Holy Shit I’m up Early….

Good EARLY  Morning to the Droogs and Droogettes!
Early morning here at the Casa del Veterano Rebelde…  Two cuppa in and I’m up and wired and sorta kinda ready to face the stupidity that is the world today… leastways the retardation that passes for the world.

New News News… Looks like The Trumpinator Nuked another Bad Guy… and this fuck deserved it… Apparently Thing One and Thing Two (The former Qoms Commanders) got annihilated by a Predator in what I’d call a seriously precision strike. 

Now, If the map above (shamelessly stolen from the Daily Mail) is correct, they hit his convoy exactly where they needed to.  That corner on the map is on the ‘main drag’ in and out of the airport…  I’ve been there at that exact spot like OMG a couple of thousand times… no exaggeration.  I mean really… I lived there for 7 plus years?  Its on the curve closest to what was known as Camp Slayer…

The Access Road he took went through the area that used to house the Duty Free for a period of time when the Shi’ites threw a shi’te fit (see what I did there? LOL) about Infidel Liquor being sold in the Airport itself… that shit lasted maybe a year or two before they caved to the filthy filthy lucre and let them move back into the airport proper.  It’s the ‘back door’ to the Airport Cargo Area(s).

The corner, if that IS in fact where they zapped those doodz, is -PERFECT- in soooooooo many respects.  I mean it’s been….

Holy Shit… 8 Years since I had boots on the ground.  Yikes!  Too many Years Too many Beers!

As I was sayin’  Leastways –back in the day- that whole area was mad depopulated.

Makasib in the bottom of the pic was pretty much empty for the most part as after a couple of times that they lobbed some rokkits and mortars at us, it got chewed up pretty well by the Apaches so the locals hatted up and unassed leastways while I was there.

Just as a point of Interest, the pic above shows a red marker which was the CSH (pronounced “cash”) on Liberty and literally right up the street from my lil home away from home… when I Google Earth’d it, I could see that the pic had my truck parked out front LOL.  Means this pic above is circa 2009/2011.  So, to continue:

The Al Furat Palace Complex was called Camp Slayer (corrected dammit…), and the unmarked lakes to the Northwest by the red marker is The Victory Base Complex and Camp Liberty and all the other shit…

So yeah, reason I dig these doodz getting the eternal dirt nap is threefold:

1)  The Q’oms force was the group supplying a LOT of the boom-boom that was fucking me and a lot of Joes up back in the day… in fact I was personally on the receiving end of one of those 107mm Rokkits one night… surprisingly didn’t take any shrapnel seeings that the round went off not more than 100 meters from me but it blew me off my feet and rang my bell bad enough that I was bleeding from the ears…  we know it was an Iranian 107 as one of them that landed in the series near me hit the swampy wet mud and didn’t detonate, and EOD recovered it intact, complete with the “Made in Iran” label on it…  These guys were in charge so yay!  One for the good guys.

2) Because Fuck These Guys.  Seriously.

3) And because the Democrats go even MOR insane… to the point that retarded cumdumpster Rose McGowan opened her well used-and-abused Harvey-fellator/cockholster and actually tweeted an apology to Iran…  I didn’t think it was possible for these fucking morons to detach themselves any further from reality, but wow… yet again, shows how wrong I am and what a failure I am at reading the ability for Trump Derangement Syndrome to affect people.  Another case of a post-wall Slore who, knowing no-one wants her to open her legs to her fetid leathery snatch, she opens her mouth in the most retarded way possible… Yay Hollywood!  Keep it up!  Yer practically guaranteeing  a Trump Re-election in 2020…and 2024…and 2028… juuuuuust sayin’

The Religion of Pieces Methinks…
Dimwits, Fucktards, Retards and Democrats aside, (no offense to the retards, but lets face it… it is what it is…) They nuked the fuck outta them doodz… “No ‘casualty limiting’ Ninja-Bladed Missile for you!!!”  You get a full-blown Hellfire (which BTW has the ability to destroy every single Main Battle Tank in the World) which apparently really fucked up their day.  The pic above (scrubbed from everywhere) was put out by the Iraqis to show that the dudes ring was the same before and after… now unless this guy had a body double, I’d say that dickbeater is more than likely his, which means ‘game over.’

Enjoy your 72 Raisins asshole… 

Another plus is we –might- get to roll back into Iraq… which’d suit me jes fine.  I’d LOVE me a chance to sink balls deep in that filthy contracting dinero again… that an I genuinely liked Iraq… get me back in the saddle again?
Where do I sign up?
Until Later, I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. The Duty Free liquor store, that brings back memories. We used to call trips there "going to the ice cream store". I did a couple of upgrades to the satellite dish on Slayer.

  2. That was big BFYTW message from Trump. Remember when we got Al Bagdahdi and then his replacement the next week? I'm thinkin' there's going to be more of the same, at least until these asshole learn to at least keep their pie holes shut and their heeds down. Can't wait for that other Iranian general to say once more that they can beat the tar out of the U.S. Military. I'm thinking he ends up with Hellfire up his ass BFYTW.


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