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Lotsa good feedback from yesterdays poast.  “Old Farts R Us” is remaining defiant and willing to do what it takes it would seem.  Good thing.  Now, todays mini-rant.

It’s about the NottaVaxx and how many motherfuckers are starring this year on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Fucking Dead?”  As I recall, we started off with Betty White, KIA’d right before the Full Century Marker

Pardon the pun, but that particular magazine cover didn’t age well…Then, Next on Rich Dead Famous Fuckers was the highly unexpected Bob “Gone in a Minute” Sagat. 

Dead from ‘as of now still unknown reasons and sheeee-it’.  65 years of age, no previously known health issues.  No drug use, no nothing.  Now, initially, they said it was a stroke/heart attack.  That and he’d just started touring and doing ‘club comedy’.  Methinks the booster may have done him, which is why it’s a mystery as to why a previous healthy, mid-60’s dude suddenly drops dead.

Then there’s a slew of others.
Andre Leon Talley, some fashion dude of some repute, of “an unknown illness” at 73.
Former “Bachelorette” contestant Clint Arlis croaked out in January. He was 34.  Rumor has it, a Heart Attack.
South Korean actress Kim Mi-soo dropped dead at age 29, causes “unknown”
Lots and lots of the Rich and Famous dropped dead from 2021 and into 2022.

Now, with the exception of Betty White, (her being 99 means her warranty was waaaay past renewal) a very large majority of the R&F crowd who -did- take the dirt nap, joined the choir invisible, well a lot of them weren’t zigzactly ones I’d pick for a Dead Pool.

Sure, Meatloaf cashed in when he got Kung Flu… but then again, his comorbidities were well known, as when your blood is Typed by “Proof” as opposed to “Type”, and your breakfast from 1977 through the majority of the Eighties was an 8-Ball of Peruvian Marching powder washed down with a quart of Jack, whelp… t’was a life lived well in my book.  Didn’t stop the Branch Covidians from dancing the watusi on his grave because he was of the Noxxvaxxed.

Louie Anderson was another one who died.  Cancer apparently.

Bit of a bummer there on that one.  I saw him when he was first starting out.  Funny bastard, and again, MAD comorbidities.  Never mind the Big C.

There was also the Henry “Hank” Aaron mess.
Dude went on TV to get his second? third? booster, and within two weeks was dead.
Then there’s the Boxers:
Leon Spinks, 67
“Marvelous” Marvin Hagler, 66
Both of whom were ‘freshly boosted’

Don’t even get me started about football, aka ‘soccer’ here in the states.  The fucking FIFA kids have been dropping like flies.  What’s really pathetic though is the Goolag, when you ask “what famous soccer players have died recently” the first thing it does in the search engine is ‘muddle the waters’ by bringing up lists of every. single. death. in professional soccer dating back to the late 1890s.
Trying to drill down, it’s harder and harder, as then the ‘disclaiming’ articles by Reuters and whatnot trying to ‘spin’ the supposed 109 dudes who’ve dropped dead, in the peak of their performative lives, in the best shape of all humans.. I mean a FIFA soccer player?  That’s some Navy SEAL shit right there for endurance and stamina.  And you get shitty articles like this:

Read it here :

Bunch of cover-the-ass shytte right there Aye?

Oh, speaking of which now:Seems a Navy SEAL candidate died during “Hell Week”
And another one is hospitalized.

Now, they’re trying to spin this off that people die all the time during Hell Week

I’m throwing the bullshit flag.  

The last guy to cash in in Hell Week was actually kil’t by his fucktard instructor, but no charges were ever filed.  Literally.  The cause of death for that guy in 2016?  “The medical examiner ruled his death a homicide by drowning…”  According to the reports, the poor bastard was treading water, got exhausted, and his instructor, either by being a dumbfuck or from pure sadism, pushed the guy under water like two times over the normal amount allowed, which caused dude to drown.

Now, according to official stats, that guy? 
He was the 5th guy to have died in training to be a SEAL in a thirty year history of BUD(s).  And now?  You just so happen to have one dude expire, and another on deck for Reaper-Duty?

As they’ve added the requirement to attend BUD(s) that you have to be fully Vaxxed in order to attend.  They don’t want any nonbelievers…
You MUST ‘be of the body.’

