I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

Late Afternoon/Early Evening me Droogs and Droogettes!

Juuuuuust got in from a 2 hour road trip -each way- for the Ole Lady.  She hadda wedding to do the hair and makeup for these broads and it was a long trip, so I drove.  Got to the A.O. and spent the three or so hours doing Uber.  Only made ten whole fuckin dollars…  Kinda irritating.
So, we got home and Ah-HA!
A package of my ‘final need’ preps showed up…
A Case of One Liter 5% Dextrose/Saline I.V. bags. Expiration date of July 2022.
Yay Me!  Go Team Big Country! 
As the Cali-Blogger has been ranting about, it hit me that on the off chance sickness does in fact darken our little corner of the world, that MANY if not ALL critical medical needed supplies are going to be going-going-fuckin gone man if and when the shit does hit the fan…

So back around a week, week and a half ago, I started looking for some last minute supplies.  I.V.s being a ‘harder to get’ item as the majority of Websites want a prescription for such medical supplies.  
Now, not for nothin’ I’m no where near a medic, but I did Combat Lifesaver Training, and had more practical-practice in real time in Iraq… I lost count of how many IVs I’ve given, received or a combo of each, having given myself one a time or two in an emergency.  Yah… it -can- be done, but it’s usually really messy if you don’t have anyone to assist… blood gets everywhere.  
I’ve had all the ‘other’ fiddly-bits (IV lines, needles w/cath… all the prep kits too) left over from when I had the Cancer.  I stole, wheedled and cajoled a number of medix that loaded me up, so now?  I got enough shit to at least keep a sick motherfucker hydrated to hell and gone.  Also got some extraordinarily powerful antibiotics that are new, sealed and still within the expiration dates.  All left over from various missions, illnesses and just flat out paranoid stockpiling over the years.
So, I’d say we at the Big Country Home for Brain Damaged and Homeless Vets, we’re in great shape.
In fact, tonight I’m loading another couple of hundred rounds just to keep stocks up.  The shit we shot out with Spawn #1 needs to be replaced… we did in fact shoot the fuck outta some rounds LOL.
OH!  BTW:  The Company (I get no taste from this particular push) is Mountainside Healthcare
Dunno what else they may-or-may not ask for a script for, but the IV bags I got no questions asked.  If you feel the need, go ahead and tip me… I won’t complain.
They got a lot of shit, that if things keep going, we ain’t gonna see no more of for a while.
So more later, again, Dog walkin before Dinner Time
I Remain T.I.R.
B.C. (for brevity)

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