Homemade Nitro? REALLY!?!

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!

So, according to ‘sources’ the Three Named Terrorist-of-the-Week used home-made nitroglycerin for the bomb that rocked Nashville.  LINK
Oh my god.
The Feds ain’t even trying anymore.  
It’s obvious to me they don’t give a fuck anymore and’ll throw any bullshit out there.

OK… my rationale?

Some folks got into my initial analysis of the “how” and “whut” of the makeup of the bomb.  Bracken stopped by, hell, I must have been the only ‘freeblogger’ open on Christmas.  That was the single largest number of hit here in one day ever.  Try 12490.  Used to take me MONTHS to hit those numbers…
My Thanks BTW.  If I hadda dollar… jes’ sayin’…
So anyways, I guessed a combo of ANFO and Blackpowder.  Blackpowder ‘cos the accessibility, it’s currently -available- unlike rifle and pistol powder in quantity, and it’s cheaper…$25 a pound as opposed to $40-50 a pound…  BP is still available whereas it’s nigh on unobtainium for other powders unless yer willing to pay a mad premium.  I got lucky and stocked up before the current insanity and still have primers, BBs, brass and powder to use… I know a LOT of reloaders who don’t, but every time I’ve gone sniffing around Bass Pro and even on line, the BP is always in stock, hence my analysis.
Case in point:
Ain’t much rifle or pistol powder available at all… leastways in quantities to make a huge Ka-Boom.

So a couple of folks wanted to tear apart my ideas, which I’m cool with

I mean hell, it’s on the Internet, why wouldn’t it be true?
My analysis was based on cost, ease and accessibility.
That and post-blast damage from the ‘operational-immediate’ post blast pictures.
As well as my IED/VBIED experiences both during and after said-explosions.
Anywho… so now they’re trying to tell us Homeboy bought a bunch of precursor chemicals
Using his credit cards
OK.  Plausible
However, the next part is where I throw the Bullshit flag and HARD
Homemade Nitro?
OK, there’s crazy, and then absolutely bugfuck nuts
I’m crazy.  I know I am.  Hell I make flammenwerfers for fun, profit and hell, Why not?
But home made Nitro?
Lets just say that I like living a bit too much.   I also like all my fingers just where they are.  Home made Nitro is one of the big no-no’s of the chemistry world.  I’m not going to go into detail too much, it’s all out there on the Intahrwebz for you to look up, and if y’all are stupid enough to fuck around, y’all gonna find out mighty quick just how dangerous and crazy that shit is.

There have been cases of guys working AT Dupont… the chemical company?  Blowing theyselves up by accident while on the jobProfessional Chemists blew theyselves up in a laboratory setting fucking around with Nitro.  No ONE sane makes homemade nitro.  Looking at it makes it irritable.  Shit… so even if he made a pile of it, I mean shit… doubt he mixed it up there on the spot on the street… and transporting it pre-made?  See above “irritable” becomes “agitated” which becomes “pissed off” which equals your carcass spread allllllll over the place suddenly and unexpectedly.
So call me highly doubtful of this particular bullshit.
But it does start to point towards what they really want
Which is banning the online sale of ‘stuff’ that can be utilized
Common chemistry
Fireworks supplies
Lock that shit down now

I can see it coming.
Bulk purchases of what -used to be easy- to get
So in the future IF something goes >Ka-BOOM< they can track it back to Point-of-Purchase
And fry everyone involved
Which means the black market is gonna start thriving
More than it already is
Stay tuned… see if’n I’m wrong.  The idea that it was having to do with cutting off comms?  
but ultimately, Occam’s Razor holds true.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. I thought the same thing. BTW, I 'scribed to your Patreon 3 dolla a month thingy. So's you know, I wants a specially autographed Charlie Mike Comix. Keep it rockin BC. Ohio Guy

  2. I joked in high school about making nitro. Even set up the gear to do it, but even I wasn't insane enough to make it.

    Any quantity large enough to cause the blast we saw would be so unstable he would have gone boom the first pot hole he hit.

    Unless he used a stabilizer… but even then he would have had to make it. So unless he made tiny batches over years and stabilized each batch, i call bs its not practical.


    1. Yep… add on NOW they're finally comparing two vehicles of comparative size, a large explosion, but zero damage versus complete destruction… i.e. RV versus Ryder Truck Nashville VS OKC… things that make you think…

  3. I have the exact info needed to make home nitro, but even my bugfuckin' crazy ass ain't THAT crazy.Even if I wanted to off myself, I'd like to leave the last line of the following saying true:
    "Live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse."

  4. All he had to do was stabilize the nitro in a clay substrate and it is easily transported. I believe Al Nobel did this a while back and got himself a Cracker Jack prize from the idea.

  5. he had a permit to buy explosives. no reason to make his own. sorry bc, love ya but black powder a big n.o. that was clearly high explosive. i guess he could have piled some on for kicks but the shattering effects are h.e. the fibbies just don't give a shit any more about making it believable.

