Hmmn, a 3 Named Kid, Two KIA

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A shooting at the Bridgewater College involved an interesting combination of weirdness.

First Point: The two killed were Cops

Second Point:  One Whytte, the other black, and “besties” from the reports.  Being called the “Dynamic Duo” now the “D.O.A. Duo” (too soon?)

Third Point:  A three-named-Whypeepo kid named Alexander Wyatt Campbell was the shooter.  Age?  27.  Bit old for an undergrad ain’t he?

Fourth Point:  Today marks the beginning of “Black Worship Month” and alllll the subsequent bowing and scraping to our averaged 9o IQ’d African American Overlords.  Mind you, per Rushton and Jensen in 2005, their study showed that the mean IQ of sub-Saharan black Africans is about 70, which means we’re waaaay luckier than the Sou’Africans.

Fifth and Final Point: What the fuck are these asshole doing and who the fuck trained them?

That’s the Horde O’Fuzz taking the Suspect into custody.I count 1…2…3…4…5…6….7…. and the ‘tail end Charlies (2x) making a total of 9 motherfuckers taking an already shot-and-wounded suspect into custody.  I count at least-  3 of them fuckers sweeping each other, and the cop in front?  ‘Donut” Fred?  Looks like he’s got a tan hush puppy on the end of his M-4.

WTF does Campus Fuzz doing with Suppressed M-4s?

Must be nice Aye?

And, as mentioned before:
27?  WTF is a 27 year old on campus for?  Average age of an Undergrad is like 20.  Masters Candidates 23.  Seems they (Bridgewater College) only have One or two Masters degree programs.  The college itself offers 60+/- Liberal Arts Degrees, and has a 91 Million dollar endowment.

It just so happens to be 2 hours away from the beltway, west of DC and from Richmond.  Essentially a Libtard-Timewasting HIGHLY pricy college who’s biggest things are libtarded degrees and athletics.  Sportsball is BIG there as Bridgewater began offering its first masters program in Athletic Training, in 2018.  

So, time will tell, but isn’t it interesting that an “Ebony and Ivory” Team of Fuzz were the casualties… can’t remember the last time that –any– Cops were shot, nevermind kil’t in-line-of-duty at ANY school.  Please illuminate me if you can, but as of now?  

This’s a first.
Was this done to promote some weird “Lean on Me” fucking Die-ver-city bullshit Anti-Violence Anti-gun thing?  According to the article, they found a LOT of guns that this dude had ‘stockpiled’ -somewhere-.  How the fuck did he even get A gun on campus, seeing that he’s attending what sounds like “Stalin Uni” and the narcs are everywhere.  Shit don’t make no sense.

Then again, the three name man, really sets my “false flag” flying.  Arty, what do you think?
More Later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. The two brothers who set off the bomb at the Boston marathon killed an MIT campus cop. That is what started the running street battle that eventually lead to the older brother going room temp and the younger gut shot and hiding in a boat.

  2. the picture you posted of the “clowns with firearms” advancing en masse with weapons at the ready toward an already down suspect; is on the one hand the scariest display of “don’t know what the fuck they’re doing”; and on the other hand the most encouraging display of “don’t know what the fuck they’re doing” I can recall ever seeing… let’s pray they learn nothing in the months ahead; all clustered like that is a good thing. For “us”.

  3. I don’t understand the significance of three names. Doesn’t almost everyone have three names, and they’re just using your full name? Kinda like mom when you fucked up as a kid?
    “Bruce Lee Roy, you git yo’ black ass over hea’ and pik dis shit up o’ Imma gonna whoop yo’ head!”
    What am I missing?

    1. Its a science thing of the brain Berg. Studies done back slightly before the Kennedy Assassination found that IF the Powers That Be can establish a ‘mental mnemonic connection’ to the supposed perp, it doesn’t matter IF they’re actually the guilt party. See the Batman Killer, MLK’s supposed shooter, the list of what I call the “Three-Named-Man” is -highly- indictive of a false flag/MK Ultra style bullshit op. The list, as of now is like years and years long. Started actually with Lincolns killer, John Wilkes Booth, the very fact that you remember THAT name, as opposed to McKinley’s assassin or some of the others out there Aye?

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