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Now, onward.  In keeping with Slo Xi Bi Den and his “Nook-a-clear weapons and F-15’s” speech yesterday, I thought I’d continue with my discussion of just “how” things might start shaping up. 

 It’s a bit like Bracken’s “Dear Police” letter he did a waaays back.  More of a description of how –I– think shit’ll play out if and when people get to the point where they have nothing left to lose.

Now, mind you THIS from a DotGov who’s been positively screaming that unarmed protestors and trespassers almost overthrew the DotGov…

Which is it guys?  You either need Nukes and Fighter Planes or you don’t.


Any wonder we ignore them?
And then they’re going to be genuinely puzzled when we start throwing rotten fruit and vegetables at them… in fact I’d say that’s a great idea.  Every. Single. Time. one of these hacks appears in public, we should bombard them with rotten fruit, eggs and veggies.  Veggies especially as a symbol of Slo and his tater brains.

I mean what’re they gonna do?  Charge you with Assault with a Deadly Veg?
Better yet, get your 14 and 15 year old kid to do it…. Yootful Prankage Aye?

So, the way it’ll go down:
Someone– is going to get cancelled/arrested/unpersoned as they used to call it in the Soviet Union.  Now, depending on the level of it, maybe someone’s dear ole Dad gets hemmed up and jailed for political issues.  Or, worse, say the State of Florida decides to no longer follow the edicts and increasing crazy from the FedGov.  And someone gets arrested for having a Florida Driver’s license as part of the ‘rebellion’.  Far fetched?  Dunno.  I’m spitballin’ here… either way, someone, somewhere, a dick gets trod on with golf shoes.

And someone decides that now, it’s personal.
However, one can only ‘nibble’ at Leviathan.  I mean all well fine and dandy to dream of going after the J. Edgar. Hoover building in the District of Criminality, like in the Turner Diaries.  It’s another thing altogether nowadays to pretty much resign yourself to lil annoying bites and nips here n’there.  Back when that moron wrote that shit, the surveillance state had nothing on what we got nowadays.  

As I said on Gab the other night,

Yep.Lots of agreement from the hoi polli Gabbers
If something goes sideways, it’ll be the FedGov depending on FedAgents to enforce and be the bully boys like Bracken wrote about in “Enemies F&D”.  The DotMil, while being currently pozzed out of it’s mind, it’s not completely stupid.  Outrageous dumbasshattery aside, the Troops?  They can get ordered all. day. long. to -do- shit, but ain’t shit gonna get done.  If anything, the DotMil is going to ‘hunker in the bunker’ and stay the fuck out of the whole thing, ‘cos like I said, their families come first.  In fact, watch for a migration of off-base peeps moving ON base if you want to have a strong indicator shit’s about to get really reelz.  It’ll take word of mouth to get that sort of news though… not that the Ministry of Propaganda is going to say anything.  I have a lot of Chair Farce kids from McDill who live in my A.O… you can be sure if they all start pulling up with rental trailers and vans to load some shit into them all around the same time, it’ll be noticeable.  Means they’re getting the fam out from possible reprisals.

Now, as far as FedGov workers outside of the DotMil?  Whereas the majority of the morons who’re still working in Leviathan?  At some point, anyone who’s working there has to now know, without a doubt, that they’re on the wrong side.  The FedGov has been revealed as fuckin’ corrupt as the day is long.  The FBI?  Evil. Period. Fucking. DOT.  I mean yeah, lotsa folks went in with the “I’m doing this for my country ‘cos I’m a patriot and want to make a difference!”
Lots of us joined the DotMil for the same reason.
That lasted until week 3 or 4 of Basic…

