Dude’s “suicide vest”

Doesn’t look like a “suicide vest” to me.  they’re best used in a soft target environment.  The buildings tend to keep the explosion in… everyone in the room of course ends up being “human tartare” and splashed all over the place, and considering the news said that “It was so powerful, said locals, that bodies were flung clear of the building” that to me sez Reaper launched Hellfire.  BOOM/FOOM goes in, bodies and pieces/parts come out.

Spent too many years seeing BDA.  (Battle Damage Assessments)

Jes’ Sayin’

“Nice cover story brah” is all I can say.  That makes what? like 16? 20 kids? that The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den has killed?

He’s outdone Alec Baldwin now.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I cant wait for the Russians bombs to start hitting the FUSA mainland, our fisrt total war in over a centry at home. Hopefully “diverse” citys first

  2. If the Russians and tater start lobbing nukes, I would simply ask that we get a nice big EMP over Kansas, say, 200 miles up. That would get rid of all my form 4473’s that the atf says are only kept in an illegal database “for the children”. My dog will finally be safe…

  3. The head of ISIS “Al Baghdadi” Is a title, not a person. By definition as soon as the current baghdadi dies the next in line becomes maghdadi so you can never get rid of him. Perfect dotmil gravy train!

  4. Go fuck with Russia never ends well for anyone. Bet the striped pant fagots at foggy bottom and “miley and vanilly” forgot just how much ivan loves artillery, rocket and conventional, tends to mess with peoples train of thought. The bleeding from the ears probably doesn’t help either. Looks like Carlins freak show is going full shitshow with a few jato bottles strapped on for the hell of it. As for bhm, liberia is the real wakanda.

  5. The T14 Armata is the current Ivan tank. At least as good as an Abrams, if not better. The T90 has had extensive upgrades. Much harder to kill than back in Saddam’s day.

  6. I wish our leaders had to actually live with the consequences of their actions. If they had to deal with incoming fire, they might think twice about sending your kids off to enjoy it. If we get hit here, I hope they get the full monty, too.
    It would be comforting as I heat dogfood over an open fire to imagine Rand Corp Doucher and K Street Lobbyist Dickbag and Senator Dumbass and Resident Evil are dealing with the same problems.
    But I know they won’t.

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