Homeschooling Versus “Skool”

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes

Hard weekend for ye olde Intrepid Reporter of fame and bullshitting.  This was 4 years ago when I found meselves in the pokey, a guest of the County and facing 5 years for assault with a deadly weapon.  Long of the short, it was a fascinating experience, albeit one I highly disrecommend.  
Whats really retardedly fucked up is it was literally a plan in place by the XBitcho to have me off myself.  Glad I didn’t.  I ended up getting the charges and bullshit dismissed, however at extreme cost and lots of man-hours of work both by me and my (((lawyer))).  Say what you will, but (((they))) are damned good at what they do…

Hell… not per-se an anti-semite… more like the political anti-semite.  
Just as I can’t fucking stand niggers I got me some troops of the heavily melanated side of the house who’d I’d love to go into combat with.  Again.  I just can’t stand how the (((people))) in the media keep doing the same shit to us after we saved their bacon after World War 2.

IF I had a time machine, I’da gone back, and told the Allies to hold off 3-4 years and Let Hitler Finish The Job.
So, anyways, lost the fam, lost the guns, lost the Mark 0 Flammenwerfer, but: Got a first hand edge-a-muh-cation on how the IN-Justice system in this country works.  The Grand Inquisitor of the thing wanted me to do five years for pointing a gun at my now Ex.  FIVE. YEARS.
When arraigned, the shitskin terminally criminal scumbag in front of me being arraigned for beating two people into a fuckin’ coma with a ball-peen hammer got hit with a $300 cash bond and no hold.  Me?  $30,000.00 cash bond, held until trial (which would’ve prolly be a month ago at current rates that I’ve seen).
THIS is whats wrong.  Apparently the triple murder I wrote about earlier, I was wrong… the PIQ (perps in question) weren’t our “usual suspects” but Mad Man Methhead and his Two Merry Morons.  Pure-Dee-Trailer Trash.  M-3 apparently had 230 pending felony charges since he was 12 years old.

Riddle me this?  WHY the fuck ain’t –someonesomewhere-sometime- kick this worthless bag’o skins legs out from behind him, and cancelled his ass like the bad check he is?  Pop-pop to the back of ye olde casaba, and call it a day… donate what may, or may not be salvageable like Joe Chink does, and call it a day. Might still have 3 nice kids still alive.
So, anyways, Homeschooling…
Me and ExBitch did it for years.  I should say she did it for years.  –I– was in Iraq, but when I was home, I did my damnedest to assist and do lessons and such whatnot.
Whats interesting is the way things turned out.  Spawn #2 got ‘done’ with homeschooling (a.k.a. started attending “reg’lar skool” at a far younger age.
Since the meltdown, despite ALL my attempts, I haven’t spoken to her/(now him) in 4 years.
Thanks Caitlen Jenner.  You –will– visit the interior of a running woodchipper, if there is any justice in the world.  Reason for my rancor to Mr Kardashian Pt II, id the whole trans thing with him was b/c Bruce couldn’t handle being second banana in a chimp-filled insane asylum.  What not a better way to grab the limelight than to “go full Potato”?
And, my already declared-out-of-the-closet daughter, suddenly decided she was trans…
<Le Sigh>
On the other hand, Spawn #1 who stopped doing homeschool and went to ‘reelz skoolz’ went in ‘woke’, and got “Woke-er” if such a thing is possible… case in point:
(Spawn arrives home from Skool)
Me: “Hey Spawn, how was yer day?”
Spawn: “Hilarious… two nigs decided to chimp out about the last twinkie in the vending machine.”
Me: “Now son…”
Spawn: “No worries… I stayed out of it, but is was a classic  chimp out, complete with flung feces!”
Based as fuck amiright?
Anyways, the dif I’m saying in a roundabout fashion is get yer fucking kids out of the system while you can.  The only contact I expect from the Spawn #2 is after his/her inevitable suicide and/or attempted suicide… even Spawn #1 (who came over to hang today agrees)
Fucking shame, but there will be blood to satisfy my need for vengeance at some point.  The Blood God thirsts.
Until later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I feel ya on the spawn drama. Divorce, especially a nasty one like yours, is always hardest on the kids (and it's damn hard on the adults too).

  2. School indoctrination was getting bad when I gradumecated back in 82. Since then? Schools are fucked. F. U. C. K. E. D.

    Even old-school church schools have gone all Social Justice Warrior Academy.

