Here We Go, Off to the Races! UPDATED #9

Breaking News Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Looks like a Mass Shooting that anyone with 1/4 of a brain is going down now in Boulder.King Soopers Market.

Initial reports is they rolled a BearCat to the front door and there’s still shewtin’ going on?


S.W.A.T. team delaying entry anyone?

In fact, the first unit on the scene should have entered and K.I.A.’d the motherfucker.

My Call:

Watch for Eeeee-vil Black Rifle (AR/AK variant)

Watch for “The Man With Three Names”Watch for the “Reclusive Whypeepo Male”

Any bets?

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

Big Country

More updates to follow as we get intel

UPDATE #1, 17:45

One witness told FOX 31 Denver they heard a sound similar to fireworks after leaving the store and saw a man in the parking lot holding an “AR-15 style weapon” and wearing what looked like tactical gear. 
Picture from the local Fox Affiliate:

3 out of 4 so far

He appears to be stripped down of the Tactical Gear and a Evil White Male

Check the Box for Tactical Gear (Body Armor will be added later to the stuff that Leviathan don’t like”

Check the Box for someone “witnessing’ an “AR” Evil Black Rifle

Now, only thing left for the False Flag Olympics is The Man With Three Names

Place yer bets!

UPDATE #2, 19:00Helos were landed at a nearby High School… as shown in this picture:

Now, I’ma Waiting on the Esteemed SME (subject matter expert) on this, but is it me, or are the Two Red White and Blue “Medievac Birds” apparently fully grounded and shut down?

Add on that there’s like z.e.r.o. activity around the birds?

The only Medevac experiences I’ve had were two times, One in Iraq, which was a “hot-load-n-go”, meaning the bird barely settled, we threw the casualties on board, assisted those who needed assisting, and then they did the Baghdad Airborne Boogie to the C.A.S.H. 
Now, another time, was a civilian affair.  I was travelling through the Great Smokey Mountains on a looooong and desolate strip of road when I came on an overturned S.U.V… passengers were OK, but the driver was pretty fucked up.  No cell signal as it was 1996, and no way to get the cops… I was it so to speak.  I did however have my “A” and “B” bags for deployment in the car, plus some ‘extra-shouldn’t-have’ shytte, to include a Star Cluster or 3, plus Smokes.

1 Can of HC White Later and 1 Multi-Flare Star Cluster in Red, and two Staties showed up full blast thinking there was a start of a forest fire… they got there, and after a quick consult, one of them hauled balls to be a relay point for the radio… we were so far in the middle-o-fucking nowhere that even their radios barely carried a signal. 

Ended up using my red smoke to mark the LZ, and I also, as a matter of my normal carry load in my bags, had a panel marker to lay on the highway when the Medevac showed up.  I even used the bullshit hand signals to guide in Da Choppa when she grounded.  They too, did a turn n’burn, so I’m wondering just What The Fook is going on this this pic??? 

Jes’ Sayin’ Aye?

I’ll update if’n I hear back from DM

UPDATE #3, 18:50
It’s in the comments, but Divemedic had this to say:

“When we call for the helo, they usually will keep the rotors turning, package the patient, then go. The goal is to have the patient with the trauma surgeon within an hour of being shot. There are times when that doesn’t happen, most often when the patient isn’t stable enough to fly to the trauma center, so they go to the closest hospital. To unstable to fly to TC usually means that they need active airway assistance, or they need chest compressions (CPR). In those cases, the medical crew from the helo will ride in a ground ambulance to the closest hospital to help the medics, while the pilot shuts the bird down until they return. Other situations that can cause this, is that there are not enough medics on the scene from the ground units, so the airmedics will stay on scene and help. In either case, that is not good. Usually means there are more fatalities than there are critical wounded.”

So, this means it’s either really really good or really really bad… I’m of the thought process of “Glass Half Full/Half Empty?” and I’m the dick who asks “It is piss?”

More to follow

UPDATE #4, 20:20Man, that’s a LOT of damage for an AR-15…

Another Angle:

What the ever living fuck was this guy using?

An AR-15 loaded with sooper-dooper high explosive rounds like Terry Crew’s Nuclear Automatic Shotgun in the fucking “The Expendables?”  I mean Jesus… that ain’t right… even lobbing M-67’s wouldn’t cause that much damage…

Jes’ Sayin’

More as we go…


Ok gang… this’s bullshit.

In a world of literal “instantaneous information gratiuity” there’s been no word as to the name or what exactly happened in Ye Olde “Soopers” Mart.  Literally.

Gone silent
No updates besides the norm
Even though they hauled an obvious middle-aged, balding Whypeepo out of the building with a leg wound.  HOURS ago… no name, no motivation, no nuthin’…

Sez to me:

Something went wrong Aye?

Have to see as time goes on, but right now, if it looks like shit, smells like shit, it probably is shit.

I’ll be on this alllllll night.  Hope my F.B.I. handler has some Monsters… this’s gonna be an alllll night affair.

Unless they drone strike me, and say its a Meth Lab LOL.

UPDATE #6, 21:00

OK: Via Britnews, AKA The Daily Fail… Six dead.. which means “Wednesday in Detroit”.
Lots of good pics and bullshit… still no name nor motive…Bunch of Shytte there Aye?

UPDATE #7, 21:30

A Boulder cop is among the K.I.A.’d… more later

UPDATE #8, 21:35
Dude vidya’d some of this, and didn’t help?????
Woman down, not 15 seconds into the vidya?
No Blood visible?
What. The. Fuck????
Watch for yerselves:

UPDATE #9, 2230

Yah.. no word on “who or why”
Methinks because those of us “in the know” are Following CLOSELY.
See whut 24 hours provides
Methinks a bunch of MK-Ultra leveled SHYTTE
You tell me

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  1. The perp walks pretty well for someone with a leg wound. Either that or he has amped on coke or something

  2. In my last comment, the one concerning the asian whore shooting, I said we would lose our gun rights, because, like clockwork, some dumbfuck white dude would shoot up a school or some POC just at the wrong time. Well, the idiot settled for a supermarket. If you ain’t got your guns and ammo by now, you ain’t gonna get anymore….
    Of course no one will blame the horrific mental health of America after a year on virus lockdown. As an apartment manager I’ve had to deal with tenants, mostly women, who are afraid to go outside. I have tenants who won’t leave the property for months at a time. They get as far as the laundry room. This kinda incident doesn’t surprise me. I deal with this horrid covid mental illness daily.

  3. Boulder had a MSR and magazine ban until a week ago, when it was struck down in court. Maybe I’ve become too suspicious of such things but I don’t believe much in coincidence anymore.

  4. Sooo we have an active shooter. Officer down. Gazilloin amped up cops with a swat team and not one of them did a mag dump on this fucker??? I’ve been through MULTIPLE active shooter scenarios. Lesson to be learned is get in fast and shoot and kill the motherfucker. Seems the shit bag got out with a wound to the calf. I wonder did he slip and fall on a broken bottle? I’m with you, this smells.

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