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A bit late, but post-party at Cowboys, and I had to do the Sergeants Time Saturday Poast. Been a bit since me last, but primarily that I’ve been so damned busy, and these poasts take a LOT to put together what with technical and other materials I have to gather.  In this case, it’s the basics of the High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle, the HMMWV or Humvee for the civvies here.

Here’s two of them, at a checkpoint, in our nations Capital.Dunno but this gets me angry.Fuckers.  Those are both M1114, Variant 2,s with the upgraded doors and Air Conditioning package.  The long green horizontal vent on the one on the right in the pic?  AC Intake.  NOT NBC proof, nor tear gas or anything else, no matter what the sales brochure sez.  The suspension is the fully upgraded variant as well, designed to hold all the extra armor.
The truck on the left appears to have the basic gun shield with no crew served mounted, and the other has a CROWS system mounted on it.  CROW = Common Remotely Operated Weapons System.  I.E. Xbox FPS Gun system.  No man in the turret, all inside remote controlled gun.  A close up to unnastand what it looks like IF the weapon is mounted on it:

Shape of the ammo can helps ID it.
So, anyways, say you n’ yer boys are out hoppin’ and a’boppin’, scootin’, shootin’, an’ lootin’, and lo and behold!  What’s this? An abandoned HMMWV?Well sheeeee-it.  It’s here, but none of y’all ever been in the Arrrrr-me, so what to do, what to do?Tell ya what to do.Open the door, and get behind the wheel.

Upper left corner?Yep.  Lookie there, a switch.

It’s currently in the “Engine Stop” side.  No keys needed.  BUT… makes sure you DON’T try to fire it up.  Don’t rush… what ya want to do is check things out a bit.  Make sure it’s still ready to roll.  And that it ain’t booby-trapped
Jes’ Sayin’

Don’t touch the switch ’til you check a few things out.  First thing, the Batteries.  Go over to the right front passenger seat.  Look at the front of it where it connects to the metal.  You should see two latches. Number 17 in the pic below.  Pop them.

Now, once you unlatch them, lean the seat (15) back, and lift the sumbitch out of the way.  The batteries (18) two of them, are mounted in tandem, making the power system 24Volt as opposed to a standard 12volt.  Check to see if the cables are connected.  Then check the main harness cable in front of the batteries to make sure that IT is connected.  Make sure it’s tight, as two or three turns to loosen it is all it takes to disable the truck.  Handy trick to disable a truck with no keys.  Then, next thing to check, what I call the “Brain Box”.

The Brain Box is the Protective Control Box.  It’s normally located under the drivers seat.  Now check the big cable thats going into it.  Now, FYI, these things occasionally ‘fault out’ due to age, mositure, abuse… you name it.  Sounds dumb, but no bullshit, sometimes giving it a hard rap with your fist will reset it.  No shit… just like the Fonz on a jukebox… I did it throughout my career, especially back in the Clinton days when spare parts were unobtanium.  So check it too… if it’s good, then move on to checking under the dash where the switch is located. Make sure the starter cables, as seen above (A&B… A connects inside the dash to B)  Make sure B’s cables are all wired right too.  Now if they are?Throw the switch to run, and WAITIt’s a diesel.  Gotta let the glow plugs do their work.There’s a orange “WAIT” light that’ll come on.  When it goes out, crank it over to “RUN” until it fires up, and then release.  Congrats.  You now have a HMMWV to play with.Now: Other Controls:Lights:

Below the starter switch.Everything except Black-Out Marker (itty-bitty barely there marker lights used with Night Vision Goggles) need to have the right bottom unlock switch used to turn on the lights.  “Service Drive” is like normal headlights, “Stop Light” is like driving with just the marker lights on a normal car.  Black out lights are for tactical movement with augmented vision.

Now a LOT of the trucks have been upgraded with the new hi-speed/lo-drag punch buttons.  No unlock, just choose, then hit “ENTER”  Too easy.  The other upgrades as of late have actually been a keyed ignition, however, 

If you’ll notice, those are some seriously cheap assed gym locker level keys
I could pick that faster than my ass and/or nose(BTW: Side note, learn how to pick locks.  Fun and highly useful… learned how-to in Affy as a hobby to keep me busy and now I never leave home w/out my picks, bump keys and such whatnot.  I use Sparrow picks out of Canada, and no, no $$$ for the bump, they’re just IMO the best for the job…)So, besides easy-peasy to pick, you can still reach up under the dash, and pull the wiring plugs out.

First, and correct me if I’m wrong, peel the insulation off all three of what would connect to those plugs, OR have ‘jumpers’ to use… you can make that with some spare wire… might be easier that way, so…  hit the Starter Crank to the 24V… once it cranks, put the ACC Run Cable to the 24V, and wrap it together.  Viola, running bypassed start.
So, hope this was helpful.  I gotta git… very tired. Anyone got anything to add, hit the comments… I’m kinda brain fried from tonight. Cowboy and his put on a hell of a spread, and GranBebe wore us all oot.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. My $.02 — assess if you really want to have it. With some proper attire, it can be damned useful to move around denied areas in. If they figure out who you actually are, the armor gives them an excuse to bring out the big guns for you.

    Ask yourself what you want it for. Do you just want the guns and ammo? If so, drive it off someplace nice and private, pull the guns off (it’s not hard), check to see if you have a nice tripod for Ma Deuce hiding in the back of the truck, and then make a bonfire out of what you aren’t taking home.

    (If you’re really lucky, there’s a nice M19 GMG up there instead of Ma. Make sure you grab all those ammo cans full of belted grenades and spend a little time thinking about how to be really useful with that mirth-maker. You’ll be glad you’ve been doing PT when you see how heavy that shit is.)

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