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Couple of issues cropping up here n’there.  Lots of people -suddenly- getting all angrified and throwing down nationally.  Not that you’d hear it from the People’s Stalinist Ministry of Propaganda.  They appear to be ‘sitting’ on a lot of the stories floating around out there.  Almost like they don’t want people getting ideas.
Because free thought is dangerous.

Especially against the crop of current commie crap they’re pushing. 

As they say “sunshine is the best disinfectant”, and lately, there’s been a whooooole lotta sun shinin’ oot n’aboot.  The Critical Race Theory bullshit being pushed, the Drag Queen push, normalization of pedophilia and recruitment of our kids INTO “teh ghay” lifestyle, non-normal sexualization… the whole Magilla as my Gran would’ve said.

This A.M. on the cover of the Daily Fail it was a brawl in Virginia.

Apparently, the issue was letting ‘doodz who identify as doodettes use whatever shitter they want’

Not that any High School boy I know would ever identify as a chick to maybe get freebie peeks at a vag or boobies amiright? 

Yeah… riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  These fucking morons are bending over backwards to give point zero zero zero one per cent of the real legit population ‘special games and prizes’.

The only prizes they’re actually gonna earn is a fookin boolit at this point Aye?

Look, I get it.
Lest one think I’m some heartless bastard (I am) the trans kids out there, for the majority are mentally fucking ill.  I know of what I speak.  Tragically, I’m living it.  Spawn #2 fully embraced this bullshit, and all I have left are the memories, ‘cos she, as a she is, by her own words, is dead.  And it’s the worst pain I’ve ever experienced

She and I, were close. It wasn’t Spawn #1 that went to the range at a young age… and liked hanging with me.  We always knew she was gay.  That wasn’t in doubt.  It was that being gay wasn’t enough for an emotionally imbalanced 15-16 year old girl.  She had all the usual angst of a teen… the usual body issues… then, other things that happened, some of which we still don’t know about.  

What I do know is that at the time she started the whole “I’m trans” thing was at the same. exact. time. The Ministry of Perverted Propaganda started the whole “stunning and brave” Caitlin Jenner fuckwittery.  And yeah, if I ever see that fucker in my sights, he’s done.  THAT I swear on a stack o’hunnerds THIS fuckin’ high.  Reasoning?  Bruce Jenner was once one of the biggest athletes out there.  He had the unfortunate accident of marrying the wrong beee-atcha, namely Kris “Climber” Kardashian… this dirty slore sold her own daughters sex tape to get ahead and make cash for Christ’s sakes.  What sort of sick bitch does something like that?  

Kris ne’ Jenner apparently.  Problem was for Ole Brucy, was that he was no longer the center of attention.  Now, ‘normal’ people don’t have a problem with that.  Egomaniacs like Brucy?  Well, time to go full retard to recapture the glory.  Claim to be “transgendered” and go in drag.  Get on the cover of Time magazine and be lauded as “stunning” and “brave”.  All so he could get back in the spotlight.  And to hell with the ‘collateral damage’ like my sweet daughter.  My hatred for that fuck is sooooo deep I can’t even begin.  The number of kids who’re now –completely and permanently fucked– because a washed up athlete needed a ‘hook’ to get into the limelight again?  Notice how this fucker hasn’t cut off his dick?  Any bets if he’s ever going to?  How much you want to bet them titties he’s rolling with are rubber cutlets too?

Yep.  Give me the chance.
Please give me the chance.

So… enough of that.  My blood pressure doesn’t need stroke-levels.  The point is, LOTS of bullshits been happening behind the scenes for years now.  All this shit being taught/rammed down the throats of our easily impressionable youths.  Get them at a young age, and they tend to go “full fanatic”.

Ask any of the former Hitler Yoots… some of the World War 2 vets I knew told me the most savage fights they had were with the Hitler Youth and the SS.  Straight up suicidal fanaticism.