    Fun thing is, you can do 2-4 hours of home teaching (minus individual work like reading and writing assignments) and get more done than 2 days of 'regular school.'

    There's a real reason the teachers' unions are freaking out over home schooling.

    If you must put your child in school, Charter Schools are the way to go. If you must.

    As to the whole trans thing. Been proven for a long time that any 'reassignment' before 25yoa gives about a 45% suicide rate. Reassignment between 25 and 40 gives about a 30% suicide rate. Past that? Who cares, well, actually still about 20%.

    Yes, there are people who 'transition' works for. But… the stats really are scary as to how high the regret factor is even just a few years after the actual surgery, oftentimes within just a few weeks of the lopitofamy or adadicktomy. And the answer, often, is either huge substance abuse rates or suicides.

    Sorry about your daughter. That just sucks. Maybe she'll eventually pull her head out of her ass and rediscover herself or at least rediscover reality.

  3. As to the ex-wife, she's the perfect example of what is wrong with red-flag laws. No due-process and any fruitcake can cause a guy (mostly, yes, guys) to lose their guns.

    Regarding lawyers? I have been forced to use three in the last 5 years to save me from getting jacked up charges and to get a monkey off my back. I wish the justice system was set up so I didn't need the lawyers, but… well, that's the system.

    The system… What is wrong with the system is not the cops. Nor the correctional officers. The fault is squarely on the prosecutors and the judges.

  4. Prosecutors. For most State Attorneys or Prosecutors (depending on what one has in one's area, Florida is State Attorneys) a 'win' is considered any positive resolution of a case. A positive resolution meaning Dirtbag gets some sort of punishment. The more cases positively resolved, the 'better' the prosecutor/state attorney, the better the bonuses and raises. Which means, Plea Bargaining some motherfucker down from a handful of Capital Felonies to 3rd degree Felonies or even to misdemeanors is as valid a WIN as successfully trying the motherfucker with a positive result by a jury or judge (depending on whether it's a jury-trial or a bench-trial.) And you can't rely on juries (OJ Simpson trial is a perfect example) or judges (because see rant below on judges.) Therefore, most prosecutors/state attorneys will push to plea bargain huge amounts of charges into minimal charges, sometimes even giving the ability to 'erase' the felony/misdemeanor charges off after 'successful' completion of the sentence (which rarely happens because judges (see rant below.))

  5. Judges. Most judges are elected by the very communities they are mostly judging. Most judges come from prosecutors/state attorneys who have been pandering to the communities that are mostly being prosecuted by reducing charges by plea bargaining. So… most judges are fuckwad liberal crapheaded shitbrained motherfuckers. So when given even a weak plea bargaining or a halfway decent guilty verdict, the judges will tend to trend to the bare minimum in punishment because punishment is 'mean' and 'wrong' and 'adversely affects the minority blah blah blah…' So minimal punishment, often easily erased from the rap sheet, or diverted into non-criminal punishment like 'Drug Court' (where the individual goes and doesn't have to pee to prove they're off drugs…) or some other bullshit. But wait, there's MORE!!!!

    So, some motherfucking criminal gets punishment, like parole or probation, and then violates said parole or probation. Motherfucking judges most likely, unless the new crime is realllllly heinous, just continue parole or probation to the motherfucker who's just violated parole or probation (usually by committing more crimes that will need to go through the system.) And so you get some career motherfucking criminal who's got like 3-10 different cases that are each violations of parole/probation and the motherfucking liberal commiebastard judge just wipes out all the past parole/probation/terms of release and let the motherfucking mope criminal off with a slap on the wrist.

    Same with any other conditions of release like Restitution to the Victim or Restitution to the Local/County/State that the motherfucking criminal is supposed to pay but usually doesn't and so you end up with criminals who have wracked up tens of thousands of dollars of restitution they are supposed to pay off but don't because THEY'RE CRIMINALS.

  6. Then there are the people that forced us to accept juvenile crime as not-crime and not counting towards one's future as a career criminal because they're just children and don't know what they're doing. Like suddenly turning 18 magically flips a fucking switch in yon juvenile criminal mook or mope or POS and said Dogsqueeze will suddenly realize their previous juvenile life of crime was wrong and they'll just magically stop. FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Seriously. The criminal justice system punishes dumb jerks like you or me far more than it punishes the career criminal or the serial murderer or the white collar criminal that ruins millions of people's lives.

    Other than that, did you enjoy shooting with Spawn#1?

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