If it ain’t one thing, it’s another…

So… the weekend comes and goes… the Grandbaby is safely returned to the other Grandparents, and me?  Well the ole I.R. is still plugging away  or at least performing a reasonable facsimile of whatever -normal- is for people like me is… are… hmnn…  oh well…

Well the weekend went well, exhausting as it was but then BAM… Just as I got done sending out the last update for the “How do I BBQ the neighbors for fun and profit?” Episode, my All-In-One started acting kinky.  Kept getting dumped of Ye Olde Network…  Which sucked ass.  I mean like as in even doing the old IP refresh/renew/winsock reset… nada… no idea… I even did the “try another adapter”… fresh installs, backdated reinstalls (as Microfuck had pushed out an update which since then, the whole thing was getting slower, stupider and having more hangups…)

Then something went ‘POOF”… small sizzle.. acrid electric smell.


Tried cracking the case only to find the wireless card is integrated onto the motherboard… and my hardware warranty is long expired (no shit right?)

So today I cried “ENOUGH” and busted out the back up PC.  Older, slower, not as many gizmos, but that also means LESS to fucking break/go wrong/generally fuck up.   I’m missing a shit ton of well… EVERYTHING except my favorites (thank the google for that) and my resume, but the porn appears to be gone, and a LOT of my memes are stuck on the other PC until I strip out the HDD and do remote recovery.  I got this cool cable thingy that if you have a functional but detached stand alone HDD, you can plug it in and strip it out of the info you want to recover.  Good thing too as I got shit on there I know I need/want.  In fact its actually time for me to start re-backing up well… hell my backups of the backups.

I got a box, nay a CRATE of like every single HDD I have dating back to like forever.  Unless the HDD itself shit out, I’d keep it.  So now, 20 plus years later, I got a shitton of these things with allll sorts of weirdness and writing on it.  Maybe one night I’ll go thru and see what I can dig up off of them… so in the meantime, I’m now getting back up to speed, and will have more to follow.  More later y’all!
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