  6. re:
    killing AT&T in Nashville

    Their timing was off.
    They need to disarm us first.


    hired hands doing dirty work

    I don't buy that line.
    The only hold the MARXISTS have on mercenaries such as the government agents — military and LawEnforcementOfficials — is the paycheck-n-pension fraud.

    2020 and beyond, the paycheck-n-pensions game is failing for one simple reason:
    * the fiat currency has so little trade value, anybody with the sense the gods gave a doorknob is swapping the stuff for anything tangible — land, vehicles, food, security.


    homemade explosives

    This is high in the category of 'products to avoid'.


    a big-enough crisis to keep me interested

    We are quite a ways from that point.


    the government agents building RecreationVehicles into bombs

    Good grief.
    Somebody is reading their spy novels again.

    Here is my LargeMarge Rule Of Dealing With Government Agents:
    The government agents always always always bumble around under an obvious handicap:
    * the incompetent seek government jobs because they are incompetent.

    The corollary to LMRODWGA:
    * the least imaginative of the least competent are promoted to boss… and inertia rears its slack head.

  7. re:
    how will we survive if somebody bombs AT&T!

    Here is the LargeMarge Rule Of Gadgets:
    * any technically-dependent culture inevitably becomes so reliant on that tech, they become self-defeating… and struggle to effectively use it on any level.

    One example is night vision devices.
    The increased vision is inevitably matched by increased clumsiness.

    If you think you want some NODs, listen for the thundering herd of cattle… then help yourself.

    1. The trick to using NODS is to understand what you are using them for, and how to use them. If you already know how to move quietly, bring able to see while you move isn't a handicap.

  8. modern ballistic powders use nitrocellulose which can test positive for nitro. You can distill the nitro from it if you want to. Not recommended, but doable. So if they were so bored to start swabbing trees, and there was any modern powders used, then there is a good chance to find nitro particles. I just wonder why they reported they found it on a tree and not all over the place?

    1. Single-base smokeless powder is made from nitrocellulose. Double-base smokeless powder is a combination of nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin. With molar nitric acid and fuming sulphuric acid, you can make all kinds of fun stuff.

  9. re:
    Occam's Razor

    This is often mis-interpreted as 'the simplest explanation fitting the evidence is usually right'.

    Good grief.
    Any evidence at any level of complexity can be right.

    The simple explanations with the fewest parts are easiest to test.
    Then, if the testers achieve a reasonably close (read: 'expected') explanation to the problem, laziness/inertia show up, and they quit testing.

    Based on my experience, the way this particular universe is structured, multiple causes constantly continually temporarily intersect to create temporary problems.
    Any solution is valid only in that moment.

    In the case of the MARXISTS, the multi-causality of incompetence/immaturity/gullibility seems to be the simplest explanation fitting the available evidence.
    And the solution 'kill them all' is merely temporary.


    However, I have no evidence-based explanation for Washington, District Of china.
    The chinese were xenophobic inbreds centuries ago, now they want to rule this particular planet?
    That sounds like a tough gig.
    Free folk are notoriously difficult to herd into the hive.

    Do chinese battleships capsize at launch?
    Do chinese dams routinely break, drowning millions?
    Do starving chinese eat bird-nest broth and friccassed bats on a kabob?

    1. Even with the death of the American Republic the ChiComs will have the Russian near to deal with, they won't roll over like the. Former USA did.
      And ironically it appear that Russia will be where western civilization and the enlightenment find it's last sanctuary against Islam and Chinese global tyranny

  10. 20 years of shooting muzzleloaders and I'm still surprised I can have a 25# case of blackpowder shipped to my door. This will end soon.

  11. Some reports state the perp had terminal cancer…..gave his girlfriend his car and made other such preps dying people make. That changes the level of risk someone might be willing to accept….and he may have had some actual chemical engineering experience required to pull this off. The FedMonkeys aren't handing out a lot of info on this guy. So while it's a risky thing to DYI nitro he jus might have succeeded.

  12. You all assume that the rv was the actual source of the explosion. Various footage can be interpreted otherwise. You all believing the feds now and bickering over details. I dont dont anything about explosives but i know that if the official narrative says "a loner white guy packed a vehicle with… " You know to look elsewhere.

  13. I found Matt Bracken's entry about improvised FAEs interesting. Would filling the interior of an RV or a trash can (dumpster?) with propane create a fuel-air bomb with enough power to do significant damage? If so, improvised FAEs could work both ways. They should watch what they wish for.

  14. I'm not thinking nitro glycerin either, but I also very much doubt that the explosion was composed of black powder and ANFO alone. If I were to judge by the camera footage, I'd say that there was likely a primary explosive *and* a compressed flammable gas. Most likely propane, due to its low cost and widespread availability. The fireball lasts for seconds after the detonation of the original charge, leading me to guess that there was something along the lines of a 25 gallon propane tank (full, of course) which got obliterated in the blast. And in answer to the above poster's question,as I understand it, an FAE in a dumpster would do little beyond blowing the lid off. In an RV an FAE might just contain enough pressure to blow a wall of the vehicle open, but very little beyond that. The conflagration will take the path of least resistance if it encounters something that holds up to its blast.

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