“Have You Seen This Methhead?”

Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes

Appreciate all the commentary… river, beans, derq… and all the rest.  Nice to see I got some readership here.  So yeah… niiiice quiet night with the Wifey and Sapper.  Nothing happenin’ tho I did annoy Sapper later on in the evening… the walls be a lil -thin- here in the Casa and the Wifey tends to get a bit loud.
What can I say?  Make up bonin’ is fun.

No sign of intruders…

Much to Sapper’s disappointment.  Then again, both of us when we’re in the house carry strapped at all times, a habit we got into back in March and appears to be good practice considering how things are gonna spiral.  And as Sapper said, anyone stupid enough to try this place?  Between Serbian War Criminal, Sapper and Myself?  The poster’d say “Have you seen this methhead?”
Which reminds me, next unemployment check I need another bag of quiklime.
And man, a backhoe, tho I have no idea where I could store THAT soon-to-be-needed implement.
Other newsy thingies… DumbBunny and her Internal Parasite are fine.  The car is a total loss of course AND they didn’t have car insurance.  In fact I hadda threaten DumbFuck, her husband, to call the Ambulance at the time as he was more worried about getting bustamagated for not having insurance than he was of his unborn kid.  THAT right there done pissed me off.  The shock of a wreck like that coulda detached the Bebe from the Placenta, causing preemie-pop-out or fetal DOA.  Had to explain to him in flat-the-fuck-out Drill Instructor voice that I’d see him burn in “Ole Sparky” for ‘depraved indifference to the unborn resulting in death’… which in Tennessee I believe is a hangin’ offense.   So, out of fear of me “Do. not. make. me. drive. up. there. boy.” ’cause that’d be a killin’, he of course called 911.
And then?  Here’s the end-cap on THIS particular shit show:

That’s the Air Conditioning clutch I so graciously bought for them.

On August 3rd.
Which showed up today.

For the car they just –destroyed

This IS The Matrix.  
I am now -thoroughly convinced- 
I mean that or there is a Divine God of Comedy out there, and he/she/it really loves fuckin’ with Ye Olde Intrepid Reporter.  Returning this to Walmart is gonna be a stone bitch I know.  But, money be tight, and I can’t throw away $40.  The Walmart here tho?  Subhuman Illiterate Cretins at the one I live near… might actually have to go to the far-distant Wally World, as my local one… freaks, geeks, weirdos and lunatics running all ’round up in there.
And this’s ME saying this.
So, gotta wrap this for now, and I’ll either do an instructional later or just foam at the mouth about Walmart after I get done there.  Til then I’m The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. If you can't return the A/C clutch, I guess there's always Ebay.

    Those MTM loading blocks are THE way to go. I've had a grey colored one for a few decades. Got a red one like yours for the (rare) times I have another body helping me load in bulk. One of us drops powder while the other seats bullets. I still have the 12 inch chunk of 2 X 4 that I drilled out to load 45-70 and 223 back in the late 70's. Still use for 45-70 and recently, 43 Spanish.

  2. Glad the boning went well. As to you being screwed by the Fates, well, how many times have you fucked the Grim Reaper out of collecting your sorry ass? Maybe GR talked to the Fates and this is your punishment for cheating Mr. GR.

    Or… well… It is the way things are. Never understood people who just cluelessly wander through life and things just fall in place for them. While those same Fates run a train on my fat ass.


    Sounds like DumbFuck needs to be beaten with a Clue-by-four until you feel better.

    Go screw the wife, make you feel better.

    And, dude, find a significant other for Sapper before his right hand is the size of his right foot.

    1. OMFG… that had me LOL for real… Sapper'd like to have a hottie, BUT his issues is that he's waaay too picky for a 50 year old and faaaar too blackpilled/MGTOW

    2. Maybe SerbWarCrim has a family member or relative who needs to get married, or be pimped out. That way, Sapper might get a complacent one and get in good with 'The Families.'

  3. Gonna be fun to see if we have some dumbfucks stupid enough to try looting ifn' ol' Sally sits here for 3 or 4 days dumping rain all over us.Looks like we could have some nice flooding. Dauphin Island over in Alabama already looks like an after Taco bell shitstorm. No problem…the looters, they'll float down the swollen rivers real good.

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