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Evening me Droogs n Droogettes…

Ment to do a wee bit o’posting earlier, but got waaay into the scene that I was doing.  Namely reloading.
Had a very late night, and a good ‘un sleep in today, as being unemployed’ll do that, and was happy to see that I’d been employed long enough for my state-funded living fund (i.e. unemployment) had reloaded, so’s I got that going for me!
so Yeah, reloading and watching Pluto TV on ye olde handheld cellie.  Watching Doctor Who actually.
And no, not that ‘woke-is-broke’ current flaming pile of dogshit that claims to be The Doctor… I’m watching the one… the only Doctor, Tom Baker.  Like I said Classic Who.
Who is, quite surprisingly, still alive, and possibly the most Gentleman-ly Gentleman to have ever crossed God’s Green Earth.  I mean this most sincerely.  My reasoning for this was a few years ago… actually a fuckton of years whent he ‘Net was relatively new, I went to Limewire and pirated all the Tom Baker Doctor Who series… it was a favorite of mine as a 4th Grade Geek… to the point I got curious as to “What happened to the Doctor?” meaning the actor, Mr. Baker.

    Well, I found him, and his website of the time.  Back then it was at the urging of his granddaughter to start a web page according to his opening page… and it had a link to send an email to The Doctor…  so I did.  Told him how much I loved and cherished the memories of the Doctor, his companions and how as a geek was sort of picked on for loving the “brit” show back when the rage was foozball and all the other retardation that the cretins I went to skool with back then… told him I loved the show and everything…

Lo and shockingly Behold!  I got an actual email back from him.  A genuine and caring email, full of appreciation, and asking for my mailing addy.  I replied, sort of shocked, and he sent me back an autographed pic of hisself from those days, one of the publicity pic, and in this case, it was him versus the Cybermen, which I had mentioned had been a fave of mine.  
He’s still kicking apparently, tho in reduced mode I should think.  Back in the day there were a grand sum total of like only 400 fans LOL.  Now it’s exploded as the “Beeb” done gone and fucked up the Doctor Who series in favor of Woke/Broke stupidity.  Either way… so much for the ‘geek of the week’ story…
So, Idle Hands.  Yep.  Before my (one of many asides), I spent the day doing Brass Prep.
Managed to get 150+/- rounds of 5.56mm done.  And it’s -going- to be 5.56mm ammo.  Dot mil brass, once fired, and 55 grain M-193 boolits, with CCI #41 Military primers.   The only thing that ain’t military on them rounds is the powder, and even then, the CFE223 I’m using is good enuff fo’ gov specs.
Did 14 rounds prepped of .45ACP (more on that in a second)
Prepped 25 rounds of .458 SOCOM.
Prepped and sized, but didn’t prime, 15 rounds of 9mm (ain’t finding small pistol primers anywhere for any price lately)
All the brass is once fired except the .45.  I don’t own a .45, but Spawn does.
So, I prepped 14 rounds, primed them and made sure they were in spec (before priming), and then did all the other scut work to get the brass ready for final load.
The ONLY piss me off was I trashed my 5.56mm resizing die… the goddamned brass annealed to the inner lining… like a chisel couldn’t get it out, so shitcanned that, and Zon’d another Lee Die set, as single dies cost as much as a full set… and I don’t mind having the spares.
Then, the next step is to get Spawn over here.  He needs to learn dis shit so’s if I cash in, he’s inheriting a fuckton of gear and supplies.  That and since .45ACP is currently MIA like everywhere at reasonable cost…like paying $1.00 a round is insane.
Currently rounds are averaging $.40 a round.  That’s for Wolf steel cases 230 grain bullshit…
I got a deal on 50 rounds of Lehigh Defense…

Solid Copper slugs…

 THAT’LL ruin yer day if yer on the receiving side…

.451 Xtreme Defense 190 Grain Sub/Supersonic capable Boolits.
Lots of detractors on YouTube… YMMV.
Me?  I think they do the job… and with the price I got ’em for?  It brings in the cost down to the $.40 range for a really vicious fragmenting round.  One shot one kill, and I want my Spawn to have the very best.
I didn’t do more than 14 rounds, which is  2 X 7 round mags for his 1911… his EDC is a Springfield 1911 that I tuned up for him.  I want to teach him to load his own, so when I’m dead and buried, we haven’t got to worry ’bout him having BBs.  
Give a man some rounds, he’ll shoot that day.
Teach a man to reload, he’ll go shooting every day.
Why not right?
More later, as the rounds don’t load themselves… I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Yo big, I've got some extra small pistol primers if'n ya need an emergency shipment.
    Noticed when ammo started getting scarce I loaded up on powder and primers. Plenty O'brass, I can pour my own bullets if needed.

  2. Good Evening. I enjoy most of your posts. Good fun, great POV, and great toys! Speaking of great toys, I've been buying/selling Dillon's amazing reloading gear for a few years now. I live less than 6 miles from their factor/store. It pains me to see your reloading setup. I started on a RCBS Rockchucker back in the '70's. Got a Dillon RL 550 and it changed my life. These days Dillon is hugely back ordered, but I have some of their gear in stock. Take a look at my ArmsList ad.–dillon-equipment-actually-available-to-buy

    I'm pretty sure we could work something out.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. I don't comment on blogs, usually, this may be the 3rd or 4th time in total but I gotta say
    this is my favorite. Been checking for a month or so Id guess.
    Big C your blog rocks. Its like you read my mind on the bullshit going on now days.
    Keep it coming

  4. Great to see that someone else has discovered the Classic Dr. Who channel on Pluto. I have a nice 32" TV out in the garage on a shelf next to the loading bench hooked up to a Roku and an antenna. I switch between Dr. Who and some old Westerns like "Have Gun, Will Travel" and "Rawhide" when I'm out there. I don't spend too much time out there anymore loading because I'm running out of storage space for the ammo. Now if only I could convince the lovely missus to park outside and give me more room………..

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