Is it cynical?  Hell yeah.  It’s a paycheck.  It rapidly becomes a paycheck.  Then, as time goes on, and the more time you spend, you aim for the retirement.  Once that comes,  the cynicism is complete and total.  Realizing that you spent the majority of your youth in pursuit of something intangible, one quickly realizes that you need to live on something AFTER the fact.  High ideals and patriotism and whatnot don’t put vittles on ye olde table.  It’s even harder after a hardcore life, when the knees are shot-the-fuck-through and the spine has had not 3  but 4 surgeries, and you can barely walk.  …at least in the DotMil you have camaraderie, or leastways you used to.  Now with the current pozzing?  Notsomucho I’m guessing.  You can gar-ron-damned-tee that they’ll watch out for their families.  
Fine and Dandy to be all “I’ll drone those Islamic errrr… right wing whypeepo superpreemercists to death!!!” when you’re located a full continent away and your family safely ensconced in home and hearth.

So here’s the thing fat: when your at work, “doin’ the do” -someone- kicks in your front door, and butchers every. single. person. in your house, as well as the family pets.  And then waits for you to get home, and does you too, AFTER showing you the severed heads of your fam, and letting you know that this is the price you pay for taking Leviathan’s Groat.  Your failure at that point is complete and total.  No memory/progeny for you.  Your. Line. Ends. 

Probably get the whole thing on vidya and uploaded to whatever the flavor-of-the-week host that shows utterly gruesome shit out there.
Maybe ogreish will make a comeback?
Tough call, but the revolution will be broadcast in all it’s horrorshow and ultraviolence.
Best to note it if’n your part of the problem, as you’ve legitimized your participation on what’s turning out to be the wrong team.  Everyone will eventually get ‘touched’ by this shitspatter.

It’s unavoidable.As Spike Lee used to say: “Do the right thing”All you have to do is look at some of the pictures of the people who’ve run into ‘real life’.  The ones of AntiFa who fuck with the wrong person and get the scars to show it.

The stunned deer-in-the-headlights looks are classic.
Again, Keep it in mind.So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid ReporterBig Country

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  1. Be creative. I read “Freehold” by Michael Williamson. In that book, the resistance killed Occupation troops and took the bodies. The Occupation troops were hiring locals to run on base food service, so they made the dead troops into sausage and served them up. They did psyops by leaving the dogtags in the food.

    1. Read your take on the ye old come after the families strategy trust BCE to take it to the next level! You both have a great point about asymmetrical warfare can grind the gears of war of even the biggest states to a halt. Will have to read up on just how much of a drain on the Soviet Union the ghan invasion was. I know they had Chernobyl at the same time but it would be interesting to see just how much it was costing ivan to fight the towelheads

  2. I think a lot of people are going to have that shocked look on their face when they come to the end on both sides of the War…I think a lot of people when think words and apologies will save them when the switch gets flipped and that just isn’t going to happen…Better have tribe/Community because reprisals and blood debts will become commonplace again and who has the baddest tribe will rule the day…

  3. The Black flag is ready to fly, blade is sharpened. Just say when.

    Wanna see a microcosm of what happens when things go sideways, look at NO after katrina hit. A lot of MF’ers with double taps and headshots, over a hundred if I remember. Cops left their post within hours to go be with their families. Criminals, cops and darei say even some other 3-letter fucks, took it as an opportunity to take each other out in feuds, old debits, rivalries, hitjobs, etc… I was stationed at Hurlburt Field at the time and we got sent in, saw that shitshow firsthand, it left an indelible impression on me, I changed a lot of stuff in my life after watching humanity devolve in less than a few days.

    For the reason you blog, its the same reason i read your blog, you articulated exactly how I feel now that I retired this year after seeing all this come to fruition, and the state of the military and fed gov. shoulder replacements, back surgeries, hip surgeries, etc…not even fifty and takes a half hour to get out of bed, you know the drill, yada, yada, Thyroid disease from being at K2, skittles pond was a hoot. Yeah, cynical doesnt cover it.