So, to me?  This’s just the beginning
I’m going to be watching for any news about an increase in Basic Trainee deaths, or training deaths overall in the DotMil.  I got me a solid hunch that’s where true percentages can come into play.  I mean right now the DotMil whistleblowers who gave out those staggering numbers on the increased miscarriages, heart-related issues, stroke, brain clotting… I mean damn.

The DotMil is a closed environ so to speak.
Just as the Amish are when it comes to certain things.
A study a few years back pointed out that the strict Amish have very little autism per capita, as opposed to the ‘English’ in the surrounding areas.  The idea being that the strict-strict Amish didn’t ‘do’ a lot of the Vaxxes that’re normally foisted on the ‘normal folks’.

Like my Spawn and now the GranBebes.
Both sets of kids have been given the necessary vaxxes, but not as a cluster of shots.
I make the docs work for it.
Measles, one shot.
Wait a few weeks
Mumps, one shot
Wait a few weeks
Rubella?  What the fuck is a rubella? Hard Pass.
and on and on.  It was a pain in the ass, but in my opinion worth it.  No heavy doses of thimerosol that way.  Only issue was that it made the kids (mine) a bit gun, make that needle shy when it was time to go see the Doc.  Almost every single time they went, there was a shot involved.  Spawn #1 was brave but did NOT like being a multi-needled pin cushion.  True and funny story about that.

Spawn #1 had already had all the shots he needed to attend school, leastways the ones we approved of.  Now, he didn’t know that, and we’d forgotten that he tended to get nervous about getting stuck.  Truthfully WE weren’t sure either if he was all set.  The Doc in Question, one of the BEST pediatricians I’ve -ever- seen, got almost all the way done with the examination, and proclaimed Spawn healthy.  He asked Spawn if he had any questions, who then asked in a nervous voice, “Doctor L, do I have to get any shots today?”

To which the sawbones looked at him, and said, “Well Spawn, let’s check my shoe!”

XWife and I looked at each other like the Doc was cracked (he was, but in a great way)
He promptly took off his loafer, turned it over and shook it, and a small, folder piece of paper fell out.  He then handed it to Spawn, and told him to open it.  Spawn was waaay ahead on the reading curve, could read at 4 years old simple words and whatnot with comprehension.  Doc told him to read it out loud.

Printed on it in clear block print it said “No shots for Spawn today!”
OMG, it was great.  Mad relief on Spawns face, and me and the X were amazed at the compassion and foreknowledge the Doc had for the Boy.  A great moment. But enough for now, plenty to think on.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Look at cancer deaths too. A couple of oncologists have commented on increases of cancers coming out of remission or acceleration of the development of cancers since the mass NotaVaxxing began.

  2. But wait theres more…now that ADE is hitting those getting the gene therapy bio weapon shot which is destroying their immune system, TPTB are now saying its because of airborne HIV that is now spreading and its the new disease spreading causing it. And….they have pills and shit for it. I cant wait to see this crew of fucking idiots eat this story up. Or, will it be the ones so desperate now that they completely fucked themselves with the nottavax that will cling to any hope of living past the midterms to select more corrupt fuckos to run our lives. Either way, i am entertained.

  3. With you. We quit vaxxes after Young One turned bright red all over, got a fever for a couple days, and totally changed personality after getting a couple shots one visit by an over-achiever doc. He was a monster after those shots for a long time. Like night and day.
    Never gave him a shot again. No clotshots for any of us, either.

    After all the nasty behavior and peer pressure and threats of concentration camps and un-personing from the herd about not getting the clotshot, it’s kind of funny to see them suffering the results of the decision. I might go from cancer or heart attack or hypertension or whatever, but it won’t be the clotshot.

  4. When the die off really gets going they’ll float the “we need replacement population ” phase. By that time the worldwide famine fully hits… Any bets on just where the “replacements” will be from? Gonna be one hell of a market for area denial contractors and suppliers.

  5. Something will probably “crawl out of a jungle swamp” somewhere and start spreading a new, dreaded disease. For which there will be warp- speed shots, and worthless protection devices and tests.

    Only this time for real and we’re not kidding and no joke — this one will be worser and deadlier and badder and meaner than a junkyard dog.

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