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Afternoon to all the Droogs N Droogettes still hangin’ ’round here!

Saw the news (for values of what it is) That the (((MiniMikeMaggot))) or (((M3))) from now on for brevity’s sake… is gonna pick MegaBitch Killary as his running mate.

OhHo!  Now, honestly can’t remember if I called it here, but I definitely talked to the Sapper about it… who all busy today putting together whats probably the LAST mountain bike out of China… he ordered it some time ago, and it was in an Ohio storage facility for long enough that only a cursory spray down with the disinfectant was warranted.  But anyways… Yeah the (((M3))) Wannabe Dictator (truly!) and the “Its for the Children (who I traffic in, when I’m not stealing from them, or sacrificing them to Moloch)” Failed Prez Candidate.  Told him almost 4-5 weeks ago that was what was gonna happen.  (((M3))) was going to buy the nomination, and to keep everyone from flipping their collectivist shit, he’ll bring Hillary in to keep everything cool…

Good Hopping Christ on a Mahzoh Cracker…  How the fuck did it come to this?  A deranged billionaire with delusions of his own awesomeness/brilliance/intelligence.  I mean banning fuckin Big Gulps?  Banning Guns? Heh. 

 And then Hitler got elected, the Jews got rounded up en-mass, stuffed in the Ovens, and everyone wondered “WHY?  How could this have happened?”

Hey (((M3)))… F.A.A.F.O.

I personally blame Inbreeding.

That’s not being antisemitic… Its a –real problem- in the Middle East among the two very closely related religions  of Islam and Da Jews.  Its truly these days a third rail of Modern Anthropology.  That and Sociology.  In fact, I’m shocked those two disciplines even exist anymore, seeings that Academia has turned into a Leftist Hellhole Stew of Raging Moron-Political Correctness.

See, BOTH of the groups are intentionally exclusive.  They generally don’t allow outsiders in. I mean is some cases you can convert, but for the most part, the Outer-marrying is done specifically to bring fresh blood/DNA into a closed system.  Otherwise its cousin-on-cousin action, and not in a good way.

Uhhh yeah… that came up by accident  I –swear-…

So yepper… they tend to be insular.  That means that the genetic material, over time, gets damaged. Which means that eventually, you get a bunch of slope-foreheaded retards running the show.  I mean why the fuck do you think the Saudi Arabian Royal Family goes thru so many Princes/Kings in such a short amount of time?  I mean in my lifetime alone there’s been five of the motherfuckers… whereas there’s only been ONE Queen o’England…The majority of the time, its His Sons who run the show b/c Da King is usually either hospitalized and/or shitting in his diaper while watching Barney.

Nevermind the Jews…  NO ONE talks about them. It’s not allowed.  And they’re just as bad on keeping it in the family.
There’s from what I can tell, 3 Primary Flavors:
Kazarian: Eastern (Russian/Middle Eastern) Jews
Ashkenazi:  Middle (Germany/Euro) Jews
Sephardim: Spanish (Spain) Jews

The Ashkenazi make up like 80% of the Worlds Population of Da Jews.  They also have the most hardcore exclusionary goals/precepts of the whole set of groups.  There’s a few others, but in the main goal here is to point out the fact that as a Group, they tend to focus on their own tribe and get whats good for their tribe, fuck what it costs anyone else.  However, it also leads to a lack of awareness…they just can’t see how, in their striving to get whats good for them, they tend to piss off everyone else around them.  To the point that the word “genocide” was invented to describe what happens when the White Kids get genuinely pissed off with your ethnic group.
Now, grabbing up all the power and money and such, from a Tribal Survival Standpoint is a good thing.  ALL tribes should be looking out for Number One.  However, the Jews take it to extremes that eventually cause blowback.  I mean there HAS to be a reason that they keep getting either Persecuted and/or Expelled.  I mean Wiki sez THIS:
According to the ADL (such a reliable organization amiright?) its myth that Da Jews have been run off so many times, and yet, Wiki, run by a plethora of their fellow co-religionists, shows a three page list starting in 733 Before Common Era (a nice way of saying Before Christ).
I mean can anyone tell me of an Ethnic Group that’s come even close to this number of being chased off?  As Dad-Unit used to say:
And they vigorously defend their right to be out for Number One.  ANY AND ALL questioning of their motivations is met with out-and-out hostility and general nastiness.  Hell -this- article- is enough to have them come after me, tooth and nail, hammer and sickle no less.
AND if I point out that “It’s all Right to be White”  I get fuckin crucified.  Much like they did to the Christian Lord n’ Savior, jes sayin’.  The double standard is blatant and like I said before, eventually people start going “Huh… why IS there a double standard and WHAT is the end goal?”  
Which is whats going on.  #woke is a hashtag for those who are virtu-signalling their alignment with the Hardcore Leftwingnut Retards.  I say we have our own:


Meaning we’ve seen thru their Bullshit… Everyone’s… ALL the globalists and shitbags… anyone who spouts PC  bullshit, and thats WE are on to them ALL.  And as the Who said
“We won’t be fooled again!”
Until later for the Bodycount, I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Many thanks man… hey, reality is reality… motherfuckers got to start thinking critically or we're all fucked. Enjoy your comments!

  2. Being "the other" is often enough to get you and yours snuffed by the larger population.

    Actively trying to BE "the other" in a larger population is not a good tribal survival strategy.

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