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Bit of a heads up.  Augason Farms, a competitor and slightly less pricey version of Mountain House has ceased production for the next 90 days due to ‘supply line disruption’ i.e. ain’t no food available for them to freeze dry and make the vittles.  Now, not sure but the YewToob viday from a chick called AlaskaGranny has the lowdown and letter she was sent.

I went to their website and there’s a notice: 

“Due to an extremely high order volume through all sales channels we are currently not able to receive any orders through our web site.”

So yepper they’re out.  For 90 days.  Now, to some that sounds like a “Meh.” situation, and for a lot of people it is.  However, that’s three months and a LOT can happen is three months.  And IF things go to “Sporky” that’s a problem, and the issue is going to be local local AND local.  It’s funny because not fifteen minutes BEFORE I found out about this, Sapper came is to ask my opinion of whether to buy some new clothes (his wardrobe is either Carhartt workwear for his job or basic bachelor “I don’t give a fuck” t-shirt and shorts) so’s he can look a bit more civilized outside of the usual ‘bachelor scrub look’.  So his question:  New clothes or use the extra bucks to get MOR Mountain House up at Wally World.

He was up there the other day and said that the “Good” Wally World (in the nice part of town, and mostly Whypeepo live there) had a fully stocked selection of the Mountain House meal pouches, as well as the “Weekend Adventure” boxes that have 6 meals, 4 main entrée and 2 breakfast for $40.  Told him that I wasn’t sure but that he does need some better duds for the rare occasion we hit the bar for a beer or three.  Then I saw the poast on the food sit-rep.

15 minutes later I had showered dressed and hit the Walmart with him.  We cleaned out the Mountain House as far as the budget would let him.  Me?  I plan on payday of re-hitting it IF it gets restocked, and if the “Good” Wally World is still oot, then we’ll hit the two that’re in “Muh Diversity” locations.  It’s not the people per se, but the selection there is really shitty at BOTH places, and usually never gets a restock.  But he added it to ‘the house food’ which I keep in a medical DotMil equipment box.

With MREs included (12 meals) and a bunch of them steaks and other dehydrated goodies, that’s about 45-50 pounds of Mountain House ALL in the pouch variants and flavors.  Only flavor that we’re heavy on is the Beef Stroganoff… I fucking love that stuff.  I have a pile of the MH “Pro-pack” ones as well as they’re waaay compact like a LURP and smaller so’s to be better on patrol in the ruck and whatnot.  One pouch is one light meal for two people. So that box represents at least a month of grub.  Maybe more maybe less.  Now with DumBunny and GranBebe#2 onboard for a while, file it under “less”.  I need to unload it completely and re-inventory and get that listed on the box top, as well as portions.

The case I can’t recommend enough.  I have two I shipped home for the price of mailing from Affy.  They have 10 locks (all intact on mine), perfect rubber seals and wheels.  And it holds a PILE of food.  Plus the interlock when you stack them together on the roof of the Putt-Putt on the roof racks.  Then a cargo strap and nice, weatherproof, waterproof and almost indestructible.  When emptied, fill them with sand for a nice bullet stopper.

So, wanted to give y’all a heads up.  Other observations at the “Good” Wally World was that it was full-to-overflowing with ‘stuff’  Meats were good, hell they had Gatorade, not all flavors but it WAS in stock unlike Publix.  All sorts of shitpaper and the only thing I noticed which was amiss was the aisles in this place were chockablock full of still-in-the-shipping boxes… like WAITING to go on the shelves.  TONS of shytte Aye… whoever is running that particular store obviously knows WTF is going on, and took precautions to have TONS of extras on hand to put on the shelves.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Tip from a cheap old timer, homemade freeze dryer from a vacuum pump and the largest pressure canner you can find, assorted miscellaneous parts like steel brake line, fittings, water catch chamber and most important a working brain, chest freezer for the chills. Mucho bucks retained for other goodies or moar kibble. By the way the outer mre pouch can be reheat sealed, great for bb storage. Grey tip for the “cartop” container, paint it white, O.D. sticks out, most npcs won’t recognize its origin in generic white.

  2. Read about it yesterday over at naturalnews, article was from Friday:

    We’d already spent our “prep money” this month but, after seeing the article & talking it over with the dear wife, we decided that under the circumstances we were ok with having a balance on the credit card this month so we visited our usual food storage supply place. Gotta be honest, the in-stock pickings were pretty slim & the prices…holy shit!