Any wonder that NOW we’re seeing the product of the hidden indoctrination?
The mask is off, and people ain’t happy.
I think we’re getting closer-ish to the days of the rope.  People seem to forget, especially those on the Left side of the lines that Political violence is not something that should be taken lightly and -should be- approached with great trepidation.  Personally tho, I think that since only the Left has ‘come out to play’ thus far, that they think that they’ve cornered the market on violence.


Heh heh.


<wipes tears from eyes> Jeebus… that’s funny.  They know not what’s coming their way if they seem to think that they’re going to keep this shit up without consequence.  Much like Brucy Jenner, he’d be shocked and stunned IF a highly pissed off parent of a lost child were snatch him up, then proceed to cut his cock off, cauterize the subsequent wound with a blowtorch, and feed him said-aforementioned dick to him.

With salt. 
Then again, fuck that guy.  No salt.  Eat it raw fucker.

These people… no. fucking. clue.  The current ‘year zero’  for them, they seem to think that everyone else needs to bend the knee to them.  It’s pure narcissism.  WE need to bend to THEIR wishes because THEY are RIGHT and we are WRONG.   And because they’re soooo right, there ain’t no room for debate.

Got a hunch it’s going to shock the ever living shit out of them when the pushback gets ultraviolent and the Cops stay the fuck outta the way… which is what’ll happen too.  “Sorry, you voated to defund us… cain’t hep ya!” as the City Councilman is dragged out and an improvised noose thrown over the streetlight….

Jes’ Sayin’

In fact, methinks even if the councilfolk were of ‘darker’ persuasion, no one would stop that, ‘cos once that fourth wall get broken?  It’s on like Donkey Kong.  In fact it’s a gar-ron-damned-tee it seems like that’s what they WANT to have happen.  We’ll have to see.
Me?I can wait.
Got alllll the time in the world.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Virginia girl slams school board for transgender locker room policy
    Teen blasts Loudoun County ‘gender identity’ locker room policy

    I am very sorry about your daughter.
    Would be interested in hearing about her other influences (where was her mother in this, teachers, school counselors, therapist, who were her doctors, her peers, any local LGBT Youth center or support groups, and online “support” groups, etc. that may have influenced her).

    There has been a trend noted by older lesbians that the younger masculine (a.k.a. “butch”) lesbians self identifying as non-binary or as transgender men rather than embracing their female identity.

    elle palmer is a F-M-F on YouTube who has transitioned from female to male and then de-transitioned back to female again. She explains everything on her YouTube channel.
    Biggest problem is once the voice deepens due to testosterone the voice doesn’t change back to female once they de-transition.
    If they get a double mastectomy the breast tissue doesn’t grow back. If they don’t get their female reproductive organs removed (many don’t due to the cost and/or extent of the surgery and continue to deal with the monthly thing) that part keeps working ok.

    There are now some alternative voices out there. The elle palmer video linked above, if listened to in its entirety, is very informative. Also there are Reddit and other forums out there discussing the pro/con and life experiences of gender transition and de-transitioning.

    People do make mistakes in life that they are sure about when they are younger, especially in their teens and young twenties. Isn’t that what getting married to someone whom you promise to always love forever and then later going through a nasty divorce to get out of that relationship that you so eagerly entered into is?

    So continue to hold out hope and be ready to take her back if she at some point in the future decides she made a mistake and wants to de-transition to go back to living as a female.

  2. I think the sheeple are starting to get red pilled. Soon, MAYBE they’ll start recognizing black swan events. (Thanks for the history on black swans.)

  3. If you push the shit from 1932, don’t be surprised when you get the results from 1933.

  4. Ma’am, you would have to go back through a bunch of BC’s posts back about a month-ish. there is evidence of sexual abuse by one of the local wastes of skin and Oxygen near the house.

    B.A.D. situation and I’ll loosely use the term person for the perp. who is KNOWN for well, needing to munch on a bullet,

  5. Still reckon when the financial system finally fails that will be the trigger. We can all put up with their bullshit to a certain extent because at the end of the day we go home, do our routines and unwind and enjoy the fruits of our hard work. When there is fuck all food, no power, and you can’t sleep because the local antifafuckers are rioting even your most mild mannered average joe is going to loose his shit

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