    1. I was there too. Commander of a Nat Guard Company. The three letter orgs used Katrina as an opportunity for paperless Urban development and management. Never forget when DEA thugs asked my unit to provide overwatch on drug raids and to shoot on sight and the DEA would reimburse our ammo counts for accountability. I told them to go fuck themselves and reported it to the Battalion Commander

      1. Interesting… assisting the DEA < hard no > for me…
        Robbing the crooks however, call it ‘income redistribution’ and put paid to them for the shytte they pull

        1. When I say paperless Urban development it involves body bags. Ever since then it opened up my eyes to our government.

        2. Exactly, no problem putting hard attained skill sets to use under that situation now. Especially if this regime through some bullshit edict makes me a criminal.

      2. I would like to hear/read more about this NG DEA activity in NO. Do tell please. How many NG company commanders said fuck no to the gun confiscation orders? I know a few 82nd commanders did and were relieved. Man we need to reinvigorate some lessons learned from that shitshow in a new post or something, educate some younger folk on how society crumbled, rule of law went to shit and government totally abused its power, all the while not being able to figure who was in charge.

  4. Every time Zhou Xi Den speaks extraneously the
    level of stupid grows and grows.
    Threatening to use F15s to nuke people who won’t turn over their “Assault weapons” was bad enough when it was Congress man and traitor Eric Swallowwell, but for the alleged Commander in Chief and traitor XiDen to do it is beyond the pale, if Trump had said something like this about BLM he would already have been removed from office via the 25th. Because just suggesting such a thing is indicative that Xi Den is fundamentally unfit to hold the office that he stole.
    It also indicates that if he is willing to use F15s and tactical nukes against his own country killing tens or hundreds of thousands in order to save the dozen or so people killed by rifle fire each year, then it’s not a far stretch to expect that he would absolutely use any all methods up to that to disarm the American people, whether under the orders of his bosses in Peking, or those in Davos.
    Either way the former Vice President has pretty much told us he is willing to wage war against the American people.

  5. There are so many on the freedom side that just aren’t mentally prepared for what’s coming. When you bring up the subject of unrestricted warfare & targeting wives & kids people still go quiet, even when you point out that the left will do far, far worse to their loved ones than a bullet to the back of the head. Has already been doing worse to them in the schools & daily society in fact. But normalcy bias is strong & even now they try to fool themselves that it won’t come down to utter savagery.

    Disclaimer: The following is presented as a collection of ideas for purely fictional works only and is not intended to be used for any real-world purposes whatsoever.

    Dovetailing with Divemedic’s comment, in every .gov outfit you always have locals doing whatever contractor support is needed, be it catering, bus driving, maintenance, IT, gate guards, the list goes on. Overseas we (America) tend to keep much of this in house (exceptions: Japan, Italy, a few others) but stateside federal law requires that xx% of the workforce be civilian contractors. State laws are much the same. So every state & federal organization has at least a percentage of the daily workforce who, regardless of their devotion to their job, are there because it’s a decent paying job that they didn’t have to relocate for, & not because of loyalty to the Death Star. Depending on the job field they may have been forced to join a union in order to take the job & their ass may still be chapped over that even 5 or 10 years in. You’re average IT weenie isn’t usually partisan-minded but I bet you dollars to donuts that more than a few of those truck drivers & wrench turners are. Maybe not at a door-kicking or head-piking level, but certainly in a support or auxiliary role. And just a few door-kickers can do miracles with a large enough logistics pool. Just sayin’.

    Also keep in mind that if you want maximum realism in your novel, some military facilities have limited to no housing on base anymore, thanks to the shit deal 99 year public-private partnership leases which Uncle Sugar signed back in the 00s. Sure, the older, larger bases probably still have a decent amount of housing, but the newer, smaller bases may have been built with off-base housing. And chances are good that much of that off-base housing has been converted over to section 8 (welfare) housing, because let’s fuck the troops for an extra couple of bucks. That limits the ability of every service branch to “get the families inside the wire” unless they plan on sticking them all in UN refugee tents along the flight line or out by the firing range. Not too sure that there’s many Dependa’s who’ll tolerate that kind of living for long even if the alternative is her/his/zers & the kids’ heads dangling from the highway overpass out by the main gate. A more likely scenario is the spouse ‘n kids being sent back to mom ‘n dads or a “go stay with your sister until it’s safe” run ‘n hide approach. Maybe your book will include more than a few convoys of out-of-state plates cruising the empty highways presenting as easy targets for a few fictional, hard-hearted individuals?