    Here on the Olympic Peninsula I hit the local Costco this morning. #10 can (3lb) of Costco coffee is at $12, was $7 a year ago. Lots of bottled water but no toilet paper or paper towels. They had bottled water stacked where the paper products would have been which indicates to me that they aren’t planning on getting any in for the forseable future. 1/2 pallet of Kleenex. 1/2 pallet of blue shop towels. Full up on kids & adult diapers, 1/4 pallet of baby wipes. Everything else seemed ok. The cashier claims the shortages are due to a lack of truck drivers.
    Commissary run at the local base was earlier this week, their inventory problems seem to be getting worse. They had partially restocked a couple of items but the long term holes in the inventory are still there & new holes have appeared since the week prior.
    The local Safeway is receiving pretty regular shipments but you can tell the shipments are only partial. Sections have shrunk considerably versus 18 months ago & everything is pulled forward to disguise all of the empty shelf space. The only thing in abundance is the Halloween candy & it’s gone from 1 aisle to almost 3.
    I got a truck driver buddy who does the deliveries to the local Kroger, he reports that they’re only receiving 1/3 of what they order per week due to lack of inventory at the warehouse.
    Some of the shortages can still be traced back to the regions big UNFI warehouse having a “covid outbreak” 3 or 4 months back ‘cause they had a bunch of their drivers walk after the local mismanagement said they were going to mandate the not-vaxx for all employees.
    Haven’t hit the local wallyworld this week but 2 weeks ago they seemed to be good on most of their inventory. I’ll pass the “good” Walmart tomorrow on the way home from the range so I’ll check it then, may hit the local one too. Last time I was in the local cash & carry they were looking pretty thin. Haven’t checked the local Winco in awhile.
    I also have family that recently relocated into the area & which will require some assistance in keeping their bellies filled when the wheels come off. It never ends.

    1. No Augason farms at either Walmart, only one box of mountain house meals between the two stores. Canning section at both stores picked pretty clean, just odd-sized jars left & no lids anywhere. Grocery sections had a number of holes at both locations. Camping section in the local store was full of non-hobo people picking over the tents & sleeping bags which I found mildly surprising.
      Forgot to mention on yesterday’s comment: stock up on your usual brand of hygiene products now, especially kids products. If your kiddo is particular about a particular flavor or scent you may already be SoL.

  3. I went to a wallyworld where I live and I met a clerk who has been there 19 years. I asked if she could confirm the rumors of shortages and she did. She stated they have a lot of items that are out of stock indefinitely and a lot of other items that are temporarily out. She blamed it on the shipping issues and covid shortages. One specific thing she warned me was running out- Pet Food. Stock up if your animals prefer something.

    So far, I’ve seen costco run out of TP and PT, but that’s back as of my last visit. Sam’s club was limiting purchases of TP and PT to 1x package per customer. All the BS is in over supply, but I’m noticing a lot of issues with appliances being short. Grandma’s microwave was broken, so rather than fight for nonexistent appliances, I ordered replacement parts and fixed it for her.
    Also- visited a used bookstore a couple hours away to stock up on as much as I could. Nobody reads where I live, so there aren’t any used bookstores. I maintain my own library of stuff and I get a mix of everything. I was delighted to find How-To books in supply, so I got some of those Time-Life books on fixing up your home. I got a ton on digits, but legacy books are way better in my opinion because they don’t need to be plugged in to work. Note- if you’re interested in medical-type knowledge, the used bookstores are a place paramedic/EMT manuals seem to end up. Lots of good info in those for cheap.
    Don’t forget your spices for all your stocked up food.
    And consider making a trip to the dollar store to grab a wide variety of OTC stuff. I make a point to visit from time to time for budget bandaids, t-paste, anti-itch cream, etc. I also grab 1-2 things I don’t use and never intend to need, just in case someone else does or I find myself with a new issue I never considered before. And if you’re married, ask spouse what kind of lady stuff she uses and get some. If you get the whatever feminine lady products she uses at costco, that case is probably enough to last her til’ she reaches menopause, so you’re safe. Can you imagine having a 10 year supply of food, ammo, water, parts, etc and retreating into your doomsday survival bunker and having to suffer every 30 days because you’re the jerk who didn’t get that stuff? I’d probably end up locking her in and taking my chances with the zombies.

    1. Thankfully all teh wahmenz here in the house have had their ‘pack pulled’ as we used to say in Armor.
      No issue there Aye.
      And yeah, good advice re: spices…. might I also suggest (as I have done) a HUGE supply of Kool Aid packs? I got like 200 various flavors for like $40 on the Zon. Purified agua, be it Katadyn or Berkey or Boiled or chem treated tastes -flat- and Da Aid of Kool can help the “unexperienced to hardshit” for drank porpoises. Sugar stockpile also help with that aspect. As well as for ‘shine making.

      1. I keep a stockpile of Mio drink flavoring, as well. Makes iodine water taste like anything but. I don’t know the storage life but that stuff works great on hiding light bleach taste etc on chemically treated water. A little bottle of it goes a long way, to boot.

  4. ” I plan on payday of re-hitting it IF it gets restocked, and if the “Good” Wally World is still oot, then we’ll hit the two that’re in “Muh Diversity” locations. It’s not the people per se, but the selection there is really shitty at BOTH places, and usually never gets a restock.”

    lol, it is the people, per se, why the selection is shitty and why they aren’t restocked. It’s sad that this experiment failed, and that things are coming down to RAHOWA, but it b wut it b.

  5. Florida has a climate appropriate for freeze dried. Don’t have to go too far north to make the classic root cellar, or even the European/Russian “dig a hole and fill it with potatoes” option work.

    Never meet a self respecting Polish war surviver who would have less than 1000# of spuds put up by the first snow. Not many of them left alive anymore.

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