    Electricity is the Achilles Heal of our modern society; our standard of living is predicated on easy access to unlimited electrical power. Every big city has a limited number of of main grid substations that feed it, & each sub is fed by a (more or less) fixed number of lines. Since the infrastructure in every good dystopian novel is shit (& don’t forget that the greenies tie up new line construction in environmental impact assessments for literally years) many cities skirt close to edge of capacity every day, not because of the LPTs or voltage support equipment in the subs but because of the lines themselves (oftentimes it comes down to just a handful of critical lines out of a dozen or more). Each line can only send so much amperage before it starts to heat, which causes the line to physically sag, usually into something which then grounds out the line. This is a big component of the push to make everything energy efficient, so the various utilities can ease the pressure on those bottlenecks in the system. Which means that when you write that dystopian fiction novel, you could have a few guys with rifles who know what those bottleneck lines in their AO are & can repeatedly hit them in multiple locations day & night over a week or more. Leave the line crew guys alive in your book though, my experiences shows that most of them are either team liberty (some) or team leave-me-the-fuck-alone (some more) anyway. No use swaying them to team Death Star by needlessly offing their coworkers and friends.

    And, fictionally speaking, a “foo-shion cenny” is just a small city as far as the grid is concerned. Power lines show up on gulag earth, line insulators don’t like high speed lead.

    Maybe that adds some realism in your upcoming book, maybe not. YMMV.

    1. It’s hanging on by a thread and the powers that be are doing everything they can to make that thread snap by themselves let alone anyone with an axe to grind…Their new kick is replacing natural gas with hydrogen which should be very interesting since hydrogen is so explosive…We are definitely regressing in the push for green energy I would just say if you like having electricity you better get working on your own supply…

  6. Amazing. Now I know exactly how my ancestors at Sycamore Shores must’ve felt when they read Major Patrick Ferguson’s threat to march over the mountains, burn their homes and hang their leaders. That arrogant bastard was dead along with most of his well trained and equipped force before the ink had enough time to dry. Best for everyone if this tyrant and all his little minions learn to STFU. Rural Americans are quite tolerant and peaceful….till we’re not.

    1. Always love re-reading that. Every bit of it -solid truth-.

      Problem is that the majority of them are in it strictly for the $$$
      And add on the ‘prestige’ that comes with the territory, as most of the Law Enforcement out there these days tend to be of a lower-IQ and easily swayed by manipulative bosses with compliments, promotions and bonuses, it all adds up to a shit sammich of epic proportions to those of us who just want to be left alone.
      Ah well… tis whut tis…

  7. “You’re average IT weenie isn’t usually partisan-minded but..”

    Well, some are. There is nothing like working in the Valley for communists to make it obvious to you who the enemy is. Mr. Burns blocked out the sun to the whole town of Springfield to charge more money for electricity and people watched the Simpson’s and thought that was a funny exaggeration, Bill Gates saw that and thought: “I want to block out the sun to the whole world!” … to combat global warming and cause a massive die-off, like what happened in the little ice age… and he is trying to make that happen along side selling us the “cure” to the disease he fucking created and buying up all the farmland. I suppose death is a cure of sorts. I don’t know how much more evil you get than that shit.

    Of course, I am no bad guy. I am not a terrible right wing whatever racist. I am just some IT weenie faggot who loves uncle Joe Sniffy and wants to teach ya’ll about the interwebs.

    Anyway, some fun facts about the internet that you fine people can use how you wish… when you build your own internets on your mindcraft servers.

    The internet was built to be decentralized and a hard physical target– but it is no longer so. Everything is centralized… “in the cloud”.

    This means everything is in a handful of data centers in a very few select places. These places are where electricity is cheap and redundant and where fiber runs are massive. Outages in these very few places would result in significant loss of interweb cat watching tranny-porno viewing amazon shopping functionality. It is a crying shame how vulnerable we are…

    The cities housing the data centers do tend to be in the more right-wing cities. For some strange reason, they actually have more functional and affordable infrastructure in those places. Places like Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Las Vegas, in the Western United States and Florida and Virginia in the Eastern… and Texas, although Texas may no longer get new centers since Texas can’t power computers when the wind isn’t blowing, or when it gets too cold outside. Gee… I don’t know why wind power doesn’t catch on faster.

    Anyway, if so inclined– a ne’er-do-well evil Trump voter who has straight sex could find these data centers pretty easy and create havoc and run off with important information. I am not too worried though– because I heard from Rachael Madcow that Trump supporters cannot read big words or use computers.

    However, if one of them did learn how to use Google maps it would be a disaster. In the closest city matching the above description, they would just look at the telco presence by searching the name of the local telco provider on google maps. Where there are cluster’s of telco facilities, or straight lines of facilities running along major road at regular intervals– there are larger fiber runs. Telco’s and google try to hide this, they suck at it still though.

    That is part one, find the fiber. Now a ne’er-do-well just needs to find the power to go with it. Such a ne’er-do-well could now just look for a warehouse district or light office district close to or between those telco locations, but in places that are on the edge of multiple power company service areas. Data centers want one side serviced by one power company or major substation and the other side of the street serviced by another power company or major substation and generating facility. They then pull power from both and have failover… just like most hospitals. Data centers need redundant power sources.

    A google street view of the areas in question would limit the search further… look for big-ass generators on the data centerish looking buildings in these areas. Bigger generators than the hospitals have. Fact is, the generators are a feel good measure. They have enough power to run the servers/computers sure, but the AC required to cool the big ass datacenter exceeds most datacenter’s generator abilities many fold, which is why some are going to hot centers where there is no ac and the machines are built to take it. Most aren’t there yet. Anyway, power going out at both feeds would cause big ass outages for the data centers in that area… at most, that generator has enough fuel to run for 3 days… maybe. That assumes that it is maintained, but we know nobody in IT likes stinky less-enlightened diesel fuel. I also heard a rumor that diesel fuel is flammable somehow and burns hot, but I am an IT faggot and scared of diesel and sunshine, so I wouldn’t really know about that. It sounds dangerous to have large tanks of that stuff around electronics though.

    Of course the data centers don’t say “Google” or “Apple” or “Amazon” or “FaceBook”. For security sake they have non descript names on very small signs: like “ICS Inc” or “GTG” or some three or four letter acronym, lots of times ending in “C” or “DC”. Stuff usually means “center”, “data center”, “campus”. In IT we don’t have offices, because we are faggots, so we go to school everyday at campuses instead, like a day care center.

    So, the data centers look almost exactly like warehouses for the most part, but with a big generator and… very few or only one loading dock.

    On the other hand, they will have lots of cameras in the parking lots… many pointed off the facility grounds. They aren’t concerned about warehouse people walking out the door with product, they want to know what is going on outside. I guess that makes sense, it gets lonely in there without any windows and they probably want to see the sunshine from a safe distance so it doesn’t hurt their eyes so much.

    There are typically very few cars in a data center parking lot, most of the center is automated nowadays. The cars that are there will not be the sort that the salt of the earth drive. Real warehouses have lots of people and lots of big stinky truck traffic… but not data centers. They have Priuses, BMW’s and Tesla’s and frail armed pasty faces in polo shirts and khakis walking in and out very quickly so they don’t die of lack of climate control.

    To make matters worse, where you find one of these data centers, you will find lots more in the immediate vicinity because of its desirable characteristics. All the eggs are in one place typically.

    However, if a ne’er-do-well should hear some bitching-betty computer lady voice in a data center saying something about halon or ammonia coolant leak… um… they would be advised to get the fuck out of there. Less so if the voice or flashing light says FM-200, but they might not want to hang out too long if that happened either. Take a deep breath and scoot. If halon, don’t take another breath until outside in fresh air.

    I for one sincerely hope that Uncle Joe Sniffy and the power’s that be fix these terrible vulnerabilities that could impair us from watching endless tranny porn and buying inexpensive goods from our friends in China.

    Of course, I feel safe sharing this with you responsible folks just to vent and maybe make some friends to play mindcraft with, but only on the interwebs. I am scared of strangers and going outside. Also scared of big puppy dogs. But I prayed about it and Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Q and Galdalf have all personally assured me all of you would never hurt a fly.


    IT techno weenie faggot guy

    P.S.: If one of these evil F-15 AR-15 guys Sniffy tells me about were to destroy something called a NOC in one of these data centers, it would be un-good for continuing the ongoing faggot porn operations.

    If an evil F-15 guy found a facility described as an “internet backbone” or belonging to a major hosting or domain name company selling things called “TLS certificates”… it could be really bad. Especially if they found some kinda hardened vault with computers inside— and with armed guards… and some sign that said something about “key server”. It would be double plus un-good to take the contents of said vault and give to the evil hacker known as 4-chins. So don’t do that whatever you do. But if you try, note there are safety’s on such servers so you would be best off having a magical IT faggot with a last name of something like CCIE to assist you on your magic quest. Maybe you will need to borrow some senior officers from the company involved… or just their security cards, fingers and eye balls. But it all depends really…

    1. Comment. Of. The. Year.
      Kudos sir for your infinitely intelligent analysis and all that you’ve done in minecraft.

  8. Whenever they nasally whine “You don’t NEED Preparations or a “Weapon of WAR”” read this to them:
    WE pay for THEIR prepping….. as they attack Our RIGHT to keep a semi-automatic rifle
    “They” have many Deep Underground Military Bunkers (DUMB) with entire hospitals, multi-millions of meals, everything you could conceive of in supplies ……….. that YOU paid for.
    I’d like to point out …. In order to “feel safe” the politicians “need” 7,000+ nuclear warheads ,,, at least 11 aircraft carrier battle groups and hundreds more ships , how many multiBillion$ F35s, how many Troops “under arms” and tanks, tanks beyond counting. They employ inhumane ILLEGAL arms such as Depleted Uranium, White Phosphorous, and Napalm. The government is spending $700BILLION every year on GUNS. The Liars swear we are “imminent danger” of being overrun by Barbarian Hordes and that we should be terrified and give Them all the money they want, to buy every concievable weapon . According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), as the largest military in the world by far, the US has spent an average $650 billion every year since 2010. It spends more on defense than the next nine countries combined. Of this amount, $400 billion is earmarked for nuclear weapons between 2017 and 2026, which is an increase of $52 billion from the previous 10-year estimate of $348 billion, according to a Congressional Budget Office report. The US now exports 34% of global arms sales. US arms sales are rising as Russia’s, the next largest arms dealer, are falling. Indeed military spending is big business – the “military-industrial complex”, a term coined by President Eisenhower, is thriving.
    …..But we are “crazy” to want semiauto weapons to defend ourselves …….. then it surrounds it’s self with 24/7 ARMED bodyguards and WALLS, WALLS, WALLS for THEM, but you are a racist bigot for wanting a wall . …. and even THAT is not enough as they constantly tell they need MORE weapons and BIGGER weapons ….. then tells YOU that YOU are crazy for wanting semiauto weapons …… “they” have hidden bunkers, stocked with tons of food, medical supplies, equipment, all paid for by YOU, but you will not be welcome inside ….. but YOU are a NUT-CASE for prepping.
    WE pay for THEIR protection & prepping.
    WE should be getting tax credits for OUR prepping. All gun & ammo purchases should be sales tax free. We should get an allowance for prepping food & gear.
    Actually it just strikes me – — I wonder how many synagogues are well stocked shelters on YOUR TAXES? DHS has been pouring Your money into Jewish “security” leaving you as a Second Class Citizen who just gets and pays the Bills. So I looked it up: The Department of Homeland Security allocated to Jewish institutions $12 million, or 94 percent, of $13 million in funds for securing nonprofits. NINTY FOUR PERCENT.
    Every year THEY are spending $23,400 (borrowed at interest) PER American on GUNS ….. but YOU are the crazy.
    World’s super-rich are hoarding physical gold in secret bunkers. Data from Goldman research showed that owning the physical metal seems to be the global elite’s preferred way to hedge against tail events. Physical buying of gold has increased at a rapid pace in the past three years, statistics showed. “Since the end of 2016 the implied build in non-transparent gold investment has been much larger than the build in visible gold ETFs (Exchange-traded funds),” Goldman said in a note sent to clients and seen by Yahoo Finance. That simply means that for those including gold in their luxurious bunkers, demand for which has been growing at a fast pace, owning bullion is a must.
    BUT YOU are a nut case …………… Oh yes you are crazy, for paying for THEIR PREPS.

  9. We must maintain our morality no matter that TPTB will be most barbarous,
    “The barbarous custom of having men beaten who are suspected of having important secrets to reveal must be abolished. It has always been recognized that this way of interrogating men, by putting them to torture, produces nothing worthwhile. The poor wretches say anything that comes into their mind and what they think the interrogator wishes to know.” -Napoleon 1798
    Torture Is Not a Partisan Issue . . . George Washington – Who Was Neither a Democrat or Republican – Forbid All Torture

    Washington’s Blog
    Wednesday, June 3, 2009
    Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong. –James Bryce

    Those trying to make torture into a partisan issue should look to the founding father of our country: George Washington.

    Or wasn’t GEORGE WASHINGTON enough of a “patriot” for the MORONS ……………………………
    “Should any American soldier be so base and infamous as to injure any [prisoner]. . . I do most earnestly enjoin you to bring him to such severe and exemplary punishment as the enormity of the crime may require. Should it extend to death itself, it will not be disproportional to its guilt at such a time and in such a cause… for by such conduct they bring shame, disgrace and ruin to themselves and their country.” – George Washington, charge to the Northern Expeditionary Force, Sept. 14, 1775…

    After the battle [of Trenton, New Jersey on December 26, 1776.], the Continentals were preparing to run some of the British Empire’s German mercenaries through what they called the “gauntlet.” General Washington discovered this and intervened. Washington then issued an order to his troops regarding prisoners of war:

    “‘Treat them with humanity, and let them have no reason to complain of our copying the brutal example of the British Army in their treatment of our unfortunate brethren who have fallen into their hands,’ he wrote. In all respects the prisoners were to be treated no worse than American soldiers; and in some respects, better. Through this approach, Washington sought to shame his British adversaries, and to demonstrate the moral superiority of the American cause.”

    In the worst of times – when foreign troops literally occupied American soil, torturing and murdering American patriots – and few believed that the cause of the revolution could ultimately win against the might of the British Empire, the first Commander in Chief of the U.S.A. set the precedent that this society is to lead even our enemies by “benignant sympathy of [our] example.” To win the war against the occupying army of Redcoats, the American revolutionaries needed right on their side.

    And it worked. Many of the German Hessians in fact joined the revolutionaries in their fight against the English and stayed here in America to be free when the war was won.

  10. You know in the book it might be a scenario where there might be an ammo shortage so every shot needs to count so instead of plinking at insulators, a handful of helium filled mylar balloons on metalized string does wonders on the grid. Just saying. Just heading out to the birthday party.

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